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Sheriffs: Slain Jose Guerena Linked to "Home-Invasion Crew"


Maybe they were arresting him for not cutting his lawn?

A very different version of the May 5 killing of Marine Iraq veteran Jose Guerena has emerged from the Pima County, Arizona Sheriff's Department and a lawyer for the five SWAT team members who shot Guerena 60 times. 

The Arizona Daily Star's Fernanda Echávarri reports that the sheriff's department has complained of media reports that "spread misinformation and encouraged speculation." However, the department did not provide any additional information about the shooting, which took place during a mid-morning raid on Guerena's home, where he was apparently asleep with his wife and four-year-old child. Nor did the sheriff offer to unseal the search warrant and court documents specifying what police were looking for in the home and what they seized. 

But Michael Storie, the attorney for the SWAT officers, said the raid turned up rifles, hand guns, body armor and a piece of a "law enforcement uniform" inside Guerena's house. (Guerena family attorney Christopher Scileppi, tells Echávarri none of the seized items were illegal.) From the Daily Star

"Everything they think they're going to find in there they find," said Storie in a news conference called a day after the Sheriff's Department complained media reports on the incident spread misinformation and encouraged speculation about events surrounding the shooting… 

All statements made by Storie on Thursday morning came from the five SWAT officers he is representing, he said.

The five officers had "no choice but to shoot" when they breached the front door of the house in the 7100 block of South Redwater Drive and saw Guerena holding a rifle, Storie said.

The house was targeted as part of an investigation into home invasions and drug rip offs. The Guerena house was among homes that "were identified as locations where these activities were being carried out from."

Whole article. Storie has revived the detail that Guerena shouted "I've got something for you, I've got something for you guys" before he was shot (which Guerena's widow denies). He says that Guerena's name was not in any of the search documents, and uses some intriguing phrasing to tell Echávarri that "if SWAT members had been let in to the home, those inside 'probably they wouldn't have been arrested.'" 

Storie also speculates that police officers casing Guerena's house a few days before the shooting were spied on by parties unknown, and he says a portrait of Jesus Malverde, "believed to be a 'narco saint'" was found under Guerena's bed.

It was either Patrick Henry or Rooster Cogburn who observed that states and railroads will lie to you quicker than a man will. While the sheriff has been quiet about the case's details (including the dispatcher's apparent confusion over the raid during Vanessa Guerena's 911 call), Storie's claims are almost perfect examples of lawyerly pettifogging. Having a picture of a "narco saint" is evidence of nothing; in 1975, my wife's grandmother was killed by one Lebanese militia because while raiding her home they found a magazine published by a rival militia. Finding a uniform in a private residence was one of the KGB's favorite pieces of flimflammery when they wanted to arrest somebody. Possession of firearms is, for the time being, legal in the United States, and the fact that Guerena had an AR-15 has been part of this narrative since the beginning. 

It's certainly important to hear the authorities' side of this misadventure, which has resulted in no arrests. It's also important to avoid misinformation and wild speculation. But the solution to that problem is for the authorities to release the warrants and court records and to put out a coherent narrative that doesn't keep changing. They've had plenty of time to do that in the two weeks since Jose Guerena was killed. 

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  1. Yeah… no, Mr. Storie, I don’t believe a word you’re saying there, sorry.

    There’s so much there I’m surprised he didn’t claim that Guerena had rocket launchers and nuclear weapons in his arsenal.

    1. I’m not buying his storie…..*sunglasses* Yeaaaahhhh!

      1. I snorted. +1

        1. I snorted only after reading that you snorted.

      2. This situation and countless others like it are the reason police powers need to be very specific and very limited. Any policy that assumes that law enforcement will act responsibly leaves itself open to abuse. Police will us the most liberal interpretation of any law in order to increase their power. Reign these cops in and remind them who they work for.

  2. Whether the shooting was justified, or accidental, or criminal, or whatever, there’s still no legal or moral excuse for letting someone bleed out and die while paramedics are forcibly prevented from treating him.

    1. Well, I saw Cool Hand Luke for the first time last night and I think that was standard operating procedure.

      aside: It’s amazing how movie quotes outlive the movies they come from. “What we have here is a failure to communicate” certainly has outlasted the film.

      1. I’ve never even seen the movie, *ducks* but am still familiar with the quote.

        1. For certain, it’s worth the watching.

    2. I’m afraid that if he had been shot 60 times, paramedics probably would not have helped him.

      1. The FACT that it took him over an hour to die tells me that he would’ve probably survived with prompt medical attention. The lt. in command on the scene should be charged with, and prosecuted for, first degree murder. Along with the yahoos under his obviously incompetent and undisciplined command.

        PCSO is a glittering example of colossally incompetent leadership and a shocking lack of discipline, of all types. Glad I don’t live in Pima County. What a despicable place, sad thing is Jose was safer in Iraq than in his own home, here in America. Thankfully, there is no statute of limitations on murder.

        If I was unfortunate enough to live in Pima County I’d be concerned about the wanton abuse of the law by law enforcement and the protection such blithering idiocy receives from the county and district attorneys.

  3. Well, if they have a police uniform to show us this proves it! I mean it is obvious it came from the raid. After all, the police don’t just keep police uniforms around the police station, do they?

    1. For some LEOs, plain clothes is the uniform of the day.

  4. “Home-Invasion Crew” invades home and accuses thier victim of being part of a “Home-Invasion Crew”.

    Ohhh, the irony ….

    1. If you won’t work for us……then you will work for no one. (cue maniacal laughter)

  5. I am quite convinced that no one responsible will face any adverse consequences.

  6. And absolutely no self awareness that this sort of raid empowers the very home invasion crews they claim the be fighting.


    1. @ PIRS @ 1:29

  7. This is an attempt to shift the focus by smearing Jose Guerena post mortem.

    Further, even if the allegations were 100% true, the Pima sheriff’s department actions are inexcusable.

    1. Even if the innuendos (they aren’t even allegations) about the victim are 100% true, there is still no explanation for why he would target the police. If he knew it was the police (after being awake for 30 seconds, most of those seconds with his wife screaming). What was he going to do, take out 5 armed and shielded police officers? Even if he did manage to take them out, then what would he do, leave his job and his family to go on the run? To what end? To avoid getting arrested? To avoid a even a few years in jail?
      Furthermore, even if the officers were sure that they were being targeted, they had no business firing so many rounds. Many of their rounds wound up in neighbors houses (BTW: the police used that fact as an excuse to go search the neighbors houses too). They risked the lives of the neighbors, the wife and child (and the lives of their fellow officers from ricochets) trying to take down this phantom threat.
      And when you have a man shot like that, the investigation has to take second priority to getting him the best medical care possible, as quickly as possible.

    2. This man just got Erik Scott’d. Fucking disgusting.

  8. My understanding is the members of the SWAT team are themselves linked to a “home-invasion” crew.

    1. you just be quiet.

  9. Why don’t cops film these raids? The whole “we announced” thing could be put to bed very easily. Also, the reaction of the victims- whether they shot or there was any indication that they knew these guys were police could be cleared up or at least put to public scrutiny.

    1. It would appear you have answered your own question.

    2. I think a big part comes down to the unionization of the police. Even if you did insist that police tape these raids, an incident like this would just lead to a “whoopsy” as the evidence was destroyed. Try to discipline the thugs responsible and the union steps in.

      1. Ah, here come the union bashers. Nice try.

        1. Unfortunately it’s the truth.

      2. Well, that was really knee jerk on my part. Sorry. I firmly believe that citizens have the right to freely assemble and form labor unions but I see your point was that it’s wrong for a union to aid and cover up the misconduct of it’s members. I agree.

    3. Ever tried taking a picture of a police officer? Even in the podunk jurisdictions they say it is against their “policy” for people to take pictures of them due to “terrorism.” I guess I’m suddenly bound by their policy, as they do not want to be terrorized by public citizens seeing how they “protect and serve” them.

  10. rifles, hand guns, body armor

    And you’d never expect to find this kind of shit in a Marine’s house. Good grief, not only are you pigs cowards, you are stupid cowards.

    1. No, they just assume cop fellators are stupid. Well, I have to grant them that one.

    2. Seriously. I don’t have any body armor (yet), but if I did, I’d have pretty much all the components listed. So am I a terrorist of some kind?

      (hint: the answer is, “yes”)

      1. I wonder what PCSD’s definition of “body armor” is. I’ll wager it is quite broad.

    3. Also, it’s Pima County, Arizona. Trust me, you’d find rifles and handguns in most houses around there.

    4. So true it a kick in the face thanks for serving our country and no were going to unload 70 bullets in to your house cause the sheriff gun miss-fired oh well you must be a drug dealer if you serve in the Marines oh by the way we’ll let you bleed to death good luck. Wtf do they not double check their info before shooting down doors? Thank you sheriff of Pima County

  11. Anyone else think the Marines should perform a no-knock raid on the PCSO?

      1. With video. I’m not usually into watching people defecate, but i’d tune in for that pantshitting.

    1. I’d be down with that “militarization” of the police.

      1. Shit, I’d get back into shape and re-enlist just for the opportunity.

        1. Count me in.

    2. My nipples get hard just thinking about it.

    3. I’m sure you could find many civilians willing to enlist and get training.

    4. Why should he? What are you going to do, tell the MURDERING abject IDIOTS on the PCSO SWAT team that he’s a suspect in a jaywalking case? Don’t let your mommy find out you’re making threats on the internet, tough guy.

  12. “Linked to” is one of the phrases that sets my bullshit detector alsrm to screaming. If he was part of a home invasion crew, they’d be shouting it from the rooftops. But they got nothin’, so they go with “linked to” which can mean something as vague as “resided in the same zip code”.

    1. Well, he’s obviously linked to a home invasion crew — home invaders took his life.

    2. Well you see, these home invasions were done by brown people with guns, and the deceased was a brown person with guns. What more do you need?

    3. Six Degrees of Separation…We’re all linked to criminal activity.

      1. Most of us are a lot closer than six degrees from criminal activity.

        1. If you have any hundred dollar bills they probably have residue from cocaine on them so you must be a dealer of user right? Look around the country at mistakes that are made with Swat. I am not denying they are necessary sometimes but I know for a fact if someone crashed through my front door I am grabbing my gun (which pretty much means I’m dead). I’ll just end up another suspected criminal. Everyone who knows me can say it ain’t so but that won’t help me or my family. They can and it should be mandated that they tape these raids and if something “accidently” happens to the tape fire the person who mishandled it.

  13. and so the smear begins…….

  14. Its funny how Reason bashes Iraq war veterans all the time and now its a virtuous when you want to attack Pima County and tomorrow you will be praising Pima County Sherrif for opposing deporting illegal immigrants.

    Its funny how, this guy could be a criminal and you guys go and support him, but the Hutaree get blasted by you guys and no notices of the fact that the case is completely bogus.

    You’d think the feds trying to squash militias by trying for trumped up charges would make Reason mad, but no it doesn’t, only drug dealers and home invaders get Reasons sympathies.

    1. He seems like a rather confused individual, with no sort of sensory processing apparatus at all.

    2. “Its funny how Reason bashes Iraq war veterans all the time”


    3. Chase, when did Reason ever bash Iraq war veterans? Can you post the urls?

    4. “Its funny how Reason bashes Iraq war veterans all the time”

      What? Are you nuts? I admit to bashing Bush and Obama over Iraq, but the veterans…..?

    5. “Its funny how, this guy could be a criminal and you guys go and support him, but the Hutaree get blasted by you guys and no notices of the fact that the case is completely bogus.”

      It’s funny how the concept of ‘innocent until proven guilty in a court of law’ escapes you.
      It’s funny how you blast a libertarian blog for supporting a man who was killed without trial while claiming a libertarian blog didn’t support a group of men who were actually given some semblance of due process.

      It’s also funny and noteworthy that you’re a fucking idiot.

    6. Successful troll is successful.

    7. I need a judge’s ruling on this one – I’m at work, but I could leave to get a drink. Or do I just wait til the end of the day and hoist one then?

    8. I’d wager there’s some Iraq vets posting on this board…

    9. Show me your troll face, maggot!

  15. Its funny how Reason bashes Iraq war veterans all the time and now its a virtuous when you want to attack Pima County and tomorrow you will be praising Pima County Sherrif for opposing deporting illegal immigrants.

    Its funny how, this guy could be a criminal and you guys go and support him, but the Hutaree get blasted by you guys and no notices of the fact that the case is completely bogus.

    You’d think the feds trying to squash militias by trying for trumped up charges would make Reason mad, but no it doesn’t, only drug dealers and home invaders get Reasons sympathies.

    1. You are fucking crazy if you think Reason bashes veterans all the time. Show me, prove it.

      Or are you too tired from sucking all that authority cock? No it’s okay, I understand it can be hard to focus with a dick in your mouth all the time.

      1. I understand it can be hard to focus with a dick in your mouth all the time.

        That right, be proud baby

        1. I really don’t know how you manage it so well.

          Years of practice, I’d wager.

      2. there are a lot of kool-aid drinking cop suckers out there

    2. When has Reason ever bashed Iraq war veterans? Is disagreeing with US foreign policy the same as bashing Iraq War veterans troll?

    3. wha?

    4. successfully trolled.

      1. I usually prefer to be “botted”….but that’s just me.

        1. LOL dude, that’s great.


    5. Chase, Again, can you give us a url or a title, or an issue date of a single article or blog post where Reason bashes veterans?
      BTW: Reason on Militias:
      “The Myth of the Menacing Militias”
      May 5, 2010.

    6. Its funny how Reason bashes Iraq war veterans…

      Well, I suppose you could describe Obama, Clinton, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al as “Iraq War Veterans”, but that is a hell of a stretch.

      1. They are linked to the Iraq War.

        Swine logic is fun!

  16. Its funny how Reason bashes Iraq war veterans all the time…

    Funny! I’m here a lot and never recall seeing evidence of your claim.


    1. fish, not supporting the kinetic actions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya or anywhere else is exactly the same as troop-bashing. Oh, and it’s racist.

      1. yeah…probably sexist and homophobic too.


          1. Well he was a veteran so he deserved the vitriolic adoration that was heaped upon him!

  17. Its funny how Reason bashes Iraq war veterans all the time and now its a virtuous when you want to attack Pima County and tomorrow you will be praising Pima County Sherrif for opposing deporting illegal immigrants.

    It’s amazing when someone is consistent in their argument for liberty, isn’t it? Iraq soliders do bad things = criticize. Sheriff does bad thing to soldier = criticize. Sheriff does good thing for immigrants = praise. Consistency, how does that fucking work?

    1. why it even seems like you are alluding to a golden rule. No, an iron law. Something more of what you rewards something something less of what you punish.

      1. Nononono, that’s just crazy talk! You crazy person, why do you keep saying crazy things?

        Good job BTW on sticking with that handle since the debate.

        1. Yeah, I got tired of the 3-5 different handles so I decided I could condense all my flavors of schizodelia into this one. I feel much saner now.

        2. ditto. I like this handle.

  18. Having a picture of a “narco saint” is evidence of nothing; in 1975, my wife’s grandmother was killed by one Lebanese militia because while raiding her home they found a magazine published by a rival militia. Finding a uniform in a private residence was one of the KGB’s favorite pieces of flimflammery when they wanted to arrest somebody.

    Also, the Gestapo. Say it, you know you want to.

    Obviously there shouldn’t be a lot of credence given to an attorney for those being investigated.

    1. That’s an interesting point. If the cops find a Willie Nelson record in my house, does that count as a “narco saint”?

      1. No, but it is grounds for an IRS audit.

      2. Okay, I give up… what the hell’s a “narco saint” and how does he/she get sainted?

        1. A “narco saint” gets sainted in a vision.

          How else?

    2. Am I the only one that has no effin’ idea what a “narco saint” is?

  19. the sheriff’s department has complained of media reports that “spread misinformation and encouraged speculation.”

    No kidding.

    “We’ll tell you what to think; we’ll tell you what you need to know.”

    1. It think the complaint is that it wasn’t their mis-infromation that encourged speculation that favors them.

    2. the sheriff’s department has complained of media reports [and/or videographic evidence] that “spread misinformation and encouraged speculation contradicts the official line of bullshit.”

      I haven’t seen any reports of video in this case; I was just adjusting it to more accurately reflect the standard police policy position.

  20. Drug dealers and home invaders are also americans and have the same rights as you. If Mr. Guerena was infact either of those things, why didn’t they just stake him out until they had evidence? In order to deal drugs or invade homes you have to at some point get in a car with either drugs or police uniforms. So why is the swat raid needed? Am I right?

    Also when I knock on someone’s door in the middle of the night I assume they are asleep and expect it to take longer than 15-30 seconds for them to arrive at the door. So if I’m trying to serve a warrant in the middle of the night is it fair to knock, wait 15 seconds, and then kill anything that is defending a HOME! Its private property! Wake up america they are taking everything we have! Everything our fathers fought for! Everything america has ever earned! How much blood was spilled by your fathers so we can sit by idle and watch it all get undone?

    1. You don’t actually expect the police to risk their lives when it’s so much easier to risk ours, do you?

  21. It’s almost like ya’ll expect them to be experts or something?

  22. a piece of a “law enforcement uniform”

    What the fuck does this mean?

    I have a dark blue t-shirt, just like the cops wear; does this make me some kind of police impersonator?

    I’d like to know who’s paying Storie’s fee, too. I’m guessing the union.

    1. He had one of these in the house.

      1. Ah Adrian Zmed….we miss you!

    2. Ya, I thought that statement was bizarre. If the purpose of these statements was to take some of the heat off the Sheriff’s Department and the police officers involved, that statement certainly did not serve that purpose. If anything, it’s going to prompt people to do more investigating and to ask more questions. Is he saying that Guerena stole this “piece of uniform” from the police? Is he connected to someone in the police department who supplied him with “a piece of police uniform?”

    3. He probably had fuzzy handcuffs.

      1. Who doesn’t?

        I mean, you either got ’em ’cause you use them, or one of your “buddies” got ’em for you as a “joke” and they landed in a drawer somewhere.

    4. It was probably and wait for this >>>> one of the many Marines uniforms he was issued when he served his time freken dumb ass sheriff I don’t bash on cops but his guy makes Barney fife look like a he can handle his gun better than this idiot of a sheriff. after all it was his raid way to go.

  23. I also have a picture of Che Guevara on my bulletin board; he has a bunch of 9mm holes punched through his face, but that just establishes my credentials as an assassin.

    1. Or someone who shoots from very close range. *raspberry!!*

    2. If you did that to an Obama poster, took a picture of it, and put in on facebook with a caption “hey obama, watch out for snipers, how long would it take for the secret service to visit you?

      1. Actually, on second thought that would be poor form. The government wouldn’t find it amusing and being raided is no joke.

        1. Proegg, did the secret service contact you in between posts? 😉

          1. I can neither confirm nor deny that. Isn’t it terrible to live in fear?

  24. I’m curious where Dunphy has been lately. He can be a reasonable fellow (when we’re reasonable with him), so I’d like to get his take on this.

    1. He’s over in the 4th amendment thread suggesting the the recent ruling was reasonable.

  25. Did he get the 9mm holes while he was on your bulletin board? If this is the case it means you have a loaded “nine” on your desk and that’s just cool!

  26. If you did that to an Obama poster, took a picture of it, and put in on facebook with a caption “hey obama, watch out for snipers, how long would it take for the secret service to visit you?

    Who, meeeeeeee?

    *peers nervously out window*

    1. Does your dog need a vacation? I’ll take it
      …Hmm, meet me on the corner away from your front door

  27. .. raid turned up rifles, hand guns

    body armor
    Wasn’t he a soldier?

    and a piece of a “law enforcement uniform” inside Guerena’s house
    Shit, I need to hide the handcuffs

    1. Shit, I need to hide the handcuffs

      Eww, gross. Those are for self-defense, right?

      1. epi likes to wear them; it makes him feel at home

        1. same with my pushup bra

    2. You know who else had pieces of law enforcement uniforms in his house?


    3. Wasn’t he a soldier?

      No, he was a Marine. Soldiers are in the Army. Marines are in the Navy. They’re different.

      1. Marines are in the USMC, you moron! Sailors are in the Navy.

        1. stands for “corps”, and it’s part of the dept. of the navy, you dumbass. So yes, ultimately, technically, marines are in the navy, because a corps is not a separate branch.

          1. part of the dept. of the navy

            Technically, it’s the Men’s Dept…

      2. Marines are in the Marine Corps, which are the ground forces for the bloody Navy. They are a seperate branch of the US Armed Forces, but are funded through the Dept. of the Navy.

  28. Completely off topic but how about a little more gratuitous Gingrich bashing!


  29. It just dawned on that if Gingrich had been an Iraq war veteran than we could have tied this thread up nicely!

  30. Is there such a thing as “gratuitous” Gangrinich bashing?

    1. I stand corrected.

  31. This is all just BS from a lawyer.A lawyer that the SWAT team hired. PCSO still has everything sealed and has not released squat.

    Here’s some past torture from PCSO

    And the morons here keep electing Dupnik.

    1. that’s spelled morom.

  32. Shot 60 times?WAY overboard. Everybody involved should lose their jobs and go to jail. A badge does not justify an a brutal MURDER.NOt only that this man fought for THEIR freedom? Shows what corruption and money can do in OUR COUNTRY!!Sympathy to the wife and kid. May u sue the police staion for EVERYTHING U CAN!!

  33. There’s still time for Dupnik to tie him to the vast right wing eliminationist rhetorical conspiracy.

  34. This raid is typical of the police state arizona likes to flaunt and show pride in. My heart goes out to the victim’s family. Do you think maybe the spanish surname plays a part in this assination.

    1. Do you think maybe the spanish surname plays a part in this assination


      I’ll bet a “spanish surname” was pulling one of the triggers.

      I’m sorry everything has to boil down to race for you. This was a simple case of Cops versus Citizen.

      1. As an AZ resident I can definitely confirm the only color they care about is blue. To quote N.W.A:

        but don’t let it be a black and a white one
        ’cause they slam ya down to the street top
        black police showin’ out for the white cop

  35. Today Jose, last week it was the Supreme Court ruling the search warrants are not necessary if the police have probable cause, marijuana smoke leaking into the hallway in an apartment complex’. So the police break down the door, arrest & jail the occupants. You will be next. Elections have consequences. Bunch of ignorant simpletons. My prayers to Marine Jose G. and his family.

    1. And here’s where I DO bash veterans:

      They enlisted to fight for our “freedoms” and the freedoms keep getting whittled away the more people enlist to fight for them.

      Maybe enough veterans go through this shit and enlistment will drop; then we’ll stop having all these needless wars to make new veterans.

      1. well, you’re not bashing veterans, really, you’re bashing stupid enlistees.

      2. Have you ever heard about the draft? That’s where they tell you you are going into the military like it or not! Now that was a crock!

        Besides, the world is a very dangerous place. As it is, we are now in a war that will last forever. It will be off and on but the Muslims are still fighting about things that happened 2000 years ago. Leave us not forget the other idiot rulers who beleive in using force to accomplish their aims.

  36. Premeditated murder by cops none will be charged


    1. You were an artilleryman, weren’t you?

      1. Thanks alot Juris…..I just pissed myself!

        And yes…feel free to sneak away and get that drink.

      2. The preferred pejorative is gunbunny.

  38. “Piece of a law enforcement uniform” probably means body armor and cuffs? The vagueness is intentional, I wager.

    1. Maybe a pair of sunglasses.

      1. donut crumbs

        1. Jack boots?

        2. Jack boots?

  39. If only the wife and kids had guns everyone would have lived and been fine. When will AZ make concealed carry mandatory for all citizens!

    1. not soon enough.

  40. It’s become glaringly apparent lately that the police no longer protect and serve. They serve the government, they’re the “policy enforcers” not law enforcement. Cops are a bigger danger than criminals. Now that the supreme court has made that absurd ruling that we have no right to defend ourselves, and cops no longer need warrants to bust down your door, it’s clear who they work for. Our government considers us “animals”, and terrorists while they steal our pensions, and kill millions of innocent people.

  41. “We were looking for weapons and body armor”

    So i guess this means That ,me included, All Ex military should be slain by swat because we have acquired body armor and weapons over our years in the military…Fucking A

  42. Did anyone else see the comments in the original article around the time it hit 400+?

    I swear to god, it looked like a youtube comment thread.

  43. How much longer before the 50 million armed “we the people” when seeing the police coming, just start shooting and consider it self defense?

  44. Sad day it is a honorable man is cold blooded murdered in his own house by those SWAT SCUM BAGS every last one of them swat guys should be taken out and hung from the yard arm. It truly is us against them. WAKE UP AMERICA we are are being taken over.

  45. 60 bullets to kill a man who never fired a shot. The public needs to know who ordered this man’s death and why?

    SWAT is anonymous. Government uses secrecy and SWAT masks to hide their crimes. A comparison of SWAT to the KGB and STASI isn’t hyperbole but reality in the American police state.

    SWAT teams are death squads and need to be abolished. For all we know he was a good man. The public has been given no justification for his murder.

    All secret information surrounding his killing needs to be made public and the identities and pictures of swat members involved in his murder posted on the internet.

    Homeland Security has targeted VETS for assassination as “domestic extremists.”

    This young vet managed to survive Iraq so the cowards waited till he was asleep at home with his family.

    1. are you coo coo for coco pufs?

      1. I’ll bet you think the BATF acted with forethought and intelligence when they murdered innocent women and children by the dozens at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco. All those innocents would still be alive if the morons at the BATF had arrested Koresh when he went into town for groceries. But no, those f*cking cowboys had to show how efficient and smart the feds are by having a LIVE, LOCAL TV BROADCAST of their ‘assault’ on a bunch of innocent Americans. Hell, I bet you’re some dumbass cowardly bully wearing a badge.


  47. The second link explains what happened.
    According to Storie, several days before the shooting, undercover officers in an unmarked car drove by Guerena’s home to do surveillance and 10 minutes after they drove by, they were alerted that their license plate had been run through Motor Vehicle Division by someone they say followed the unmarked vehicle from Guerena’s home.
    So while driving in front of the Guerena home, someone thought that he was followed, and he heard that his plates were run. It was probably another undercover cop. But he blamed Guerra, and decided to kill him. That’s why he was shot 24 times more than Bin Laden (hit only 20 times as much), why they say they were not going to arrest him, why they told the ambulance to go away, and why they didn’t identify themselves, because the police came there to kill him, not arrest him.

  48. Once again, Revolution is called for by the Declaration of American Independence:

    “…whenever…government becomes destructive to [life…], it is the right of the people to…abolish it, and to institute new government…on…principles…most likely to effect their safety and happiness.”

    Do we have the stomach for it? We’ll see.

  49. It’s simple. If the thug class is going to play the ‘shoot first and ask questions later’ game, we have an obligation to play the game on their terms.

    More of these SWAT team members need to be in graves.

  50. What was this kids MOS that he allowed a half dozen puke civilians to frag him without taking em all to Devil Dog Hell with??

    Come on people. Get with the program. Since our traitorous USSC has ruled cops can bust into any house they feel like without warrant, be ready. Set up some sand bags at the very least. I won’t go into more detail because I got a hot date on Sunday and don’t want to get blown up between now and Sunday evening. (wink)

    I hope this Marines associates handle this here situation appropriately and send a message to the pukes that think they are gods. I don’t care if someone has 4 tons of cocaine in their house…DON’T TRESPASS ON A MAN’S CASTLE YOU FUXS!

  51. First thing, if he was guilty it wouldn’t take two weeks for the county to come out with evidence.

    They screwed up big time, they invaded a citizens house and killed him without evidence or cause, luckily not his wife and child because they are stupid. So now they are trying to figure out how to lie out of there screw up.

    I have served in Iraq in combat zones, and we have rules of engagement. Obviously the Arizona SWAT team does not follow rules of engagement and kill without being held responsible. They do not care about innocents only killing.

    If there was justice all officers involved would be under trial for murder. They could have handled it a dozens ways without guns a blazing.

    BTW. Half the guys I know that have served in combat zones, own a AR-15 rifle and body Armour. Mine is military issued, and most military personnel serve as police officers or security guards. So the crap they confiscated from his house you would find in any veterans home.

    Finally it is our right to question public servants. Your pay check comes from our taxes. You work for the people, do not forget.

  52. Do these guys work with the same guys looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq? Yeah, (SARCASM) I really want to move to their state and county. I think they are wasting local, state and county resources on their Arizona Immigration Crusade. Why not just wall up your state and secede from the union? You don’t follow the Constitution of United States anyway. Where the heck is the FBI and DEA on this?

    1. ARIZONA and their law enforcement need to checked out by internal affairs and the FBI. This is just too unconstitutional and if their is a warrant then that Judge needs to be put under investigation along with the rest of them trigger happy fools.

  53. Pity. A man serves his country and gets killed by the very people he fought to protect. Justice seems to be going “shoot first, forget about any questions later.” No matter what. Pity.

  54. It makes me sick to think these SWAT cowards shot 71rounds in 7 seconds. That sounds like a bunch of scared little girls about to piss there pants, cause his gun was bigger than there’s. The fact they won’t release any information proves there guilt. I hate PIGS!!! Revenue collecting Nazi’s. Shoot first, make up a story and plant evidence later. Fuc the police.

  55. Arizona is out of control, you have all these politicians trying to make everything different in the state and you have cops who are trigger happy. Here’s something that may happen one day in Arizona, Swat team shocks 9 year old with stun guns!

  56. What justice can the family expect for this illegal killing? There is nothing that can bring the man back to life.
    How does law enforcement feel about this error/murder?
    What if… someone just randomly selected a Pima swat cop to execute?
    I don’t say that would be right, but I would argue to hell and back that it is no more wrong than what these “men” in Pima Co. swat uniforms have done to Mr. Guerena and his family.
    An eye for an eye, seems like that would outrage folks.
    Abuses of our rights, just like this, are happening all over the country. Fortunately there aren’t many with such tragic endings, which comforts us into believing it was just a terrible accident, and not criminally negligent policies of police units across America.

  57. http://www.kgun9.com/story/146…..fatal-raid

    Useful idiot of the month award goes to Craig Smith at KGUN9. “911 tapes back up SWAT account of fatal raid”. You see, after being made swiss cheese by the SWAT team because of their own negligent discharge, the victim rolled off the bed. At this point he was “barricaded” so they had to refuse him life saving medical attention and turn away emergency services.

    See? Vindicated.

    Disgusting. That reporter should resign for being such a stooge.

    1. Can anyone figure out the “911 tapes back up SWAT account of fatal raid” headline at all? The 911 tape shows that SWAT denied the man potentially life-saving medical attention. It does nothing to show if they came with lights flashing and sirens blasting as the sheriff’s department implied. It does nothing to show that there was any need to search this man’s house at all, let alone with a no-knock military-style raid. It does nothing to show that the victim of the shooting was involved in any type of crime.
      Maybe KGUN9 is trying to make amends for briefly daring to do something other than rebroadcast as fact everything the sheriff’s department says.

  58. From the looks of it,it looks like the SWAT guys jumped the gun,and they must be punishe accordingly if they did ,I would even bring manslaughter 1 charges and take it from there,these are supposed to be highly professional individuals,I am a week end shooter,but I d shoot one or 2 times and case closed the threat would be gone….Hell 71????… stupid rookies or trainees,everybody from the sheriff down to the officers must pay and I hope they pay,losing their job should be the least of their worries…I have always said an untrained or poorly trained SWAT is a danger to others and to themselves,tragically I have been proved right.

  59. Yeah..this SWAT Team must pay…what they did is murder with a badge,if there is still justice,I d hang them all once they complete the investigation and proves what we know is obvious:the killing of one of our precious heroes with out a reason…the saddest thing,he survived the terrorists and was killed by these bastards with a badge and big guns…Yeah I d hang them all,they had no reason to be there…so let s get some ropes and darg these bastards thru the streets and let the dogs eat their corpses… I am so angry at these trigger happy cowards with a badge.

  60. They decided to search the house of a guy who has a full time job they suspected might be armed….. while he was at home.

    This is either extreme incompetence or these police officers were looking for a fight. I hope it is the former rather than the latter.


  62. “the sheriff’s department has complained of media reports that ‘spread misinformation and encouraged speculation.'”

    Lemme get this straight.


  63. The whole militarization of the police reminds me of the scene in the movie Brazil, as Tuttles (or was that Buttle) apartment is entered by Ministry of Information Retrieval (?) troops/cops to grab him.

    1. Seemed pretty over the top at the time. These days, not so much…

  64. It’s obama’s fault.

  65. I wonder if some AZ law enforcement moonlights as contract killers for the mexican narcos. Really not too far-fetched.



  68. Let’s see all the incriminating “evidence”….(1) guns – well there are a lot of Americans with guns. Also it isn’t that far of a stretch to imagine that a vet with two tours of duty would feel safer with a gun in the house for protection. (2) Body Armor — was this body armor items that this serviceman was forced to buy himself to protect himself DURING HIS TOUR? If you might remember, we sent most of them over there without body armor and their families were purchasing it to keep them safe. Even if his family didn’t purchase it – who’s to challenge his choice of souvenier? (3) Part of a police uniform —– what is THAT supposed to mean??? A heavy duty flashlight is part of a police uniform. Lack of specifics means that it was an innocent item. (4) A picture?? This is just plain disgusting – as is the fact that these guys probably got the wrong house (why would the dispatchers NOT know the addresses on the warrents – they DID….this one probably was not originally there). The officer that made the call to withhold medical treatment should be charged with murder.

  69. Hey AMERIKA, how’s that New World Order and Policed State working out for ya.

    The Fatherland- Nazi Germany
    The Motherland – Communist Russia
    The Homeland ? An Unspeakable bastard crossbreed of the two above!

    Velcome to za Homeland

    Statistically you are more likely to be shot and killed by your local police department than in a terrorist attack, this is 100% Proof.

  70. Can anyone say covecop? Dirt cop?

  71. The A-holes were playing Seal Team 6!! Things will NOT change until the majority of us band together to fight their terrorist activities! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

  72. oink oink oink goes the piggy.

  73. Makes you wonder how these chronic liars and useless bags of incompetent shit sleep at night.

  74. The police kill again. When is this country going to stand up and recognize that the police dept’s do not serve or protect us. They are more akin to the Gestapo under Hitler’s rein. May not seem a fair distinction to some but it’s one of the only events in human history that compares to the modern police tactics in the U.S. They certainly have no problem murdering a Marine veteran and then covering it up. How many more people are going to have to die before police are held accountable for not only their successes but their failures as well. This is most definitely a failure.

  75. So will the person who ordered the raid face manslaughter charges or something to that effect?

    That’s the charge for gross negligence resulting in someone’s death. Nothing will change if there aren’t consequences for apparently lazy and overreactive police behavior.

  76. Sheriff Dipstick kills another citizen. He’s an alcoholic ( remember his DUI – crashed his car near River Rd. a few years back & no charges were filed) and needs to be fired and jailed for dereliction of duty. Refuses to enforce laws. Nice guy! Protect & serve??? Maybe his whiskey!!!

  77. We should all be terrified that this could happen in America. I believe in supporting officers of the law. Unfortunately, based on the video I’ve seen, these officers did not act like lawmen. They acted like henchmen. That the sheriff has delayed information that might at least lessen the blow his men struck says it all–they are busily arranging a story to justify the brutal murder of a father in front of his family.

  78. “No choice but to shoot!”
    The new mantra of “Law Enforcement”.

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