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Will the White House Smoke Weed With Willie Again?


Tom Forcade! Thou should'st be living at this hour.

Willie Nelson, who famously smoked pot on the White House roof in 1978, has endorsed the presidential candidate most likely to let him do it again (*):

Long-haired country crooner Willie Nelson and his Teapot Party have endorsed Republican presidential candidate Gary Johnson.

Johnson, the first presidential candidate the group has endorsed, got the nod from the Teapoters because of his views on legalizing marijuana.

Now if Willie could just deliver Snoop Dog's endorsement, the Johnson campaign might start getting somewhere.

Elsewhere in Reason: I wrote about Nelson's hippie-populist politics in this book review. Reason named Willie a hero of freedom back in 2003.

(* Ron Paul would let Willie smoke it on his own damn roof.)

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  1. Apologies for the insta-threadjack, but this is important.

    1. Bullshit. If there’s any justice left in this country, that will be thrown out as frivolous ASAP.

      1. “We represent the summer roast guild.
        The summer roast guild, the summer roast guild.
        Oh, we represent the summer roast guuuuiiiiild.
        And we welcome you to Starbucks-land.”

        1. Three days at Starbucks? Her employment there was rather short.

          1. Yeah, and the reasonable accommodation would have been a pretty tall order.

            1. or is that venti?

            2. “We hope to bring some heightened awareness to the short shrift this little group of people commonly receive in the workplace”

              1. quite

      2. At the very least ( and at the most, too, I suppose) Starbucks was pretty stupid. Why would they hire a dwarf and let her work for 3 days and then come to the realization that the dwarf they spent the time/resources to interview, hire, and train is a dwarf? Usually if a company doesn’t want to hire someone with a disability, they take care of that at the first interview.

        1. Maybe because when she asked for a stool or ladder to do her job, they imagined a nice lawsuit for unsafe work conditions the first tiem she fell off of it for one reason or another (another patron bumps the ladder, she leans over for one reason or another, etc.)

    2. Since that race is known for their hardy craftmanship and attention to detail, I would think they would want more dwarves working for them, taking pride in producing perfectly crafted drinks.

      OTOH, they live quite a bit longer than humans, so I imagine they can see her as being a big drain on their healthcare later on down the road.

      1. Are you kidding? She could work to age 80, then get Social Security for another 80 years.

        1. Those are elves you’re thinking of. Dwarves enjoy too much “malt beer and red meat right off the bone” to live that long.

          *Although I think the dwarf from the movies had down syndrome or some other form of teh tards, so he may not be indicative of others from the cave realm.

          1. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. (No offense. You may be better off not being a Tolkien dork.)

            1. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. (No offense. You may be better off not being a Tolkien dork.)

              Of course I (proudly) have no idea what I’m talking about.

              1. Yeah, I think dwarrows live to something like 300 years.

                1. if God wanted universal healthcare, clerics would work…

                  1. Dude, Clerics suck man. Always using Cure Minor Wounds when you really need your Cure Major Wounds fix.

          2. Silly. Everyone knows real dwarves don’t exist.

            Because they fucked with the Heart of Lorkhan.

    3. I will laugh when they show an OSHA regulation about workplace obstructions.

    4. Starbucks tossed that dwarf to the curb! amrite? LOL


      1. I LOLdeded too.

      2. Laugh all you want. Dwarf tossing is serious fucking business.

    5. Reminds me of The Dwarves song “There better be Women.”

  2. It’s a Doggy-dogg world… we’re just livin’ in it.

  3. This could give Johnson some good press, maybe bring some liberals into the GOP primaries.

    1. Why would TEAM BLUE vote for a guy who could put the lie to their own supposed policy positions? Believe me, the last thing TEAM BLUE wants is TEAM RED legalizing pot before one of their guys can.

      1. Well, don’t get TEAM BLUE mixed up with liberals. There might be liberals who still believe in things like civil liberties and might prioritize them over rah-rah nonsense.

        1. When you find one besides Greenwald, you let us know.

          1. No, they certainly exist but do not populate the internet, or really even vote. Think “disaffecteds” from that short bus of a quiz last week.

            1. Ricardo Sanchez,the Abu Ghraib Military Commander. I’m sure War Leader Obama will stump for him.


              1. Well, since Obama has been an extention of Bush in military affairs, it could happen.

  4. If everyone who smokes pot supported Johnson in the primaries, he’d probably win the nomination.

    Of course, this is assuming they all remembered to vote.

    1. ain’t it the the truth. Not The Truth though, just a harsh reality. Voters don’t like drugs nearly as much as the general public.

  5. Gary Johnson is my first choice for president at the moment. I may switch to a Libertarian candidate once the Libertarians presidential candidates enter the race.

    1. Meh, I’m not too thrilled with Wayne Allyn Root, who seems to be the only one making any noises. If Steve Kubby tried to get the nom again, I’d happily vote for him.

      1. I can proudly and truthfully brag that I smoked Steve Kubby’s weed and–what can I say?–shit was dope!

    2. I’d be surprised if the LP came up with a candidate as genuinely small-l libertarian as either Johnson or Paul.

      1. If Paul or Johnson gets the nomination, LP should just piggyback on it.

        1. If Paul or Johnson gets the nomination, LP should just piggyback on it.

          Yeah, that would swing at least 30-40 votes over to Team Red.

  6. “(* Ron Paul would let Willie smoke it on his own damn roof.)”

    If congress allows.

    RP knows he can’t get into the Whitehouse and get his agenda passed on his own. Something most candidates think they can do. He knows Congress passes, or repeals, the laws. But maybe Paul will use executive powers to keep the feds at bay on prosecutions. However, if more court rulings claim the police actions are protected by the 4th, police may claim that thier 4th amendment rights are being violated when they are told to stand down.

    1. Simple solution to that quandary: RP could have a “Pardon Hour” every Saturday, right about the same time Obama is hitting the links. He could use it to pardon everyone convicted of a stupid drug crime the previous week. Couple that with PSA’s telling everyone to plead guilty if charged with a drug crime because the pardon will be coming later that week.

      That, and he could pack the courts with judges that are civil-libertarians, even if it takes recess appointments to do so.

      1. This sounds kinda ridiculous and for some reason I like it…

      2. “”That, and he could pack the courts with judges that are civil-libertarians, even if it takes recess appointments to do so.””

        I imagine he’ll have as much success as Bush did appointing conservatives to the court. It’s not easy to stack the court.

        I do like the Pardon Hour. It would only apply to the feds, but that would help. Especially give the states some breathing room on the issue.

    2. Not that this is going to happen any time soon, but I suspect that having an unapologetic pro-legalization President would lead to some action in Congress fairly quickly. I get the feeling that True Believers become more rare every year, and that most Drug Warriors are just playing politics. Having the Prez provide political cover would go a long way toward ending the stalemate, at least on marijuana.

    3. WH raid?
      Stop giving us orgasms

  7. To hell with Willie, I despise the auto start audio ads on the page.

    1. Adblock. 🙂

  8. OT (surprise!), but does anybody know of a good basque restaurant in Fresno or Madera? I just got a call from a customer of mine and that’s the request.

    1. Tell him the Basques were defeated, and to get the fuck over it and eat tapas like the rest of us.

      1. C’mon. You’ve never had a hankering for cabbage soup, french fries and stewed tomatoes?

        Fucking hipster with your tapas and your PBR and after-dinner hookah schmoke.

        1. Fucking hipster with your tapas and your PBR and after-dinner hookah schmoke.

          Man, I wish! Do hipsters actually drink PBR “ironically”?

          My wife’s cousin, who lives in NYC, called her up a few weeks ago and told her he’d just had a GREAT imported beer from Texas (where we live) at some fancy restaurant, that it was $8 for the bottle, but totally worth it. It was Lonestar.

          I laughed so loud he heard me over the phone.

          Out in your neck of the woods, I am really fond of Anchorsteam.

          1. Anchor is some pretty good shit. I’ve grown to like a couple of the Firestone beers out of Paso Robles as well.

            Their DBA is pretty solid, but if you can, get your hands on a bottle of one of their Reserve Series beers.

            1. Paso Robles? Actually never heard of it. I’ll check it out on the internets later this evening. See if any of the stores around here can order it special.

              1. Here‘s their website. It doesn’t say anything about where it sells. I’ve never seen it outside of The Peoples Republic of California.

                Has anyone else had their beer in another state?

                1. I’m sure a store I frequent can order it if readily available. I’m warning you though…it’d better be the best beer I’ve ever had.

                  1. Well, order a bottle of 11, 12 and 14 then. They are veeeery hard to find, but are among the best beers you will ever drink.

                2. I’ve found quite a few Firestone beers here in Arizona. Good stuff!

            2. Among the better craft ale brewers in Cally:

              Drakes Brewing, San Leandro
              Black Diamond Brewing, Concord
              Mad River Brewing Company, Blue Lake
              Marin Brewing Company, Larkspur
              AleSmith Brewing Company, San Diego
              Green Flash Brewing Company, Vista
              Port Brewing Company, San Marcos
              Stone Brewing Company, Escondido
              Speakeasy Ales and Lagers, San Francisco
              Lagunitas Brewing Company, Petaluma

              By far, San Diego county is the hotbed of craft brewing for the state.

              I could list the so-so brewers and the outright bad ones, but I won’t.

              1. Firestone Walker, Russian River, and Port Brewing….great stuff.

          2. Well, it is the national beer of Texas.

          3. In a blind taste test between Lone Star and piss, 3 out of 5 people prefer piss. The other two thought both cans contained piss.

        2. http://fresno.citysearch.com/p…..urant.html

          This courtesy of Google

          1. Hell, I could have done that myself. I was looking for a recommendation since I tend to trust the culinary tastes of a few (non-deep dish eating) posters on here.

            1. All my basque dining has been in Tulare.

              1. Yeah, I live in Visalia and spend a lot of time in Bakersfield, so basque is easy enough to find, but I had to meet a couple of people in Madera this weekend to look at a bunch of tractors. They are coming in from Wyoming and have never had basque and wanted it.

                You from Tulare?

    2. There are tons of good basque restaurants in Fresno.

  9. Big deal, smoking on the WH roof. James Brolin gave me a blowjob in the Lincoln Bedroom

  10. I have no comment, but I’m a commentator, so here it is.

    1. Hey, cuz! S’up!

      1. I’ll just sit here and watch.

  11. Marijuana is the safest drug with actual benefits for the user as opposed to alcohol which is dangerous, causes addiction, birth defects, and affects literally every organ in the body. Groups are organizing all over the country to speak their minds on reforming pot laws. I drew up a very cool poster featuring Willie for the cause which you can check out on my artist’s blog at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot…..-2011.html Drop in and let me know what you think!

    1. Hey I like beer! Can we please get beyond demonizing alcohol to legitimize marijuana? Framing intoxicants as a zero sum wager just makes the entrenched anti-pot interests fight harder.

      1. I think it’s a safe play, only because there’s practically no danger of going back to prohibition. Thus it’s useful to point out the hypocrasy of the anti-pot laws for the consequentialist crowd.

        If there was actually a danger of ever banning booze outright again, then I’d be worried. And I loves me some beer.

      2. I’ve never been a big fan of the “safer” public health argument myself (the relevant moral and policy arguments are more than enough), but it does seem to carry weight with lefties. And like Jim says, alcohol isn’t going anywhere.

    2. Hey, Brandt.
      1. That poster is fucking horrible. It looks about as much like Willie Nelson as it does Trig Palin.
      2. You are a fucking neckbearded twat.
      3. You are a statist fuckhole, evidenced by your blaming Sarah Palin (who gets no love here) for Jared Loughner’s actions..including his “right-wing rants” that were anything but.
      4. You are a Al Franken dick-sucker on the Net Neutrality (i.e. stifle free speech) bandwagon.

      No offense meant, but you are not helping the cause of legalization. Fat socialist dickholes such as yourself are better kept in a closet, far away from a computer and veeeery far away from a paintbrush and a canvas.

      Now, kindly go and fuck yourself with a 12 gauge.

      1. Don’t hold back sloop, tell him what you really think.

        1. I’m currently having pain in my left arm and cannot breathe well, having just read and viewed the “art” on his blog.

          Goddammit, how can there be people that fucking stupid in the world?

          1. Goddammit, how can there be people that fucking stupid in the world?

            I don’t know, but he sure as hell ain’t a good advertisement for legalizing pot.

            1. See! Now my reaction seems reasonable, doesn’t it?

              1. Why insult him? We’re all going to disagree with most of his (non-420) views. But insulting someone won’t change their minds. If he started trolling here, that would be one thing. But attacking the guy for coming on here and agreeing with us seems over the top.

                1. I know, but he really didn’t agree with us on anything. He just ranted that pot was better than booze. No freedom angle at all from his POV. And, he invites us to his blog to see what he’s about and I get blindsided with a bunch of uninformed progressive gibberish.

                  If he even mildly agreed with us, I’d have been ok with it, but this was shameless blogwhoring ala rectal and he needed to be called on it.

                  Besides, he’s a neckbeard.

  12. Willie endorsed Dennis Kuncinch.
    He went bankrupt twice, his son committed suicide, he says he jogs everyday but he is a fat shit(he lies, the guy is the most overrated musican ever.
    This is NOT good news if your a libertarian.
    Nelson is a coaster. Coasting on his one hit, “Always on Mind” and his bullshit outlaw personana.
    (Its late and I am in a rush)

    1. (Its late and I am in a rush)

      Next time, take a little longer and go for the full fail.

      Willie was a prolific songwriter as well as a singer. Gee, maybe the most played jukebox song of all-time (“Crazy”) isn’t enough for you. How about “On the Road Again”, “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before”, and “Pancho & Lefty”?

      He may be a coaster politically, and his son may have offed himself. The man was a kick-ass musician, though, so STFU.

      1. Don’t cross him, don’t boss him. He is not a one-hit wonder — he’s a prolific writer as well as a tax-dodger (the Feds caught up with him). Willie is a traveling musician, always has been. Has done some kooky stuff from time to time and supported some politicians I don’t care for, but…..

      2. He is not a “kick ass muscian” on the contrary, he is a one noter, who is coasting.
        Him and his act is stale.
        He hasn’t had a hit in years.

        1. He hasn’t had a hit in years.

          Neither has Rush, the Rolling Stones, The Pixies, The Who, Tom Petty, etc.

          Also, you need to learn how to write a sentence before you take your 7th Grade SOL test next week.

          1. I wish I could coast like this. (doesn’t include songwriting credits for songs performed by other like Crazy by Patsy Cline)

            1. Damn, This just came out 6 weeks ago. I gotta pick that up. That’s an eclectic group of talent there.

      3. OK, not to hate on Willie, but “Pancho and Lefty” wasn’t his.

    2. a) You’re really gonna call the dude out because he lost his son in the most horrible way imaginable?

      b) Plenty of fat people jog. Jogging itself doesn’t do much for weight loss.

      c) “Always on my Mind” is easily one of his weakest songs. He had some genuinely good shit back in the outlaw days (e.g. Waylon and Willie). Much better than any of that pop-country bullshit people are putting out now. He might be a tad overrated, but then again that’s true of a lot of decent musical acts.

      1. “Always on my Mind” is easily one of his weakest songs.

        The acoustic version on Storytellers is terrific, though.

        Anyway, saying Nelson had “one hit” is like calling the Beatles a big-band swing ensemble: It’s just factually wrong. Love him or hate him, he had a ton of hits.

        1. Don’t bother, Jesse. Terry is probably a Justin Bieber fan.*

          *I base that on his pre-pubescent sentence structure and lack of basic musical knowledge. IOW, incif.

  13. Oh, shit. Now that I’ve wiped the tears from my eyes from laughing so hard, I think I will share with everyone here the funniest fucking “stop drinking” PSA ever. Holy shit. I almost pissed myself, because I’ve actually done this several times (except for the end).


    1. I guess my problem is it’s NOT that awesome when I drink.

    2. He sure didn’t get much distance.

  14. Mamaaaaaaas
    Don’t let your
    Babies grow up
    to be

  15. Would Johnson legalize heroin?

  16. I’m glad with all the wars and economic disasters to deal with, the massive government that needs a serious cutback in both money and power – the most important thing no people’s minds is the ability to get stoned. God help us all.

    1. Ending the the Drug War would end one of the wars and would cutback both government spending and power.

    2. I’m glad with all the millions of people starving and wracked with horrible diseases all over the world, the thousands dead from earthquakes and other disasters – The most important thing on your mind is the “economic disasters” that may cause you to wait a few months before upgrading your ipad. Stupid demagoguery is easy, you self righteous twit.

      1. Good point, Brandon.

        Hey, everyone! From now on let’s forget about so-called economic disasters and instead gnash our teeth about diseases and earthquakes.

  17. Thank GOODNESS you got the Ron Paul plug in, Jesse!!! I was afraid you were going to let good news for Gary Johnson go by without being spun (spinned?) in RP’s direction!!!

      1. Hopefully when not trying to secure the endorsement of Willie Nelson, Gary Johnson is working on his debate and public speaking skills. I like Johnson, in fact there is probably no other candidate in the race that better matches my views, but other than a very good response to a question about the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, he was pretty bad in the rest of the debate.

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