Obama's Gun Guru: A Profile of An Uncooperative, Ineffectual Policy Non-Entity


Curious Washington Post profile today of Obama's gun regulation lead man, Steve Croley. He refused to be interviewed, and the upshot is, thankfully, that even post-Giffords shooting, the Obama administration has little interest in putting much energy behind tougher gun laws, and thus this reputed tort and reg genius has little to do on this topic.

Croley is said to be for forcing all gun sales to run through a federal database (not just those from licensed gun dealers) and not interested in banning high-capacity ammo magazines. But mostly, he is painted as representing an administration mostly hiding from the gun regulation issue.

Cato's Tim Lynch sees media lack of interest in harping on guns as a big part of Obama's and Croley's political equation.

Reason's cover package for April was on the various media and political reactions to the Giffords shooting.

I blogged on Rep. Chuck Schumer (D-NY)'s particularly crazy legislative reaction to those shootings.

For background on the current shape of Second Amendment law, consult my book Gun Control on Trial early and often.