How Evil Are the Koch Brothers?


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If your answer was "Evil as the Clanton brothers, the Smothers Brothers and the Canseco Brothers all rolled into one (or actually two)," then click right here and vote in Brave New Foundation's new interactive cybertubular poll. 

The screenshot to the right is what I got after my vote. Your mileage may vary depending on how popular the poll turns out to be. 

I seached in vain for a"Funding American Ballet Theatre" option. (Really, how many self-hating anorexics must we lose in cat fights before we send this un-American form back to Europe? And let them have the French spelling of "theater" while we're at it.) 

Not finding that choice, I was tempted by the lever marked "Anti-immigration: The Kochs have given $468,000 to ALEC, a group responsible for anti-immigration bills such as SB1070." I am interested that only 1 percent of Brave New Foundation's voters seem to be upset by the ominous anti-immigration trend in American life, but not surprised: The left has generally been as bad as or worse than the right on this issue. 

But for obvious reasons I ended up going with "Foreclosures: The Kochs fund The Reason Foundation and the Mercatus Center, think tanks that support continued foreclosures on working people's homes." I like to think my own pitiless pontificating helped Reason score this nod, and while I'm sorry we've only got 6 percent, it's an honor just to be nominated. Click here to get our average up

More stars than there are in Heaven! Check out the Culver City-based Brave New Foundation's board of directors. And vote as early and often as you would if you were an ACORN member on paid disability leave riding your Rascal around the precinct on election day.