Tim Cavanaugh Talks Marijuana Reform Saturday at Montalban Theater in Hollywood


Prop 19 has failed. In the last week medical marijuana dispensaries in L.A., Orange and Riverside Counties have been raided. And after the passage of the wittily titled Prop M, the City of Los Angeles will be in the rare position of trying to tax sales of a technically illegal substance by non-profit entities.

What's the future of marijuana reform in California, and what does California's experience mean for the rest of this great stoned country?

Reason Senior Editor will be speaking today at the conference "Next Steps for Marijuana Reform in California," at the Ricardo Montalban on legendary Vine Street in Hollywood.

The conference goes all day, and tickets are $20. Cavanaugh will be batting cleanup, on "Perspectives & Proposals" panel at 5:00 PM.


Marijuana Reform: Next Steps for California
March 19, 9 AM to 6 PM
Ricardo Montalban Theater Hollywood
1615 vine St.
Los Angeles, CA

Get your buzz killed beforehand with Reason TV's coverage of what's happening to medical pot collectives: