Police Raid Roundup


  • Springhill, Massachusetts Nova Scotia family wakes up to cops in their home due to a wrong-door drug raid. Bonus points to the police spokesman for saying that this kind of thing "rarely ever happens," and for his passive-voice description of what transpired: "[one] would imagine [the occupants] might have been put on the floor."
  • This seems suspiciously fortuitous.
  • FBI, local police conduct wrong-door, early morning raid on a Pittsburgh family as part of a drug/gun investigation.
  • Nassau County police raid a gun store owner on questionable charge of illegal assault weapons sales. Coincidentally, the same man was subject to a massive 2007 raid on his store that resulted in no criminal charges. The most recent raid came just before jury selection in the gun store owner's civil rights lawsuit against the county. And the story just gets worse from there.
  • Headline: "Orlando SWAT team raids fake time-share resale company." Because after Mexican drug cartels, there's really no class of criminals more heavily armed than the fake time-share racket.