Drug War

Policing for Profit


Cops launch drug raid based on anonymous tip and a single marijuana stem found in the trash. End up raiding a home recording studio. Begin deliberations on how much cool stuff they're now permitted to take.

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  1. Begin deliberations on how much cool stuff they’re now permitted to take.

    Congratulations, America – you just devolved into a 3rd rate country by having outright thiefs as police.

    1. …and they’re protected by unions!

  2. More proof that cops simply aren’t paid enough. How can you argue against hiring more police and increasing salaries when the police are compelled to pilfer recording equipment to feed their families? As we all know, wealth is virtue. So if we want a better, more professional police force we should find better ways to make our law enforcement wealthy. Our brothers in blue should not be forced to appropriate our wealth directly. The system has failed!

    1. Proof that they aren’t paid enough?!?!? They aren’t taking this stuff to sell at the pawn shop to buy groceries for themselves, it’s taken by the department to finance things like fancy SWAT equipment to raid people with more nice stuff to take. Where do you think that sporty DARE care came from?

      1. Pancakes is being sarcastic there.

  3. Be certain that that “cool stuff” is guilty of being purchased from proceeds derived from the sale of illegal drugs, and will be held guilty until proven innocent.

    1. It doesn’t matter because the “clean” money may have been mixed in a bank account with the drug money, and that makes it all guilty.

  4. and they’re protected by unions!

    The unions are pitifully weak and oppressed; they should be allowed to turn every disciplinary dispute into a general strike which cripples the country!

    (That keyboard looks guilty as hell, by the way)

    1. You sound like someone with a cannabis stem in your trash. We’ll send a car over.

  5. Michigan? How could that be? That state is run by the Democrats!

  6. Vic Mackey at the 1:48 mark. Where’s Shane when you need him.

  7. Somebody should link this story to those dipshits at Anonymous to show them what the Kochtopus actually funds.

    1. that would be a waste of time

  8. One of the worst decisions in recent decades by the Supreme Court was the one upholding civil forfeiture. Due process means what?

    1. You said it. How could forfeiture NOT be abused, when the very concept is an abuse.

  9. Due process means what?

    What ever we say it means.

  10. Michigan? How could that be? That state is run by the Democrats!

    Not since November. The governor, attorney general and secretary of state are all Republicans now, and both houses of the legislature and the Michigan supreme court have Republican majorities.

    1. Okay, true enough. But when have you ever heard of the police taking property from two men that were caught having butt-sex?

  11. That 52 inch TV would look real good in my living room was obviously purchased with drug money.

  12. One stem is now evidence of distribution and cause for forfeiture?

    1. By government estimates, that one stem was worth $30,000 on the street, and could have created 3 million drug addicts.

  13. The cops didn’t know they were doing anything wrong. The home residents never informed them that they were being recorded.

  14. Sadly one has to assume that the police will behave precisely like a violent, criminal gang and with the same motivations. One must try to avoid contact with them whenever possible. If you see the police walk in the opposite direction. Don’t challenge them for the same reason you don’t poke a rabid dog. I will not speak to one unless absolutely necessary. I will not come to the aid of one, or try to help him in any way. It is too dangerous. I will not give them information if they request it but will play dumb, trying to end the conversation as quickly as possible. Every second I am near them my life is in danger.

  15. Waiting for Dunphy.

  16. The messed up thing about this case is if it were in Illinois, the homeowner would be subject to recording laws and be in jail for the recording.

  17. my daddy told me, one time. he said, “boy, you need to quit playin’ that rock n’ roll or you’ll wind up on drugs.”
    i said, ‘daddy, it’s too late. i already am.”

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