Making Sure Public Health Authorities Don't Say Anything That Might Help Public Health, Illegal Drug Edition


L.A. County Supervisor Michael Antonovich is angry that his county's Public Health Department is distributing a flyer that might actually improve public health by giving sensible advise about how not to get ill when using street ecstasy:

Antonovich said the flier, created after a 15-year-old girl died of an Ecstasy overdose after attending a Coliseum rave last June, did not fit the spirit of the county's anti-drug policy.

"Counseling young people on the use of the illegal drug Ecstasy is stupid and contrary to Los Angeles County's zero-tolerance policy on drugs," Antonovich said in a statement.

The "spirit of the country's anti-drug policy": fuck off and die, druggie, and if you don't, you're under arrest!

The offending flyer.

The L.A. Weekly also gets snide about the flyers, part of their larger attempt at a repeat performance of their last unfortunate success in goading local authorities into unnecessary and damaging actions regarding a non-crisis involving ILLEGAL DRUGS!!!!!! and the fiends who use them.

The Drug Policy Alliance defends the flyer.