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Why Cuomo Sucks, Continued


The Drug War Chronicle notes another race in which the drug policy positions are not what you would expect in light of the Democratic Party's mostly undeserved reputation for being relatively tolerant in this area:

New York Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Cuomo said Sunday that he opposes legislation to allow for the use of medical marijuana in the Empire State. Cuomo's remarks came in response to a question prompted by a statement by Republican nominee Carl Paladino a week earlier that the subject should be put to a popular vote.

Unfortunately, "New York does not have a voter initiative process," but Paladino's instinct to "let the people decide" is still preferable to Cuomo's flat-out no:

When asked by reporters Sunday about medical marijuana, Cuomo said he opposed a medical marijuana bill that had passed the state Assembly. "I think the dangers outweigh the benefits," he said. "I understand the benefits. I understand that it's been tried in other places. I think the risks outweigh the benefits."

When asked about possible revenues from taxing medical marijuana, Cuomo refused to bite. "A lot of things could raise revenues," he said. "Legalizing prostitution could raise revenues. I'm against that, too."

So that's two strikes against Cuomo right there. Reason Contributing Editor Walter Olson suggests a third: Cuomo's enthusiastic support for city-sponsored litigation aimed at restricting Second Amendment rights by suing the gun industry into submission:

Because that litigation mostly fizzled out, it is now only half remembered and doesn't much feature in Cuomo profiles. At the time, though, it was a close-fought battle and a big story. More than 30 cities and counties sued firearms makers, alleging that courts should hold them financially responsible for the costs of urban shootings. The cry was to make guns the "next tobacco," following the successful litigation campaign against tobacco companies that extracted hundreds of billions of dollars for the benefit of state coffers (and private lawyers).

I'm not sure what independent candidate Kristin Davis' position on gun rights is, but she beats Cuomo on at least two of these issues, plus gay marriage.'s interview with Davis is here.

NEXT: O.C. Town's War on "Blight" of Free Speech

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  1. Mostly undeserved? What, pray tell have the Democrats done other than conduct the War on Drugs at full speed?

    1. The Democrats want to legalize marijuana but those wascally wepublicans won’t let them. They are stuck paying lip and legislative service to the WoDs while secretly opposing it.

      (Obama is going to legalize the weed early in his second term)

    2. Well, alcohol prohibition was repealed on FDR’s watch. Other than that, not much.


      1. That was due to the love of tax revenue, not due to the love of liberty.

  2. And Paladino’s comments pretty much left the field wide open for Cuomo. It’s not like Cuomo needs to chase votes, either. How hard would it have been for him to also endorse Paladino’s position?

    There is in this case absolutely no excuse, just like when DiFi bashed Tom Campbell over pot ten years ago.

    1. Then you have to think that Cuomo is sincere in his position. I don’t know which is worse.

  3. Is that Cuomo, or did you reuse the photo of Moe Syslak from the Beato article?

    The sad thing is, he’s even uglier as a human being.

  4. Cuomo’s up by like 25. It doesn’t matter what his position on anything is. He’s an asshole, and New York is an asshole state.

    The tranny-lookin’ whore who sues people who say she’s a whore is probably the least of three evils. Happy voting.

  5. Cuomo is undeserving because he is a self-aggrandizing entitled legacy douchebag that would do anything short of disemboweling a live kitten on-air to get elected.

    That is, until someone asked him to.

    His family have done more to diminish individual rights in NYC than the NYPD, Bloomberg and the 9/11 families combined. He should die in a fire.

    1. But they still probably haven’t caught up to the Rockfellers, so they’ve got them going for them.

  6. Libertarianism: Drugs!

    (And all the other stuff too)

    1. I like putting people in PRISON for no reason!

      (and trolling, too)

      1. Oh lighten up. I admit that only every other article here lately is about drugs.

        1. Every article’s about liberty. You have no reading comprehension.

  7. Yeah, but no one knows housing like the Cuomo Guido? Yeah?

  8. At the expense of cop-shoots-dog stories, I might add.
    Damn election!

  9. I heard Cuomo doesn’t suck. He blows. Roadkill. On hot tarmac in late August. In Florida. Most New York voters are completely unaware. Except the ones in Miami.

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  11. Cuomo is a stinking piece of excrement just like his old man. This is the best we have to offer in the “Empire State”. This is the sort of scum who we elect to rule us in this country. Scum is what invariably floats to the top.

  12. “I understand the benefits. I understand that it’s been tried in other places. I think the risks outweigh the benefits.”

    Yeah, the risks really outweigh the benefits of letting sick people in pain take something that might alleviate they’re suffering. Fuck you Cuomo, you prick.

      1. How about a reporter asking “What are the risks?”

  13. “Legalizing prostitution could raise revenues.”

    Doesn’t this demand a Spitzer joke?

  14. I think you’ll find the Libertarian candidate excellent on the drug issue. He has done pro bono work for (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) and ReconsiDer and really knows the issues involved.

  15. Meg Whitman better throw all of the rest of her money behind prop 19 if she doesn’t want that $150 million she’s already spent to be wasted. Republicans need to take the issue as their own, based on the ideas of freedom and personal responsibility.

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