Gary Johnson on The Colbert Report, Talking Prop. 19, Libertarianism, and the "Truth"


Good stuff. Put those last 30 seconds in a pipe, and I think a lot of voters might smoke it.

The Colbert Report Mon—Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Proposition 19—Joseph Califano & Gary Johnson

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    1. Former felons have the right to vote. And own firearms. Its just being violated.

  1. What if marijuana becomes the next major government subsidy: Grassahol-powered engines!

    1. high-fructose marijuana syrup!

      1. The War on Subsidies?

      2. I would love to hear Michael Polan or Mimi Roth complaining about how 90% of what our kids eat at fast food restaurants is made of pot.

    2. Cannabis is a very good oil crop.

    3. The hurds could absolutely be made into ethanol.

      Gas, Grass or Ass no one rides for free!

  2. The Santa Barbara News-Press endorsed Prop 19 today. With a circulation of 27,000, is this the largest daily paper in California to endorse 19?

    1. The Verne Fonk Libertarian Reader also endorsed Prop 19, but with a circulation of four, I’m not convinced it’s going to have much impact.

    2. Holy crap, really! Thanks for the pointer.

    3. Wendy did something sensible?

      Now if only the SBNP would let its articles be included in news aggregators so people would actually read them.

      1. very cool, if only I still read the SB News.

        but I don’t pay for newspapers online.

  3. I hope Mitch Daniels will consider putting Johnson on his ticket. I don’t think the GOP is ready for him at the top of the ticket.

  4. Califano cites the stat for alcohol and tobacco that for every dollar in tax they receive the government spends nine in healthcare and social service costs. But translating that to marijuana policy, how much of that cost is offset by the savings in scaling back the WoD?

    This is a cute segment, but there just isn’t enough time in this type of forum for Johnson to put a face on those citizens being locked up for simply and solely wanting to use this drug recreationally. This country has been so brainwashed into thinking someone labeled a druggy or drug dealer is someone rightfully being punched in the face by T.J. Hooker for ruining the lives of urban youth (or whatever).

    1. Of course if the government would get out of the health care and social services business it wouldn’t cost them a dime.

  5. Just looking for a spot to post this, in case it hadn’t already been posted.

  6. Califano’s statement that the failure to keep alcohol and tobacco out of the hands of kids as proof that pot needs to stay illegal was truly dumb.

    Isn’t it pretty easy for kids to get pot right now? It’s much easier to get than alcohol, right?

    1. Exactly. In almost every argument against legalizing marijuana you’ll find the implicit assumption that our kids don’t already have unfettered access to marijuana and other drugs. I’d really like to see some one hammer a prohibitionist on this point.

      It’s like they actually believe we want kids to have drugs. No – they already have them.

      We need to focus on making sure kids know why not to do drugs, but we must do it without resorting to lies and hyperbole, or threats of criminal prosecution.

      1. My folks took this approach (probably because they smoked lots of weed when they were younger) when I was in high school. They were aware of our possession and simply told us we couldn’t drive anywhere if we wanted a safe place to get high. We chose that option about 90% of the time.

        They were more strict with the alcohol though. Of course, we rarely drank because we were always getting high.

  7. Getting weed in both middle school and high school was very fucking easy.

    1. Much easier then getting a beer, I’m guessing?


      1. Cigarette and/or alcohol usage usually required theft from the parental collection in middle school. Just about everything was easy to access as high school rolled on. Weed was easier in my opinion but that was what I was always looking for.

  8. Gary Johnson should have looked across the desk and told that old douche, “I’m a grown man and you do not have any right to tell me what I can do with my own body”.

    1. That has absolutely zero effect on people that invoke The Children as basis of their argument.

      1. I wouldn’t expect it to have any effect that guy , but it might have one on the audience.

  9. Califano cites the stat for alcohol and tobacco that for every dollar in tax they receive the government spends nine in healthcare and social service costs.

    I thought that’s what I heard him say and my reaction is that it smells bad.

    And I suspect the reason it smells bad is that he just pulled it out of his arse.

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