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  1. Take a look at this self-indulgent garbage:

    We were all a little relieved when I decided that I’d been raped.

    I may never know if I lost control that night or had it taken away from me.

    Well, before you go around accusing people of rape, maybe you should decide that.


      1. I’M STEVE SMITH.

    2. Now that I’ve read the article, I find it to be full of good advice, such as:

      “If you cut down on the Tastykakes, you too could get on the fellatio train.”

      1. Dang you Abdul.

    3. If you cut down on the Tastykakes, you too could get on the fellatio train.

      Geez, her friend is a bitch, but has a way with words.

      Though she makes no mention of this “Tony” being an especially hirsute young man, I leave it to the reader to surmise whether STEVESMITH = Tony. By “Tony”, I mean the supposed homosexual poster on these here boards.

      I passed out, and when I woke I saw tree branches spinning over me. The lower half of my body was naked. Embarrassed, I yanked my wet clothes on. Tony still lay beside me, naked.

      Classic Yeti rape scenario…

    4. +1
      Heard a story on NPR about university honor systems not “protecting women enough.” The evidence: they were not convicting enough males of date rape charges! No one entertained the idea the men might be innocent. To not convict the women’s complaints was the same as “dismissing the concerns of women.”

      1. Minge, you are so blind to not see the obvious yeti/dzu-teh connection here…

      2. Women never lie about rape.

        1. That’s right.

    5. If you know you had sex, but it takes a year for you to figure out you were raped, you weren’t raped.

      The conflation of regrettable sex and rape is diluting the very real crime of rape.

      1. Also, if the man is intoxicated doesn’t that hamper his ability to consent; i.e. you have the ridiculous situation where two people rape each other.

        I think this situation just illustrates the dangers of allowing the Irish to breed.

        1. Gawd…stoopid handle

          1. capitol l – check out Vice TV’s “Liberia” series.

            1. It’s awesome…That is where the handle is from. I decided to use it on the Stossel show thread, but always forget to change it the next day.

              I believe you are the first to mention the reference.

        2. If you can still get it up, you’re not nearly drunk enough yet.

    6. “Tony, when are we going to make out?”
      I mumbled, “I want you to make me come”
      “We’re not having sex”
      I remember seeing him over me, asking if I still wanted him to make me come. I nodded my head “yes.”

      Clumsy, stupid, drunken sex is not “rape.”

      1. Not for people with the right to consent, true.

        But the impression I get from feminists is that, like children, women are easily confused or influenced and are a bit simple-minded, so they can’t actually give meaningful consent.

        The most fair and objective standard is just to consider any sex that isn’t approved by their responsible male guardian (father or husband, typically) as rape.

  2. The White House ponders a package of tax breaks.

    Sigh. Too little, too late, boys.

    1. You get a tax break!
      And you get a tax break!
      [wild applause]
      And you get a tax break!
      [ecstatic applause]

    2. If they think this is such a jolly good idea why did they not do it to begin with? Talk about ideology trumping common sense. I would actually have more respect for them if they DIDn’t do this. This just shows that they knew cutting taxes would do the trick but they decided not to do it because it did not reward who they wanted to.

      1. Hey, at least they’re coupling it with massive new entitlements. So, there’s that.

  3. Seems like an economic collapse in Afghanistan might be the single best weapon in the “War on Terror”. Why don’t we just pull all of our resources out of there and watch the reorganization begin?

    1. I love how libtard sites like Media Matters jump on the one tiniest thing he had in common with some conservatives (against illegal immigration) and use it to make him Glenn Beck. I thought Tea Partiers had 0 Asians anyway?

      1. Actually, he was against all immigration not just of the illegal type.

      2. I love how libtard sites like Media Matters

        They aren’t liberals in any sense of the word. Leftard is more accurate.

    2. Guest
      I have a hard time calling this man “scum” or saying “good riddance”. For me, there’s a difference between malicious and mentally ill. This guy was disturbed – sometimes concerned for the general welfare, sometimes bigoted or angry at babies. Can’t we just agree to call him dangerous, and leave off the insults?
      51 minutes ago | Like (10) | Report abuse

      1. I keep clicking on the ‘abuse’ button, but no abuse happens.

        Teasing wankers.

  4. Pulitzer Prize-winning???? columnist Eugene Robinson calls anti-Democrat electorate “spoiled brats.” Sound familiar?

    “Some thoughts on those angry voters. Ask parents of any two-year-old and they can tell you about those temper tantrums: the stomping feet, the rolling eyes, the screaming. It’s clear that the anger controls the child and not the other way around. It’s the job of the parent to teach the child to control the anger and channel it in a positive way. Imagine a nation full of uncontrolled two-year-old rage. The voters had a temper tantrum last week….Parenting and governing don’t have to be dirty words: the nation can’t be run by an angry two-year-old.”
    -Peter Jennings, November 14, 1994…..inionsbox1

    1. I get tired of this “angry right” meme from Obama supporters. If Obama is enacting the historical and momumental change they say he is then of course those who oppose the change are going to have pretty strong feelings about it. WTF?

      1. That is a very good point. And they didn’t seem to have a problem with the Left being angry during Bush. People get angry in politics. That is how it works. To say people are not allowed to get angry is pretty much the same as saying they are not allowed to have an opinion, which when you think about it is what people like Robinson believe.

        1. Can you even get any more paternalistic than this?

          Related: there is a group of very progressive minded people on my bus who talk politics. They sound like all they do is consume and then regurgitate MSNBC. Well last evening, this woman was saying that she had been to the Twins game the night before and was “really annoyed at the people sitting next to her because they were texting the entire game. It took everything I had to keep from getting up and asking her, “What the fuck do you have against liberty, bitch?”

          I mean really, these people texting paid for their seats and no one would argue that texting is an innocuous activity that in no way interrupts anyone else watching the game. It really speaks to the issue that progressive more than anything else want to control every aspect of other peoples lives.

          So as I was walking home from the bus stop I told this story to a neighbor of mine adding that I’m not saying she’s a bad person or anything. Well, my neighbor replied, “No, she’s a bad person.” And you know, he’s right.

          1. Yeah. They pretty much are. It is the result of total self centeredness and lack of humility. It never occurs to this woman that the other people’s enjoyment might be as important as hers. And it never occurs to her that maybe she doesn’t know what is best for them.

          2. Reason #42 as to why I never ride public transportation unless I absolutely have to.

            1. I’m curious. What are some of the other reasons?

              1. Reasons #1-41 – Dealing with general public.
                #43 – Dealing with public transportation

                I pay a premium to deal with neither.

        2. Don’t you see the difference? When the right gets angry, it’s really scary, like fascists and lynch mobs, threatening the rule of law and everything we hold dear. On the other hand, when the left gets angry, it’s a righteous action in defense of all that is good and true.

    2. And yet they can’t understand why folks find them smug and elitist. Ignorance and effrontery, all rolled up into one neat package.

      1. Robinson: “The richest Americans need to pay higher taxes…because they earn a much bigger share of the nation’s income…”

        See? It’s not your income, your money. It’s “the nation’s” money, the people’s money. The biggest gang has a right to take it away from you, “for the public good.” Pure, unadulterated collectivism.

        1. Hey, at least he’s still using the word “earn”. We’re not all the way over the rainbow yet.

          1. Yes, he threw the evil rich people a bone. He could have said “gobble up,” because, in his world, “the nation’s income” is a zero-sum game.

    3. But there’s no mistaking the public mood, and the truth is that it makes no sense.

      Of course it doesn’t. It’s not like the government is being totally irresponsible and counter-productive with every single thing it does.

    4. Usually the left wing media scumbags wait until AFTER the election beatdown to dish out their tired old whines about what a childish, spoiled, and racist nation America is. This is the first time I can ever remember them doing it two months before the beatdown even takes place.

      1. Rachel and Keith are increasingly despondent and hateful.
        Their tears are so yummy!

      2. It makes me think that it is going to be worse than 1994. At this time in 1994, they were still telling themselves that they were not going to lose. For them to already be in past the denial and into the anger stage of grief, two months out says that things must be pretty bad.

        1. Yeah, but something tells me they’ll never get to the acceptance stage.

    5. Hey Eugene! Project much?

    6. the nation can’t be run by an angry two-year-old

      I think Obama has thoroughly proven that idea incorrect.

  5. The Department of Justice sues Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

    When assholes collide!

    1. Nice to see the Obama Administration do something right for a change. This is probably the only way to control a stubborn guy with the absolute worst dictatorial tendencies of law enforcement officers. Any Republican defending Joe Arpaio and his tactics immediately discredits any “limited government power” cred they were claiming to have.

      1. You did see that ICE investigated him and found nothing to complain about? No racial profiling, civil rights abuses, etc.?

      2. I agree that there is an appropriate federal role here. The ICE investigation may not have found anything to complain about, but I can think of a number of things that they did not look into, such as destroying people’s houses and vehicles, inhumane treatment of prisoners, including those not yet convicted of anything and inappropriately seizing/viewing defense documents in court. Little things like that.

    1. A fairly inventive solution. Of course, people might take it to a hotel if the taxes were not so astoundingly high all around the world for hotels. The Japanese solve this problem by having those weird-but-clean by-the-hour sex hotel.

      1. Care to review any?

  6. “We’ll continue to do everything we can, understanding that recovery will require persistent effort. There are no silver bullets,” senior Obama adviser David Axelrod said in an interview Thursday. “At the same time, we have to make clear our ideas and theirs, and the fact that the Washington Republicans, having helped create this recession, have attempted to block our every effort to deal with it.”

    Yeah, I mean, they effectively stopped the bailouts, the stimulus package, and the deficit-reducing health care bill. All of which, if they had actually passed, would’ve gotten us out of this mess months ago.

    1. I said “attempted to block.” Their delaying tactics have cost untold millions of jobs created or saved.

  7. a bank bailout…in Afghanistan.

    It will be interesting to see how the neocon wankers respond to this. Will they say that bailouts are okay if they prop up the war effort?

  8. Snakes (almost) On a Plane!…..in_luggage

  9. You tricked me into clicking on Weigel.

    Do. Not. Want.

    1. But, I don’t think anybody is going to trick you into taking a voucher……

      1. I like the Original Recipe Weigel.

        1. It’s just greasy crap no matter what the recipe.

  10. “We did the mosque, Katrina, Iraq, and now Middle East peace?” said a Democratic strategist who … spoke on the condition of anonymity. “And in between you redo the Oval Office? It has become a joke.”

    I’m on it, Boss.

    1. Denny McClain the con artist and former Detroit Tigers pitcher has a great response to people who get in trouble and then “find Jesus”. It is “I didn’t know he was lost”.

      It is good that he has found religion. It will help in the next life I am sure. But this life is a little more hard nosed.

      1. It is good that he has found religion. It will help in the next life I am sure. But this life is a little more hard nosed.

        I like this, consider it stolen.

    2. Warty, thank your lucky stars that you do not reside in western PA any longer. Seeing leatherface on teevee every day isn’t enough, you also have to hear the endless admiration for the fuck.

      1. I don’t get how a millionaire Super Bowl winning quarterback feels the need to troll rural college bars in Georgia and grope unsuspecting coeds. I know Pittsburgh is not exactly Dallas or Atlanta in the women department, but like anywhere else there are more than enough hot women there for about anyone not named Wilt.

        Rothlesburger must really be pathetic. You really have to have no self respect not to stay in your league. If you are someone like him, you really could call up some actress or sportsbade newscaster and have a legit shot at nailing her. What the hell is doing in Millidgeville Georgia? It is the equivalent of the star high school quarterback who could have his choice of the hot senior cheer leaders going back to middle school to hit on star struck fourteen year olds. What the hell is wrong with him?

        1. And meanwhile, who is Tom Brady married to? Do we really need to wonder who the better quarterback is?

          1. Do you mean after Brady dumped his first wife and newborn child?

            Both barely rank above smegma in terms of ethics.

            1. Brady never married his baby momma. He just knocked her up and then dumped her for Giselle. He is pretty much scum.

              1. Ah, I thought they had been hitched.

                My opinion of Bridget Moynihan has gone back up a smidge.

              2. It is just as likely that she allowed herself to get pregnant to try and keep him or at least keep access to his money.

                She may be the one who is scum.

              3. Moynihan knew she was on the way out so she grabbed some of that superior DNA for her offspring while it was still available.

                1. Than Brady is stupid. “Oh sure you can come inside me baby. I am on the pill, I promise”.

        2. John, I live and work in a part of town with a lot of night life, and know a lot of people in the restaurant/bar industry. The boorish behavior in Georgia is the tip of the iceberg, leatherface is truly a “do you know who I am” kinda guy.

          Some day one of these nasty little club owners is going to put a bullet in his ass for not paying his tab. Just ask Denny McLain why he was injured all the time.

          1. The four letter network sent Nichols out to Pittsburgh when this thing broke. She had no shortage of bar tenders, owners and bouncers who hated the guy’s guts. Celebrities make great bar flies. You really have to be a first class dickhead celebrity to get bartenders and club owners to hate you and not want your business.

            1. From a few months back:

              Beck says he banned Roethlisberger long before the recent controversy ? for allegedly walking out on a tab ? and only lifted the ban when the quarterback profusely apologized. “The Steelers want to be special,” says Beck. “Ben’s the worst one. He needs an ass-whuppin’.” (Beck is not the only one. Another owner down the street, who wanted to remain anonymous, said, “Is he banned? I wouldn’t say that. Would we rather not see him? Probably.”)

        3. John, thank you for the Denny McClain quip. Honest to god, I had never heard that before-too funny.

      2. I thought the yinzers had turned on him. Is he forgiven now?

        1. Dude, do you know how many little girls I have seen in pink leatherface jerseys since then…lots. *barf*

          Yeah, people turned for about a week, when they found out he was going to be suspended it was all that “drunk bitch’s” fault.

        2. Three reasons for Steeler fans to forgive Big Ben:

          1. Byron Leftwich
          2. Dennis Dixon
          3. Charlie Batch

          1. I don’t think it matters at this point, the o-line is fucking awful. Ben would be dead by week 4 anyway.

          2. You illustrate perfectly why I cannot wait to get out of this hole and the sycophants like you that occupy it.

            1. Dude, I’m not even a Steeler fan as I’m not from PGH, just live here. But you know full well what I wrote is true — people were all for trading Ben until they got a look at the alternatives.

              1. You called him Big Ben, rather than leatherface, or rapist pigfucker, and I took that as implicit support for said pigfucker…for that I am sorry.

                1. Don’t apologize to Tulpa. You don’t ever apologize to Tulpa.

                  1. Hate and resentment only enhance my powers, and give me 43% better orgasms.

                    1. I hope that coach Tomlin starts Dixon, he plays well, the Steelers start 4 and 0 and Big Ben rides the pine for the balance of the season.

                    2. I hope that the rapist pigfucker dies in an autoerotic asphyxiation mishap, no one goes to his funeral, and the Steelers have a 2-14 disaster.

                    3. As long as those 2 wins are against the Browns.

                    4. I hope that coach Tomlin starts Dixon

                      Not much choice now that Leftwich is hurt.

                    5. Who didn’t see that coming?

    3. Jesus saves, even especially if you’re a hillbilly rapist pigfucker.


    4. I know the guy is scum, but he’s never been charged, let alone convicted, with rape or sexual assault.

      He’s also from Ohio.

      1. And he’s a fucking hillbilly scumfuck rapist who deserves to be burned alive, but at least he’s not an obnoxious scold.

      2. Yes, he was cleared of all charges by his bodyguard and his bodyguard’s police colleagues. I think the police in their noble and totally non-biased investigation referred to the accuser as “drunk bitch”…

        1. Sexual assault is a notoriously difficult charge to prove, since the accused can just say everything that happened was consensual. I agree that even if what Ben did that night was legal it was scummy as hell — a 27-year-old NFL QB with 2 super bowl rings having to go to the bathroom of a college bar to get his rocks off is frogging pathetic.

          And it’s too rich to see libertarians criticizing the police for NOT going forward with a prosecution due to a lack of evidence.

          1. I think the libertarian in me bristles at the thought of the cops having a buddy-buddy relationship with an accused rapist and basing an investigation on the conjecture that your employer and friend is innocent, and that the accuser is a “drunk bitch”. Drunk bitches can be raped just as well as the sober girl next door type.

            An aside:

            I started ODEs this week and my prof is a tiny chinese madman. Then I remembered that you were a math professor and wondered whether this crazy dude could be Tulpa…

            Are you chinese, and jump around a lot?

            1. No. But I do pronounce Cauchy-Euler “Caulky-Yuler” and dare students to correct me.

              I don’t do DE classes anymore anyway. I’m stuck in Multidimensional calculus of one sort or another for the remainder of my pathetic existence.

              1. I had a prof who pronounced the “h” in l’hopital.


          2. Then he can be thankful that he isn’t in Texas. Apparently, there is no need for corroborating witnesses or evidence beyond the “victim’s” claims in sexual assault cases.

            I have a friend who worked in a hospital doing ultra-sound. One day he performed one when a nurse wasn’t in the room. The patient claimed he assaulted her and it went to court based upon her claims alone. The woman had already made similar claims and been paid by another hospital. The hospital my friend worked for paid her and fired him.

            The poor guy didn’t take it seriously and, since he had lost his job couldn’t afford a lawyer. The public defender advised him to plead guilty since the maximum penalty was 20 years.

            1. Which is why the allegations of the alleged victim alone should never be enough to arrest, let alone try, the accused.

  11. U.S. District Judge Richard Kopf said the state’s flag-protection law can’t be applied so long as members of Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan., otherwise act peacefully.

    So, if “Church members” also vandalize a trash can, say, or jaywalk — *then* the flag law can be applied? WTF?

  12. “Official” unemployment rate rises to 9.6%, as the “Summer of Recovery” slowly fades away into the Fall of the Democratic Majority.

    1. I liked the headline on the Daily Caller a few days back:

      Recovery Summer II: The Fall

    1. This dude I know is currently banging a chick from Oberlin. She’s a cute Mexican who self-identifies as male and prefers to be referred to with male pronouns, and of course doesn’t shave her legs or armpits. I don’t understand any of it. Fucking Oberlin.

      1. If your girl friend self identifies as a male and prefers to be referred to in male pronouns and doesn’t have her legs or armpits, at the point really aren’t you just gay or at least bi sexual? Seriously. If the guy wants to try out for the other team that is his business. But he shouldn’t kid himself about what he is doing.

        1. It sounds like he’s fucking a weird, hairy Mexican girl. No, I don’t find it appealing either. But she still has a vagina, so not gay.


        2. Well, she’s pretty cute even though she’s confused, and she apparently likes cock, and he goes through a lot of women at a time, so why not?

          1. I guess if she is wild in bed. But you would have to be pretty confident about your sexuality. It would weird me out to refer to my girlfriend as “him”.

        3. Nah. Pussy is pussy.

    2. Blocked at work, please selectively quote for my viewing pleasure. I can’t abide NOT reading an SF link with the word “feminist” in it. Im beggin here.

      1. “My name is Lola Lorber, I’m a freshman, and my preferred gender pronouns are she, her, and hers.”

        This is how we introduce ourselves on the first few days of classes at Oberlin College. To some it may sound weird, funny, or redundant; but at Oberlin, it is the norm.

        The sad part is that she’s pretty darn cute, and Oberlin is going to ruin that. I so hate you, Oberlin.

        1. No shit. In four years she will be wearing a butch cut, have a transgendered neutral girlfriend and be posting on Feministing. I hate Oberlain to.

          1. I hate Oberlain to.

            Michelle Malkin went there, how bad could it be?

            1. Pretty bad apparently.

            2. Mine is a personal hate. There was a lithe blonde beauty that I had had a few misfired dates with in high school and we were finally both single after our first year of college. She came back from Oberlin a husky-voiced, man-beast +40lb vegan screeching about male oppression.

              1. +40lb vegan

                I never understood this. How do you gain significant weight eating nothing but rabbit food?

                1. They are called french fry vegetarians. Things like potatoes and vegetable oils will make you fat just as fast as hamburgers.

                  1. They also get so starved for protein they they gorge on peanut butter and bread.

                    Adults can live a healthy life as a vegan, but it takes at least a cursory understanding of nutrition.

                    1. Vegan takes a lot of work and understanding. You can do it and be healthy, but it is not easier. There are certain proteins that you get from meat that are not in many other foods.

                      I would say the large majority of vegans don’t do it properly and are eating very unhealthy diets.

              2. So I’m guessing you both dated through the rest of college and eventually married?

                1. Fuck threaded comments.

                  So I’m guessing you both dated through the rest of college and eventually married?

                  Was a response to SF’s explanation of his deep seated hatred of Oberlin.

        2. I was clearly mistaken in my desire to know more.

          1. You have been here long enough to know better. Blame yourself.

    3. “In my senior year, I took another English elective titled Dangerous Language with a different teacher at my high school. We read pieces of literature that were considered in many countries to be “taboo,” “inappropriate,” and in fact, “dangerous.” Who can imagine 17 and 18 year-olds reading The Color Purple and Lolita and having regular debates about race, gender, sex, rape, pedophilia and incest?

      In another elective called Gender and Madness with the same teacher who taught Dangerous Language, we explored plays such as Proof, Hedda Gabler, and Hamlet where the female protagonists were perceived as insane.”

      I know I am old. But what the fuck is going on in high schools? I thought all that bullshit didn’t come around until college. What happened to reading Chaucer and Macbeth?

      1. She didn’t go to a normal high school, she went to a “progressive” school in Manhattan. So at least there’s some hope for everyone else.

        1. Someone needs to fuck some sense into her.

        2. 30K a year for your kid to take field trips and major in bunnyhugging and women’s studies in college.

    4. And Ms. Lorber seems like a cute, lovely earnest young woman. Fuck you feminists for destroying her mind.

    5. I am proud to say I believe in sex positivity and freedom of speech. I’m a vegan, and I like to laugh. I’ve recently gotten into stand-up comedy because I like being able to say things into a microphone and make myself loud and heard. I am proud to make people laugh

      I’m willing to bet everything i own that she’s never said an intentionally funny thing in her entire life; and that she’s cried “rape” at every acutally funny thing she’s ever heard.

      1. Sad but probably true. As I said above, you have to feel bad for her. I am sure she is smart. And she is very cute. She has just been totally betrayed by her parents and idiot teachers who have filled her head with mush.

      2. Yeah, nothing in that article hinted at the tiniest bit of humor.

      3. Are you sure they’re laughing with you?

      1. Why does it have to be Frosty the Snowman? Why not Frosty the Snowgirl? Frost should have no gender assosiated with it but in this case it does. Would the name Iccy have any other connotation?

        What these people need is a few years under Sharia.

        1. ^^THIS^^

        2. What these people need is a few years under Sharia.

          How about mandatory dates with Roethlisberger?

          1. Ba-dum-boom!

    6. birthing options (including orgasmic birth . . . who knew?)


      1. Some women claim to have an organism during birth. Home births and water births are supposed to facilitate it.

        Orgasmic Birth: The Best-Kept Secret

        1. Home births and water births are supposed to facilitate it.

          Teh drugs, too, I’ll wager.

        2. Some women claim to have an organism during birth.

          What do the other ones claim, just a bunch of cells?

          1. I can’t type because of male oppression.

        3. Well of course they have an organism, but most people are generous enough to call these organisms children, or babies if you prefer.

        4. That is another example of the unmitigated stupidity of modern day yuppies. For hundreds of years child birth was a death trap for women. Then in the 20th Century we developed modern medicine which kept women from dying in child birth. And what do these idiots do? Decide it is better to go back to the good old days and have their kids at home without a doctor.

          Seriously, if a bunch of fundamentalist Christians in rural Iowa did that, they would be declared an enemy of the state. But a bunch of dumb rich white women do it and it is considered the height of sensibility.

          1. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. My wife’s a doc, but we’re doing a mid-wife birth (although not a home birth–I don’t need to scrub a placenta out of my rug). A lot of the medical interventions done now are not supported by science, but are done to stave off liability.

            That said, some of these midwives do believe in wacky things (accupressure will induce labor! Vaccines cause teh autism).

            1. In Africa, General Butt Naked is an esteemed midwife, so if you need help delivering your parasitic squirrel, then I would be more than happy to help.

              I believe in no wackiness, but I insist on eating the placenta.

              1. I’m naming this baby “Fuck you James Lee”

                My wife wants to go with “Donna.”

                1. If Johnny Cash can sing A Boy Named Sue, imagine the future in showbiz your kid would have singing A Girl Named Fuck You James Lee

                  General Butt Naked is also “The Agent To The Stars” in Africa so…

            2. If you have a child birth free of all complications, it is fine. Women have been giving birth for thousands of years in fields. But if there is a complication, you are going to need to go to a hospital. And hopefully you will be able to get there in time. Basically you are taking a chance. A small one, but a chance none the less.

              1. I hear you, but the risk is small. Compare that to 1/3 of all hospital births are done by c-section.

                The birth center is across the street from the hospital. There’s also a list of conditions for which they will not perform mid-wife only births. For example, our first kid needed to be induced, so it was hospital time.

                1. The rise of the C section is pretty fucking insane. Thank you John Edwards. Remember that the next time a Democrat tells you they care about women or science.

          2. The big danger was infection. People can manage that at home pretty well now. It is still a bit more risky, but going to the hospital is not a risk free proposition.

      2. Lots of newborn males nut from squishing around in that sensual canal.

    7. Aspartame, she made a personal narrative video.

      If you have 7 min of your life to totally waste…With stand-up!

      1. I made it through 20 seconds. I hope this girl is into breathplay…

        1. Come for the erotic asphyxiation, and stay for the stand-up! Woooo!

        2. If you don’t watch to at least 2:50 you don’t get to witness her attempting to talk like her younger self by huffing helium.

          1. I went and did it. If I ever meet you in person, I’m going to break your shoulder.

            1. Dude assaulting diabetics is pretty horrible, almost as bad as, ummm, I don’t know, maybe beating up albinos.

              1. Warty has no one to blame but himself. I told him exactly what it was and he looked anyway. It’s like posting a link to goatse that’s labeled “goatse.” Don’t get mad at me.

                And that albino was a mean motherfucker. He beat up a lot of people and was a well-known bully.

                1. You beat up an albino, well I had no idea. I mean, I knew you were bad news, but this takes the cake!

            2. Anyone who clicks on a link recommended by Sugar Free has only themselves to blame for the horror that follows.

      2. She’s a lot lot fatter than her picture. Thanks again, Oberlin.

        I’d like to scour that place from the face of the Earth. Leave it as an ugly cunt-shaped wound in Ohio as a object-lesson of my wrath.

        1. Is being fat some sort of statement against male oppression or something? Every goddamn butch-ass feminist fake lesbian I’ve ever known has been shaped like a beach ball.

          1. Probably better to say it’s political than to just admit they are trying to use food to filling the gaping hole in their soul left by knowing that they are too guarded to ever be loved unconditionally by someone even halfway normal.

          2. It’s a self defense mechanism. Gaining weight eliminates a large percentage of teh male gaze. The only ones that would infilict teh male gaze are the chubby chasers, and their proportion to the sober male population can’t be too large.

            1. At least it went to her cans.

      3. That chick has more baggage than a transatlantic flight.

        1. And she probably smells like Pike Place Market.

      4. If her parents don’t kill themselves after watching that, it’s because there’s nothing sharp in the room.

        1. It’s really too bad they didn’t kill themselves about 20 years ago and spare us their waste-of-oxygen daughter.

          Seriously, people like this make the Discovery Channel Malthusian terrorist sound reasonable.

    8. Oberlin’s future valedictorian eats dog food straight out of a bag in this one:…

  13. David Brooks, who, IIRC was one of the “conservatives” who got a tingle over Obama tries a little conservative-lite Obama slashfic.

    1. Terrible article as usual, but I especialy liked this part:

      She may know San Francisco, they warned, but she doesn’t know America. If she has her way, the Democratic Party will spiral back to 40 percent support and she’ll be minority leader again.

      No way in hell Pelosi holds onto a leadership position after they lose the House. Steny Hoyer is probably the new minority leader.

      1. I was at motorcycle dealership in Maryland this summer. And the Republican who is running against Hoyer was there. Black guy really nice. He doesn’t have a chance. The fuckers in Maryland will send that scum to Congress until they embalm him.

        1. I always feel a little sorry for anyone that runs as an R in Maryland. But , they know what kind of hive-mind groupthink they’re going up against, so that’s why I say only a ‘little.’

          1. The Rs in Maryland are generally as bad as the Ds. This guy actually seems to be different than your typical Maryland Republican scum sucker. All the more reason why he has no chance.

            1. I prefer Brian Hoyer to Stenny.

  14. “My job is to protect the industry and protect Nevada and states where gaming is located,” Fahrenkopf said, calling Reid, “the most knowledgeable person on gaming in the senate” because of his service as the past chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission.

    Translation – What can I say? I’m a whore.

    1. “The most stunning statistic however, is that the total number of deaths caused by conventional medicine is an astounding 783,936 per year. It is now evident that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the United States.”

      Life Extension Magazine, August 2006.…/aug2006_report_death_01

      I hope you don’t buy what the CDC is selling. Further, being libertarian necessarily means the rejection of the proposition that the state’s data is credible and carries the day.

  15. Black people are just fucked up. They don’t want an off-leash dog run in Martin Luther King Park (Minneapolis) because, well, Bull Connor had a dog and so they are symbols of opression. Oh really? Then explain all the fucking pit bulls. Jesus!

    But many black speakers said an off-leash site would desecrate the park. Several recalled how Bull Connor, the Birmingham, Ala., police official, used police dogs to attack civil rights demonstrators in the 1960s, turning dogs into a symbol of hatred…..DCinchO7DU

  16. The Department of Justice sues Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

    I shook my head when I saw that. Could you have waited until after the elections to do that? I have absolutely no desire to see the Democrats when anything in November, but it is no fun to watch if they don’t at least put up a fight.

    Is anything going to change in a mere two months on that case? No!!

    1. My favorite bromide: “The behavior of a bureaucracy can best be explained by assuming it is run by a cabal of its enemies.”

    2. Why in the world do you think they would wait until after the election? This is a little morsel thrown to the increasingly disaffected left, not to mention to Dave Weigel and the other 17 liberaltarians. Come November, they’ll need every one of those votes.

    3. did I really use ‘when’ as a homophone for ‘win?’ Yep, it is still there.

      To answer that, SFYummyfruit, even in this climate there are still old fucks who vote democrat out of habit even though, except for that Social Security check coming in the mail, they disagree with them on every issue. They do so because they really have no idea how the party has changed since that handsome Mick with the classy wife was in office. This is one of those issues that shakes them out of the coma, well into a different coma, ‘they going after Mr. Law and Order, himself? Who are these heathens?’

      It is Arizona after all. For every illegal they get to the poll (B1 Bob was wronged!) there will be several retirees to negate his vote and then some.

      1. Yes, it does seem like another self-inflicted wound for them. Maybe their ideologues at Justice don’t care or are clueless. You’d think Rahm would know this was bad timing, though.

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