California Roundup: If You Can't Pass a Budget, Then to HELL With You!


With a name like Destiny McMullen, what could go wrong?

* Society will always fear a strong woman: Destiny McMullen expresses herself by throwing a Taco Bell Burrito Supreme at a Sonora cop, hits her target center of mass, gets dragged off to jail.

* Dis-unions: The 4,800-member Engineers and Architects Association signs a contract allowing for slightly higher employee contributions. Service Employees International Union (which is in the process of gobbling up the architects union) tries to harpoon that "unprecedented and dangerous" deal.

* Taxpayers shell out $10,000 a month on a security detail for the former Assembly speaker. Karen Bass, a community organizer who went on to become an Assembly member and L.A. Times favorite, logged a fairly unimpressive couple of years as speaker before retiring in March in order to seek Diane Watson's seat in the 33rd Congressional District. A Bass spokeswoman says the sergeant-at-arms escort only tags along when Bass is doing legislative business.

* Grrrreat expectations: W.K. Kellogg Foundation gives $42 million grant to Cal Poly Pomona, continuing a relationship that dates back to Corn Flakes crank Will Keith Kellogg's original grant for the college. The grant is the largest in California State University history and will help fund the "12th most ethnically diverse university in the United States."

* Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says he is willing to leave office without a signed budget if he can't come to terms with legislative Democrats. Senate Leader Darrell Steinberg says go ahead then if you're going to be like that. Schwarzenegger says OK I will.

NEXT: Otis McDonald One Step Closer to Exercising His Second Amendment Rights

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  1. Tim,

    Why is the woman getting arrested for spitting and throwing a burrito at a cop worth noting? If she threw a burrito and spit on anyone I would expect that she would be arrested. Seriously, who cares?

    1. If that two day old Oliver Stone story happened in California, it would be at the top instead.

      1. Clearly the jews are trying to supress the story.

        1. Unless CAIR is really the ones behind this site.

          1. Suki, your bigotry is getting a little overbearing. Are you an objectivist?

            1. You really think it’s the Jews like affenkopf? I was thinking a realist CAIR false flag operation.

    2. John, perhaps you’re not familiar with what a burrito is, but they hardly constitute a deadly weapon.

      At least until taken internally.

      Why would throwing one constitute an arrestable offense?

      1. It wasn’t just any burrito, though. It was a Burrito Supreme. Those things have some heft.

        1. They have sour cream and cheese in those things, and the cop might be lactose intolerant.

        2. She might as well have been throwing excrement.

          1. This.

      2. While not deadly, it is still a battery. If a stranger hit me in the face with a burrito for no apparent reason, I would kick their ass. Cops deserve the same legal protection from assault that the rest of us do.

        I don’t see how you could go to a Taco Bell and start hitting people with burritos and spitting on them and not expect to be arrested. There are crimes besides assault with a deadly weapon.

        1. Plus, according to the article, she spit on him. I don’t see how she’s the heroine here.

        2. If she was throwing burritos and spitting, the cop could have physically restrained her, brought her outside, explained that she was being disruptive and rude, and either escort her off the premises or drive her home.

          There are crimes besides assault with a deadly weapon. But arresting people who haven’t actually harmed anyone is a problem, not a solution.

          1. I think getting hit by a burrito is a problem. Is it your position that people can batter other people and only get a lecture?

            1. John, I don’t think anyone here would seriously advocate a lecture as punishment for deep-frying another human being.

            2. Getting hit by a burrito is a problem, but not on the scale that being arrested is.

              Your reading comprehension skills have failed you once again. I said that physical restraint and removal from the premises is warranted. Being booked and charged with a crime is not.

              1. If I walk out my door today and someone hits me in the face with a burrito, I am going to call the cops and expect the person to be arrested.

                Removal from the premises? What the fuck? People have a right to be safe in their person. We have laws to ensure that. If you break them you should be arrested. Should she go to jail? No. But she ought to have some punishment beyond being asked to leave.

                If you won’t arrest her, then what would you expect me as the victim to do? Just take it? If I went over and kicked her teeth in for it would you arrest me? Is that the standard of behavior we have now? You are supposed to just take having a burrito shoved in your face and like it?

                1. “You are supposed to just take having a burrito shoved in your face and like it?”

                  I think the answer to that would depend on the type of burrito, and just how hungry you are.

                2. I expect they would be arrested. I also expect that the arresting officers would say derogatory things about your ability to solve your own problems one they were out of earshot.

                  If someone hits you with a burrito, call her bitch, tell her to get lost, go back inside, wash your face and move one with your life. If she refuses to leave, you can call the cops and have her arrested for harassment.

                  1. more correctly, if somebody threw a burrito at you, and the cop didn’t witness it, and he got at the scene after the fact, he most likely would issue a criminal citation, but not make a custodial arrest. the reason? a misdemeanor assault, that did not occur in the officer’s presence. most agencies and most cops frown on arresting on misdemeanors (custodially arresting and booking) not occurring in the officer’s presence. it varies state to state, but many states require misdemeanors to be committed in an officers presence for such an arrest to be made, with any crime relating to domestic violence being an exception, where arrest is usually mandatory even if not in the officer’s presence.

                    in the case of the assault on the officer, it did occur in his presence. also, it would certainly be a breach of the peace, and in many jurisdictions would be a felony (assault on a LEO) although in mine, since it didn’t result in any sort of significant injury, would be CHARGED later as a misdemeanor.

                    i don’t know ANY cop who wouldn’t arrest for this offense. if you don’t arrest this person, you are incentivizing this behavior “hey, i assaulted a cop and all i got was a TICKET” cops are expected to put up with metric assloads of verbal abuse, but NO COP in his right mind is going to put up with having a fucking burrito thrown at him.

                    not to mention that we pay our own dry cleaning bills.

                    i also would be willing to bet that the VAST majority of people (not necessarily the reason-blog-anti-cop-brigade ™ would expect and want to see somebody arrested in this circumstance, and consider it the only acceptable response for a cop to do.

                    otoh, this woman will still probably get some hero cred amongst her compatriots for throwing a burrito at a cop. god knows i would have been pretty admirous of somebody who did something that awesome, at least when i was a college kid type

                  1. That was in response to this:

                    “You are supposed to just take having a burrito shoved in your face and like it?”

                  2. I know what you are going to say: “Turn the other cheek” and let her pelt said cheek with a Chalupa (TM).

              2. “Your reading comprehension skills have failed you once again.”

                Well your douschbag skills haven’t failed you. You are just trolling. “I think it is fine to throw food at people. Just ask the person to leave”.

                No one fucking believes that and neither do you. Stop wasting everyone’s time.

                1. I’ve got the same take on this as John does. The woman needs to spend a bit of time in a cell pondering the meaning of civility.

                  Not a lot of time, but at least until she makes bail.

                2. Your inability to understand a position that deviates from the law as written does not constitute trolling on my part.

                  At no time did I say that hurling food at people is “fine.” I am quite serious in my belief that throwing a burrito does not merit the same reaction from the police as grand theft auto or assault.

                  1. Assault is merely the threat of committing a battery. This was an actual battery. And I think you underestimate the nature of it. What if she had slapped a person? Is that not an arrestable offense? What if it was just a light slap on the cheek with no harm done? I think a battery is a battery and both justify arrest.

                    1. Well, they charged her with assault, not battery, which seems odd. Maybe she was waving the burrito around in a threatening manner before she threw it?

                    2. Maybe she throws burritos like Obama throws baseballs?

                    3. Like while wearing mom jeans? Impossible to tell from the mug shot.

                    4. depends on the jurisdiction

                      many states do not have such a crime as “battery”. WA state does not.

                      we have ASSAULT. there is no such crime as assault and battery. there may be a civil tort for battery, but no such crime

                      this just further confirms my belief that many people get their knowledge of law from teevee and not from the actual penal codes (hu hu hu hu hu he said “penal”).

                    5. it only seems odd if you don’t understand the law. not all jurisdiction HAVE a criminal charge called “battery” or “assault and battery”.

                      WA state has assault. no such criminal charge as battery.

                      many others states are similar

              3. in your opinion. if some person throws a burrito at me, and it hits me – i will definitely arrest them.

                if they MISS, maybe not. i guess i am incentivizing people to have bad aim, but so be it.

                this falls under the “desperately needs a trip to the jail” file.

    3. This is an example of brutality, Destiny McMullen should have used a TAZER on the cop instead. That would have been more humane.

      1. Or alternatively she could have shot the cop’s dog.

        1. Nothing lower than a dog killer.

          1. You’ve forgotten joe?

    4. I’m going to go out on a limb and conjecture that Cavanaugh included the story solely because it is humorously odd.

    5. Soft shell taco = assualt.

      Hard shell taco = aggravated assault.

      1. i lol’d.

        and if you put hot sauce on it, it’s a sentence enhancement.

    6. because throwing a burrito at a cop just has many levels of awesomeness. a jelly filled donut would have been better, but i give her points for effort.

      i would LOVE to write the PC Cert on that case

      just so i could use the term “assault with a ridiculous weapon”

    7. Yeah, that sort of thing is illegal, but people don’t often get arrested for because there usually is not a cop around. It kind of changes the equation when the target is a cop.

      Sometimes I get the impression that people around here think that cops deserve to be abused just because they are cops.

      1. there is no doubt whatsoever that a fair portion of the reason blog brigade is just kneejerk anti-cop. it’s just as stupid and prejudiced as being kneejerk racist.

        this case is a perfect example.

  2. I’ve been hiy by a burrito supreme. It isn’t pleasant.
    I’ve also had a few go through me, which is even worse.

    1. You really need to cut out the middle man with Taco Bell: buy it, take it home and then throw it straight into the toilet. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of trouble flushing it, like always.

      1. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of trouble flushing it, like always.

        If the government did not outlaw effective toilets, this would not be an issue.

        1. No mere human toilet can flush Taco Bell on the first try.

          1. They have flush toilets where you are now? Back in the day they were better.

            1. This can only be solved by a Shit-Off.

              1. Don’t be its porn.

                1. Episiarch,

                  I’m frequently complimented as being one of the more intelligent commenters here, unlike you. In case you didn’t notice, nobody understood what the hell you were talking about.

                  1. No, I’m frequently complimented as being one of the more intelligent commenters here, unlike you. In case you didn’t notice, nobody understood what the hell you were talking about.

                    1. I said it first, and therefore I am correct.

                  2. I got Episiarch’s reference, but thought it was a poor application of a running joke that wasn’t very funny to begin with.

                    You’ll get ’em next time dude!

                    1. It’s not a running joke, rustedangel, but warning to all who care about human dignity.

              2. Where would you rather be, in Gaza or in the shitter?

                1. A distinction without a difference?

              3. This can only be solved by a Shit-Off.

                Not a good idea on this site. Apparently “Sandi” has taken a dump just about everywhere. I don’t know who on this board would have the sphincter to go up against that. Maybe Chony/MNG

                1. Ah, but then since this a test of toilets and not raw shitting ability, we just have Sandi test all the toilets.

                  Although, really, doesn’t Sandi’s prowess lie in traveling rather than shitting? I’ve shit pretty much everywhere I’ve been for more than 24 hours too.

                  1. Up yours.


            2. Seriously. Wasn’t it a step backwards to go from having the toilet outside to having it right in the house? It’s kind of disgusting when you think about it.

              1. You clearly have not been in an outhouse recently, or had to walk outdoors on a cold night to use the WC.

              2. Having once been traumatized as a kid by being stuck in my uncle’s outhouse, I can assure you that with indoor plumbling at least someone can hear you scream.

                p.s. The cow that came to investigate was no help.

                1. you definitely need a double dose of Chipotle-Away ™ after that…

        2. Suki, I think I love you. Is that wrong?

          1. Are you afraid that you’re not sure of a love there is no cure for?

          2. That sounds like a bad song old a relative used to torment me with. Stop it!

        3. The toilet in our first floor master bath is the original 1925 toilet. I am seriouse when I tell you it uses about 8 gallons per flush.

          The best toilet I ever encountered was on the 35th floor of the IDS Tower in Minneapolis. It could easily handle a 15 pound cat.

          1. I’m sure the cat probably disagreed about the ‘easily’ part.

    2. A burrito supreme is pretty heavy. It’s like throwing a sock filled with pork fat at someone.

      1. a sock filled with pork fat

        John Taylor’s Pork Roll does come in at a hefty 16 ozs.

        1. I do love me a Taylor ham and egg breakfast, I must admit. And it’s mostly fat. Now I’m hungry, you fuck.

    3. I’ve also had a few go through me, which is even worse.

      Yep, they go in cleanly but tend to leave a messy exit wound.

  3. Engineers and Architects Association signs a contract allowing for slightly higher employee contributions.

    Fifth columnists! I suspect Zombie Henry Ford had a hand in this.

    1. I guess I’m just stunned that professionals are unionized in California. Because you know what oppressive conditions architects and civil engineers have been forced to work under, historically. Sometimes they work for seven hours straight before their secretary brings them another cup of coffee.

      1. I had to stop reading for a few minutes when I got to that part. I’m still having trouble figuring out what those architectural sweatshops might have been like before the union put an end to them.

      2. I work 10-12 hours some days, get my own damn coffee, and sometimes do really hard math! Even on weekends!

        1. Don’t let the union hear about that.

  4. The surprising thing is Ms McMullen wasn’t charged with “assault with a deadly weapon”. Or tased.

  5. And in other news, a K-9 unit ate the evidence.

    1. Step away from the table and drop the chalupa.

  6. I saw the pic and thought this would be about meth.

    1. She was apparently harassing people at a Taco Bell inside a Wal-Mart. What makes you think it isn’t?

      1. She was apparently harassing people at a Taco Bell inside a Wal-Mart. What makes you think it isn’t?

        Well played!

      2. This is why we can’t have nice things, like pseudoephedrine.

    2. She looks like Tuco just forced her to walk through the desert. Which doesn’t rule out meth as a factor.

  7. Her aim was clearly good, too bad she didnt have something to hit that stupid cop with and make it count!


    1. AnonBot win!

  8. Who is more interesting; Oliver Stone, or an annoying manifestation of a personality disorder?

    1. There’s a difference?

    2. P, this Oliver Stone story is huge. I guess he is making a sequel to Wall Street, and it is not nearly as good as the original. People are saying this sequel could tank big time, everyone on the tubes is talking about it.

      Despite the original’s anti-capitalist message, I thought it was a pretty good movie.

      1. “Other People’s Money” kicks “Wall Street” in the nuts and then steals its lunch money.

        1. Just googled that, and found that it’s directed by Norman Jewison who also did the original In the Heat of the Night(great movie), so I’ll have to check out your recommendation.

          1. I’m skeptical that any Oliver Stone movie isn’t unwatchable statist claptrap.

        2. I always presumed it was just your typical 80’s anti-capitalist screed.

      2. I think Wall Street is one of those movies that puts out the opposite message from the one it intends to. Michael Douglas is all badass, with every good line in the movie. Then there’s Charlie Sheen who comes off like an ineffectual douche, along with his boring dad, the union stooge. It’s like the anti-violence movie that makes fighting look fun.

        1. you could say the same about “a few good men”

          tom cruise is a douche. demi moore is … well… she STRENUOUSLY objects… Kevin Bacon, the prosecutor, and of course The Jack ™ are by far the more badass characters. and Jack has by far the best lines

  9. Also, how about a new copy editor at the Modesto Bee – “A short physical confrontation issued and McMullen was taken into custody.”

    1. Sounds clear to me. They had a quickie, he issued, she got arrested.

  10. The Burrito Supreme has sour cream on it. Like a king.

    Before I read the story, I imagined the cop was sitting down at Taco Bell when McMeth whizzed the burrito at him?like she ordered it, looked his way, got it, looked his way, opened it, looked his way, took a couple big fast steps toward him, and PAP. That was nice.

    Then I read it. A toe-to-toe burrito throw like that isn’t cinematic at all. It’s sad.

  11. That headline is a Conan the Barbarian reference, right ?

    1. Don’t sign the budget, and hear the lamentations of their legislature…

      1. Many a brave soul did it send hurrying down to Hades, and many a hero did it yield a prey to dogs and vultures,

    2. I like you, Mainer. I kill you last.

      1. Do you want to live forever ?

        1. Who wants to live forever?
          Who dares to love forever?
          When love must die…

      2. Commando was an inferior movie.

        1. Let off some steam, Brett.

          1. Didn;t Bennett seem like a Village People character? It was hard to take him seriously as the bad ass bad guy.

            1. “Commando” is slang for not wearing any underwear. Vernon Wells had already played a homosexual character. Bennett seems really gay; Arnold kills him by penetrating him with a pipe.

              The 80s were a movable feast of psychosexual subtext.

        2. Screw you Bennie!

          1. You’re fired.

      3. The lions ate him?!

  12. Assertion: The 1980s made better bad movies than any other decade.

    1. I dunno, the 60s was a halcyon time. There were some ridiculously good-bad movies in pretty much every genre.

      1. I would have to say the 40s was the golden era of good bad movies. Especially when you realize that every great noir film was considered a bad film, i.e. B film. The 50s also had all those great nuclear scare films. 80s, eh.

        1. Conclusion: Even numbered decades produce good bad movies.

          1. What is an odd-numbered decade?

            1. 5BC – 5AD?

    2. I hope you aren’t suggesting that the first Conan movie was a bad movie. Given the premise (remember: “you buy the premise, you buy the bit”),it was the perfect realization of the comic books.

      Just sayin……

      1. Conan is a good film, without any conditional statements.

        1. Of course it is, I was mostly thinking about everything else he did.

          1. Maria Shriver?

            1. Movies. We can deal with man-jaw in another thread.

              1. We can deal with man-jaw in another thread.

                No, let’s fucking deal with it now! I simply can’t see the attraction. Her jaw ruins the look of her face, I can’t imagine what Arnold sees in her. She might be OK if you could somehow bag the jawline. Their children must be seriously freak jawed. Basically the next Hapsburg Jaw.

                1. Maybe the jaw unhinges and the entertainment value of watching her swallow a nutria whole is too much to pass up.

                2. Never underestimate the (sexual) power of someone from humble means making it with a member of the blue bloods 😉

                  1. should have been humble ‘origins’ not means.

                3. The attraction is that, for once, the Kennedy is not fucking you over, but the reverse.

                4. It’s the Kennedy Jaw, JFK and Teddy can pull it off but it just looks freakish on an supposedly beautiful woman.

    3. You just think that because that is when you grew up. When you are young you see and enjoy bad movies. Then you get older and realize they are bad. But you still associate them with the pleasant memories of enjoying them in your youth. When you see bad movies from other decades you just see them as bad movies rather than pleasant memories.

      1. You must not have ActionMax.

      2. You’re probably right.

        I mean, we are making some fantastically bad movie nowadays, it’s just that so many people refuse to recognize them–celebrate them–as bad that it seems different.

    4. This is correct on the merits. However, I didn’t appreciate being forced to watch Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman 100 times. Conclusion: Fuck the 80’s.

      1. Somehow, I have never seen either of those movies.

        1. somehow you must never have had a girlfriend, then

    5. Assertion: The 1980s made better bad movies than any other decade.

      Corroborating evidence: “They Live!”

      Could be the best bad movie of all time.

      1. I put in solidly in the Top 5.

      2. I didn’t include that one in my calculus. I surrender to the ’80s.

        1. Corollary assertion: To be a great bad movie, you must have great cheesy bad quotes.

          Nada (Roddy Piper)
          “I have come here to chew bubble-gum and kick ass. And I’m all out of bubble-gum.”

          and, also from teh 80’s and risking net sacrilege, from “Wrath of Khan”:

          Khan (Ricardo Montalban)quoting Moby Dick no less:
          “… to the last I grapple with thee; from hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee.”

          1. I don’t think Khan is a bad movie, but Shat and Ricky give such over the top performances, that it’s hard to take it seriously. The makers always seemed to be overcompensating for the first movie being a snoozer.

            1. You’re dead to me.

              1. +1

          2. As far as I know, the quote from “They Live” was original with that script. The quote from ST:TWOK, on the other hand, was lifted, blatantly and openly, from Melville: “Moby Dick” is considered a literary classic of the English language, and not so cheesy. I suppose the cheesy part comes from the use of Melville in the first place, which fairly invites viewers to compare ST:TWOK with a literary classic. Similarly, for many years, you couldn’t see any biographical sketch of Shatner that didn’t include mention of his Shakespearean stage work. Were we to blame or pity the Bard for Shatnerian delivery?

            My point is that the evidence for cheesiness should be truly cheesy dialog and not classic material that only seems cheesy upon delivery.

            1. They movie does show that Melville was one of the few things Khan had had to read since Kirk dumped him on that planet that he conveniently forgot about.

      3. How can you bring up They Live but ignore Piper’s best film – Hell Comes To Frogtown. Rowdy Roddy plays the only fertile male in a post apocalyptic world full of anthropomorphic amphibians. They all want his seed.

      4. A classic, but I like Big Trouble in Little China better.

    6. A very enjoyable bad movie was 1986’s Rawhead Rex, from the story of the same name by Clive Barker. It’s expensive to get a hold of on video/DVD, but it is gloriously terrible. Totally eclipsed by Hellraiser, unfortunately.

      1. Beastmaster. Now there is a good bad movie from the 1980s.

        1. The Last Starfighter, which I maintain has the worst written and worst delivered line of dialogue in a theatrically released feature film.

          1. Which line is that? Or do you mean all of the dialog?

            1. ***Spoiler Alert***

              It’s toward the end. They destroyed the guidence system on the enemy starship. A flunky asks the captain “What do we DO?!?” and the captain, while waiting for his stupid eyepatch visor to swing in to place replies “We die.”

              Just always been the epitome of shitty writing and acting to me.

              Video for those that can.

              1. Are you KIDDING??? That’s one of the greatest lines in history. The delivery is awesome! The robo-monocle makes it.

                1. Always got to be one of THOSE people.

                  1. Dude: robo-monocle. I would’ve thought an evil libertarian like yourself would admire it.

                    1. All it does is ruin robo-monocles for the rest of us. I haven’t worn mine in years.

              2. The entire movie is the epitome of shitty writing and acting. It’s quite possibly the shittiest movie of all time.

                Time travel should exist solely for the purpose of going back and aborting Lance Guest.

                1. Look, the Last Starfighter is pure cheese whiz, but that doesn’t make it a bad movie.

                  I think what made the robo-monocle so clunky was that damn red armor those dudes were wearing. That and the scepter/switchblade.

                  1. Is it any worse or more unwatchable that movies like Avatar, Shakespeare in Love or Driving Miss Daisy that are considered to be “serious movies”?

                    1. I’d rather watch The Last Starfighter over Avatar any day.

                2. You did not see “Starcrash” then.

          2. great spy-gets-his-head-melted scene!

          3. Who was worse – Grig or Alex Rogan’s little brother?

            1. At least Dan O’Herlihy had the excuse of full head make-up and prosthetics.

              1. I remember thinking how amazing that multi-picture thingy was back then, compared to Alex’s crappy photo. Now we have stuff much better. More proof we’re living in the future.

          4. It’s like you’ve never seen Ice Pirates.

        2. And John chooses a movie subthread to out himself!

          No son, Beastmaster is a bad, bad movie. Not a good bad movie. Unless you’re gay. In which case you are excused for your confusion.

          1. How dare you! Beastmaster is awesome!

              1. He had ferret sidekicks! Do you have ferret sidekicks?

                I didn’t think so!

              2. He had ferret sidekicks not gerbil sidekicks.

            1. Always got to be one of THOSE people.

          2. I never noticed that it was particularly gay anymore than any other movie involving large numbers of shirtless men.

            1. Large numbers of shirtless men with shaved buff chests is about as gay as it gets, short of gay buttsecks.

              1. You just described about half the movies ever made.

              2. 300 what?

              3. Only if they play beach volleyball together and sniff each other in the locker room.

            2. Certainly no gayer than say, 300.

            3. I don’t think there is anything gay about being comfortable enough in your sexuality to not mind, or even appreciate, the beauty of the male body. Furthermore, by OutMagazine/prolefeed’s reasoning Manowar is also gay. I’m gonna have to ask you both to leave the Hall

              1. Yeah. You can say a lot of things about Manowar, but they are definitely not gay.

          3. Tonya Roberts (SFW) goes topless in this movie (and wears more-or-less a nightie the rest of the time) and all you can write about is a shirtless Marc Singer?

        3. Yes. Any vehilce that brings us Tanya Robert’s snatch is a wonderful thing.

          It’s funny you would mention it because years ago, a group of freinds — when asked about a film they had seen recently would always respond with, “Well, it was no Beastmaster.”

      2. Fright Night is forgotten 80s gem. It is actually a good movie and not just a bad good one, although it borders on the bad good.

        1. I think it tips over the line when his friend turns into a vampire. It’s like a bad acting bomb goes off.

          1. Other forgotten Gems of the 80s

            The Survivors
            Best of Times
            The Burbs

            All funny movies that don’t get near the credit they deserve.

            1. I’ve never seen that. I’ve never seen anybody drive their garbage down to the street and bang the hell out of it with a stick. I-I’ve never seen that.

              1. The fact that you are a philistine with limited taste and understanding of the art of dialog and movie making is your problem not mine.

              2. In southeast Asia, we’d call this kind of thing bad karma.

            2. The Burbs – that is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.

              Nothing But Trouble. That is the worst feature film I’ve ever watched.

              1. The Burbs is funny. Granted it is not as good as the others on the list. But it is not bad.

                1. the ‘Burbs was one of the better occult comedies i can recall…even had Libertarianism broken down to it’s simplest form in that nightmare sequence, remember?

                  Tom Hanks tied to sacrificial alter,surrounded by Klopeks

                  Rube Klopek: Mind your own business!
                  brandishes sacrificial dagger
                  Mind Your Own Business!!

                  Tom Hanks: OKaaaaaaaaay!

                2. Volunteers and The Burbs don’t belong anywhere near each other. While Volunteers won’t win any awards for filmmaking, it at least deserves cult status for bad 80’s comedies.

                  The Burbs is a good movie if you held it up to, I don’t know, Howard the Duck, or something.

                  1. No love for The Golden Child?

                    Any movie that gave us Charolette Lewis isn’t all bad. (Slightly NSFW)

            3. “Wes says to shoot the radio first. Without music, they lose half their will to fight.”

              Oh, and Racist!!!

    7. I saw more 80s movies under chemical duress…perhaps that’s why I find them better?

    8. “The 80s were a movable feast of psychosexual subtext.”

    9. Megaforce… Although some say that it’s so bad that it ceases to be good and becomes bad again.

      1. Sadly, I haven’t seen Megaforce since I saw it in the theater.

        1. I found the VHS on Ebay, and copied it to DVD… The flying motorcycle bit was as awful as I remembered it!

    10. 1955-1959

  13. Gleaming the Cube

    1. Sorry,—> bad/good 80’s movie.

    2. wasn’t that a p0rno? If it wasn’t it should have been.

      1. Sounds like it, but no it was a skater movie with Christian Slater, and featured Tony Hawk.

    3. How about North Shore? The story of Arizona’s Rick Kane and his story of acceptance and survival in Hawaii?

      You’re so howley you don’t even know you’re howley.

      1. It’s spelled “haole”. Literal translation is “without the breath of life”, basically locals calling white people zombies. Could be an insult, but people here are pretty mellow about that. Even the stronger “fuckinghaole” doesn’t always get a rise out of the intended recipient of the insult.

        1. Thanks man.

          So is barny a real word too?

          1. as a former hawaii resident, i agree with prolefeed… “fuckinghaole” is analogous to “damnyankee” in this regards…

          2. yes. barney, kook, grom, grommet, gremmie, gremlin, val, valley, hoedad, harmph…

            barney RARELY used in hawaii, except amongst cali transplants.

            if you drop in on a local in hawaii, a common response would be “whaaa? fucking kook, i wen give you one crack you stay drop in on me again, brah”

            or they might just deck you. and save the words

            1. Are you the LAPD guy who writes as “Dunphy” in NRO? If so, good for you for coming on here.

              1. nope. i made a post about this a year or so ago. just paying homage to the man…

  14. * Society will always fear a strong woman: Destiny McMullen expresses herself by throwing a Taco Bell Burrito Supreme at a Sonora cop, hits her target center of mass, gets dragged off to jail.

    Well-behaved women seldom make history.

    1. For the win!!

  15. and one more from the eighties:

    Night of the Comet


    1. Super-awesome, even if was a half-ass remake of The Omega Man.

      Cheerleaders + machine guns = Happy SugarFree

    2. An italian movie? I remember seeing an italian movie by that name. It was good as far as I remember.

      I liked Koyaniquasti. Probably spelled wrong.

      Was Sirens 80s or 90s? 1.5 hours or so of Elle McPherson’s tits was not all bad.

      1. Cheerleaders + machine guns = Happy SugarFree

        does not sound like the movie I saw.

    3. If loving Night of The Comet is wrong I don’t want to be right.

  16. What, no one’s going to mention Joe Dante’s other 1980s gem, Innerspace?

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