Government Reform

Senate Financial Reform Voting, Annotated for Your Protection


The Senate is voting on whether to limit debate and amendments to the financial reform bill right now. Go watch the roll call with the Sunlight Foundation folks, who are annotating the vote with info about campaign contributions and personal asset statements, and offering handy explainer chats for those not in the habit of watching CSPAN for fun.

Read more about the bill here and here.

UPDATE: 57 votes for cloture. Motion fails. The debate continues.

UPDATE 2: Nope. They're voting again!

UPDATE 3: Nope again. More yammering and then a quorum call.

NEXT: Top FCC Staffer Says Commissioner Copps "would love to have jurisdiction over everything."

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  1. That’s great stuff. Correlation and causation are, often enough, good friends.

    1. Look at all the Rethuglicans who took money from the big bull corporation. They didn’t vote for this.

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  2. Financial reform is gharar. Can’t jack to it.

    1. Just pretend that Arlen Specter is 9 years old.

  3. Looks like they might fail to get cloture. I thought this was expected to pass.

  4. Reform? We don’t need no stinkin’ reform!

    1. Oh no! Oh, please, Congress don’t pass this bill — it will hurt all of us evil bankers here on Wall Street so much, especially those assholes at Goldman Sachs! Oh, we just tremble to think about how badly we will be punished if this bill passes. No, if there’s one thing you must not do, unless you care about Main Street and The Little Guy, it’s passing this reform bill. Please, if you have any mercy in your heart for greedy rich bankers, please, I beg you, don’t pass this bill.

      1. +1, though racist for the Uncle Remus reference, thus +10.

        1. yeah, go ron paul!

          small government and racism. that’s the platform right?

          1. Hey look, it’s some douche who has never visited reason before and has no idea wtf he’s talking about! Everyone point and laugh.

            1. [points] Hahahahahaha!!

  5. Wait, WHO doesn’t watch CSPAN for fun?

  6. Dooooooooooouchebag!

  7. It’s spelled “closure”. It means to put on clothes.

  8. Looks like they might fail to get cloture.

    They got one (1) Republican. What more do they need?

    Oh, I get it. A couple of Dems smartened up and realized they could sell their votes for a lot more.

  9. Katherine, you stupid cunt, this isn’t interesting. It’s fucking boring.

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    2. I like when Max acts as if his opinion matters.

      I think your mother is calling, why don’t you go upstairs and help her with the bath?

  10. Arlen Spooter?

  11. I think that it would never end … While it is profitable

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