Reason.tv: Tony Williams—A Pro-School Choice, Pro-Business Democrat Who Just Might Be The Next Governor of Pennsylvania


"You either pay the $16,500 now for our children's public education or you pay the $35,000 or $40,000 later for public assistance, sitting on grandma's couch or in prison," says Anthony H. Williams.

Williams is a long-time Philadelphia-area state senator who is running for the Democratic Party gubernatorial nomination in the Keystone State. Williams is also an ardent supporter of school choice and pro-business in a way that few Democrats (or even Republicans, for that matter) seem to be these days.

A vocal supporter of public funding for the arts, Williams is no doctrinaire libertarian, but he remains an all-too-rare figure in contemporary politics: an individual not completely defined by his party affiliation.

Approximately 10 minutes long. Interview by Nick Gillespie; camera and editing by Dan Hayes.

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