Prince of Pot to Be Extradited


Despite hopes that Canada's justice minister would block his extradition, Marc "Prince of Pot" Emery expects to be shipped off to the U.S. any day now to serve a five-year prison sentence for selling marijuana seeds to Americans through his online store based in Vancouver. The argument for preventing Emery's extradition was based on the huge disparity between the way his offense is treated in the U.S. and the way it is treated in Canada, where selling cannabis seeds is punished by a modest fine at most. There were also strong indications that Emery, one of many seed salesmen in Canada, had been singled out by American drug warriors because of his outspoken opposition to marijuana prohibition. Then-DEA Administrator Karen Tandy bragged that Emery's arrest was "a significant blow…to the marijuana legalization movement," which would "now have one less pot of money to rely on." Emery is still hoping he will be allowed to serve his sentence in Canada so he will be closer to his family.

More on the Emery case here.

[Thanks to Kent Cowan for the tip.]