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Reason Morning Links: Obama's Court Pick, Utah's Election, and Bob Barr's Ghost


• The president reportedly plans to pick Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court.

• Utah's Tea Partiers oust a pro-TARP, pro-individual-mandate Republican.

• Obama's Miranda loophole.

• Mutual aid in the Music City.

• James Bovard sues Bob Barr.

• Spain plans a pirate radio crackdown.

• Lena Horne, RIP.

NEXT: "She is certainly a fan of presidential power."

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  1. The GOP establishment better wake up. The Tea Parties mean business.

    1. No waking up needed. It’s clobberin’ time in November for every incumbent.

      1. Huh, I wonder what the 2006 and 2008 voter would have to say about that.

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  3. Several law professors tell TPMmuckraker that such lengthy interrogations may stretch the bounds of the exception.

    Any legal beagles know if there are restrictions other than length for these interrogations? Like no fast-talking, use of pig latin, trying to make the guy laugh — stuff like that.

  4. The Bennett defeat was an anomaly. You have to look no further than the primaries in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, & North Carolina. Without exception, the party-establishment backed candidate won easily (Mark Kirk, Dan Coates, etc.).

    The impact of The Tea Party Movement in these primaries is really overstated & a creation of media hype.

    1. No one told me that were an overstated creation of the media.

    2. You claiming KY an an anomaly too? Still 8 days until primary, but Paul is clobbering Grayson.

      1. We dismiss this trend as “toxic.” Short word, no thinking required.

  5. Have a non-metal song, since I saw these dudes last night.

    1. Nice, pretty catchy. The music reminds me of another band, but I can’t place it.

      I also watched the video for Sometimes the Line Walks You, good song and the video looked like an early Jim Jarmoush(sp?) film.

      1. It’s the only song I can think of that’s about refusing to testify against your brother, so it gets a lot of coolness points for that.

  6. The Tea Party/fiscal-conservative movement presses forward after this weekend, not just pleased with the result, but emboldened on a national scale. One of the big questions surrounding the new conservative movement has been answered: even though Tea Partiers account for a vast minority of the nation (4 percent participation, 18 to 20 percent support nationwide, according to polls) it can, under the right circumstances, effect real change in elections and install new representatives in Washington.

    And that would be a tragedy.

    Yesterday, I accidentally caught a bit of some whining establishmentarian boohooing about the crazed tea Party naysayers, and what could possibly motivate them to kick an incumbent (a Fine Man, with multiple terms in the Senate under his belt) out of the Utah primary.

    Ohhh, the humanity.

  7. The Washington Post’s tears are yummy and sweet.

    But Bennett’s brand of conservatism was not pure enough for the Tea Party wing of his party. He committed sins such as voting for the Troubled Asset Relief Program. He was, horror of horrors, an appropriator — meaning that he helped to bring money to his state. The conservative Club for Growth spent more than $200,000 to oust him.

    1. I don’t give a shit if my tax money goes to my state, its not going to me, so I’d rather not be taxed and spent at all. Thats why I blew off the census. Fewer representatives, the better, too.

  8. Oh my God, the trillion dollar European bailout plus Fed intervention plus European Central Bank reversing liquidity policy to turn into savage Keynesians did not even make the list of interesting news.

    Look, the EU just past their own version of TARP, but it’s even bigger. Isn’t that interesting?

  9. Oh, and this Utah business means not much because this was not a primary, but a weird Utah thing with only 3,000 eligible voters mostly composed of conservative activists. In states with primaries Tea Party Senate candidates are not done well at all. They might have a little more luck in the House.

    1. They have Kentucky locked up with Rand Paul.

    2. *Cough Cough* Mark Rubio

      1. Is Mark Rubio really a Tea Party guy? I’m sure they support him, but hmmm.. We’ll see. They might be disappointed.
        Or they might be perfectly satisfied. That’s the funny thing. Bennett had a perfectly conservative voting record, except for the TARP thing, which he only voted for because the alternative was watching the entire US economy freeze solid.
        I remember when the House Republicans (and quite a few Democrats) wouldn’t support TARP and then the next day the stock market cratered another 500 points. There’s only so many days in a row you can watch that going on, so the next day, they changed their minds.

        It was out of their control.

    3. are elected delegates. It means something.

    4. Just like all those weird caucus things that Obama won during the Democratic presidential nominating process didn’t mean anything, right?

      1. Best I can tell, Bush hasn’t left office yet.

  10. How about Obama suggesting that technology is bad for democracy, that all the new information out there is a terrible pressure and we all need to listen to college professors to prepare to resist that pressure:


    1. I can’t decide if he’s just being an old fart complaining about you crazy kids these days and your music, or if he’s bitching because the approved information sources are dying. Either way, fuck him with a spiky honeylocust branch.

    2. [Mr. Obama said,] “What Jefferson recognized… that in the long run, their improbable experiment — called America — wouldn’t work if its citizens were uninformed, if its citizens were apathetic, if its citizens checked out, and left democracy to those who didn’t have the best interests of all the people at heart. It could only work if each of us stayed informed and engaged, if we held our government accountable, if we fulfilled the obligations of citizenship.”

      Mitch, you can’t fool *me*! That’s from The Onion.

      1. I’m fairly certain that Satan would praise the teachings of Jesus after hearing how many times Obama has invoked Jefferson and other fans of liberty.

  11. Will Bennett now run as an independent?

    1. The concession speech he gave indicated he’s bowing out of politics.

    2. Correction:

      Bennett told The Associated Press he wouldn’t rule out a write-in candidacy. State law prohibits him from running as an independent.

      “I do think I still have a lot of juice left in me,” Bennett said following his loss. “We’ll see what the future may bring.”


  12. Have a non-metal song, since I saw these dudes last night.

    Those dudes are solid dudes musically, but they’re kind of jerks in person.

    1. They raped your dog too, Xeones?

    1. All 27 EU finance ministers have been summoned to Brussels on Sunday to sign up to a “European stabilisation mechanism. Britain will be unable to veto this as it will be put through under the “qualified majority voting” system.

      Bugger off.

      1. That will be enough for the conservatives to win a LARGE majority if they call for a new election.

    2. It’s time for the UK to exit the EU in favour of a Schengen area status such as Norway and Switzerland have.

  13. if he’s bitching because the approved information sources are dying.

    It’s hard to invite a distributed mob of bloggers to the White House for a little “chat” about The Good of the Nation.

    1. We will be handling that for him. In fact, P Brooks, that little comment has placed you on list of concerns. Expect an invitation in person.

  14. Mitt Romney was there, campaigning for him, but to no avail.

    Even better.

  15. It made Drudge today (via FOX):

    Video Shows Columbia SWAT Team Killing Dog in Drug Bust…


    1. I’ve had someone try to tell me that it’s a fake for youtube comsumption. Because cops wouldn’t let anyone video that. Should I send him money for a new box of foil? He might be running low.

      1. Comsumption, Consumption. Whatever.

  16. Information gleaned during questioning under the public safety exception — in which police “ask questions reasonably prompted by a concern for the public safety,” according to the 1984 Supreme Court case that recognized the exception — is admissible at trial.

    I’ve a real problem with the bolded portion. It is ripe for abuse by LEOs from the FBI to Barney Fife. Sorry about that “law and order” fanboys, but if you give the state an inch you’re gonna be lucky if they only take a mile.

  17. They raped your dog too, Xeones?

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. I said they were “jerks,” not “members of a SWAT team.”

  18. I was lucky enough to see Lean Horne perform when I was 10(?) years old at of all venues, the Michigan State Fair.

    By all accounts she was one classy broad.

    1. I can’t believe Jesse Walker missed an opportunity to offer up another simpering eulogy featuring lots of “broke down racial barriers” and choruses of “If I Had a Hammer”.

      1. Is it odd that I read that as “If I Had a Hummer”?

      2. Wait, do you think breaking racial barriers is unimportant, or harmful, or not worthy of recognition?

        1. Charles,
          Can’t you see it from his point of view? Due to people like Ms Horne, he, his ancestors and his descendents lost privilege. How is that fair?

        1. Seconded.

      3. Lena was very involved with the civil rights movement. I’m certain it would have been much easier (and more profitable) for her to just focus on her career and let others do the heavy lifting in that noble and dangerous cause.

        All of her obituaries should mention it.

      4. Shut the fuck up, slappy.

  19. As solicitor general, Kagan’s job is to represent the U.S. government in cases before the Supreme Court.

    Sounds like the perfect justice to give voice to average people.

    1. Let me be clear.

      Since average people are the Government, I could not agree with you more than you agree with the Government, nor does the Government itself.

  20. I, sir, am certainly NOT average. I..I just want to LOVED, is that so WRONG? (sobs)

  21. So what’s with the new hybrid spambot-troll?

    Where are the recipes?

  22. Expect an invitation in person.

    You wouldn’t like me, in person. Nobody does.

    1. We are The Government and we are here to control help you. Liking you has nothing to do with this formula.

  23. In light of Senator Bennett’s demise, will people STFU about the Tea Party just being racist Obama haters?

    Yeah, I didn’t think so.

    1. Who is Senator Bennett?

      1. The incumbent that got ousted by tea partiers in Utah.

        The People really aren’t paying attention.

        1. Mormons don’t drink tea, wiseass.

  24. I notice neither Kevin nor philogratis have responded to the Kentucky points.

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