We'll Take Your Organs, But You Can't Sell Them


New York legislator with a personal understanding of the great need for more efficient and organ-rich organ exchange markets answers the call with a bill that makes drivers license organ-giving declaration the default (requiring active opt-out) rather than an opt-in option. Details from AP via the Star-Telegram.

Not so strangely at all given the weird animus against markets surrounding the organ issue, he does not propose a bill that would help move toward legalizing the sale of organs, which actually would help even out supply and demand. (Would such a bill work on the state level in the face of federal laws against the practice? I haven't done the legal research, but let's try to pass one and find out.)

Kerry Howley's March 2007 Reason magazine classic on why you should be able to sell your own organs and tissues.

Link via the great Rational Review.