Appointment TV: Watch South Park Tomorrow for an Eerily Familiar Trip to Medicinal [Marijuana] Fried Chicken!


Tomorrow night Cartman and the gang notice that the establishment that looks like KFC is actually now selling something that makes you want to eat the stuff. Any resemblance to the cover of the May issue of Reason, currently on your coffee table or in the mail, is purely…trippy.

Watch the sneak peak*, and check your local listings:

Nick Gillespie and Jesse Walker interviewed the "South Park libertarians" behind South Park in our December 2006 issue.

* A typo I've elected not to correct.

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  1. Pot posts. Tired of it. Get to the other funner harder drugs to legalize.

    1. Patience, AC.

      You know marijuana is a gateway drug.

    2. No way man. If it weren’t for the fact that blow was illegal, I would have no business experience.

    3. You don’t eat or sleep or mow the lawn, you fuck your uncle all day long. Uncle Fucker!

  2. “sneak peak”

    Is that a quiet orgasm?

    1. No, just undetectable to the naked eye.

  3. I’m pretty sure that South Park is going to come out against medical marijuana to an extent. They are not libertarians, they are augustinians. They believe that man is born evil and must be made good by society. That is almost a direct quote from one of the south park creators.

    1. Having watched South Park, I can confidently say, “they were fucking with you when they said they believe man is born evil and must be made good by society.”

      1. Yeah…I’ve never got that indication from watching the show. Indications are that society is as fucked up as the individuals who populate it and for the most part we all just muddle our way through doing the best we can.

        1. Don’t you understand? What ever message you are or are not “getting” from the show isn’t really there.

  4. Screw you guys – I’m goin home

  5. Wanna get high? Oh man, I don’t even know what’s goin’ on…

    1. you’re the worst character ever.

      1. I know.

        1. What? Towelie is awesome.

          1. Cartman says “Towlie, you’re the worst character ever” at the end of the first Towelie episode, to which Towelie replies “I know”. You would know this if you had refrained from getting high before the episode.

            1. I have no idea what’s goin’ on..

            2. Ah. Dammit, there are lacunae in my “South Park” viewing history. Entire episodes I haven’t seen. Crazy.

              1. Is that “Funkytown?”

                1. Just let me get high. I know I’ll remember if I get high.

              2. You should check out this new thing called the internet. South Park was one of the first TV shows to put up their episodes for viewing. But props for using lacunae.

                1. Ease off, dude. Art’s been in warzones the last few years.

                  1. Cartman would be an awesome troll.

                    1. Yeah, believe it or not, I couldn’t access most full episodes to South Park (online) overseas. I have been catching up, but I’ve mostly been watching new episodes. Thanks for sticking up for me, SF.

          2. Fuck yeah!

  6. So following an episode in which they lambasted people for reading too much to things (People finding ideological messages that the author didn’t put there, a clear jab at Republicans and libertarians who have embraced their show) they do an episode about marijuana prohibition.

    You can’t have it both ways, guys.

    1. Wha oh, loony town alert. How is that a ‘clear jab’? There is no shortage of examples of sycophants imagining messages in books…so they could only be indicting libertarians and Repubs? Right.

      1. I guess you have trouble reading what I wrote. Unless I am mistaken, there never was/is a “South Park Liberal” meme. There was, how ever, a “South Park Republican” meme, which Parker and Stone made clear in several interviews they thought people were seeing things that were not there.

        I believe I’ve seen every episode of South Park, and a big fan of Parker and Stone’s work. But they seem to play this odd game where they both want to make various political points and at the same time claim they were not doing so.

        1. ” believe I’ve seen every episode of South Park, and a big fan of Parker and Stone’s work.”

          How big was the fan you saw?


            Industrial powerhouse of Lexington, KY.

        2. Oh I understood your post just fine, but I didn’t understand your conclusions. South Park makes fun of everyone, period.

        3. Kind of like Jon Stewart! Except South Park doesn’t claim to be journalism! Or. Wait. Now I’m confused.


      If you think that they weren’t making a clear jab at everyone, you really don’t get the show at all, do you.

    3. You didn’t really pay attention to that episode, did you?

    4. Dude, they were just making fun of Catcher in the Rye. Stop reading so much into it…Oh wait, that was the point!

  7. People finding ideological messages that the author didn’t put there…

    The purpose of communication is whatever the receiver receives whether or not the sender intended it that way.

    There lies the doorway to differing critiques of what is being studied.

    If it was so cut and dry, as you suggest, entire Englisg departments at Universities accross the planet will have to shut their doors.

    1. I’m hoping to learn Englisg as a second language.

      1. ooooh, a typo as I was running late. So sorry.

    2. Gee, I so missed all of the deconstructionist bullshit from my college days.

      Guess that’s why I became an engineer.

      1. Calculus was much easier to understand than some of the feminist-critique crap they made us read.

        1. Calculus is easier to understand than all of that shit. That is because calculus is easy, and because feminist theory is the mental masturbation of a bunch of third-rate lesbian pseudointellectuals who still can’t believe they got tenure.

    3. The purpose of communication is whatever the receiver receives whether or not the sender intended it that way.

      I’m glad you’re not in our Communications Dept.

      1. Perhaps not. Although I’d be top 5 in your sales department.

    4. If it was so cut and dry, as you suggest, entire Englisg departments at Universities accross the planet will have to shut their doors.

      We can dream, can’t we?

  8. I don’t think it is responsible to show drugs in a positive light. Any show that shows drug use should also show the harm that can come from drug addiction, the FCC would have the power to require this based on the fairness doctrine.

    1. Honestly, You don’t know if they will Show Medicinal Marijuana in a Favorable Light. Maybe at the End Kyle will say “You know what, We Learned something today, Drugs ‘R Bad”.

      But Medicinal marijuana is a Separate issue from Ending Prohibition. THC is shown to have many Medicinal side effects with fewer harmful ones. In the Treatment of Tic Disorders THC can reduce the frequency and magnitude of tics while not effecting behavior, mood or energy level nearly as drastic as Halidol, Clonidine or the other Drugs currently prescribed for people who suffer from frequent embarrassing or debilitating Tics.

      And Numerous Times in the past South park has come out and Said that using Drugs Is Either Outright Bad, or Just makes you Lazy and worthless. (Future Self and Me Episode)

    2. well, under the principle of the fairness doctrine someone should have to put out all the harm that can come from the fairness doctrine like censorship or REALLY FUCKING ANNOYING BACK AND FORTHS THAT DO NOTHING TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE UNDERSTANDING OF AN ISSUE. but, yes, fairness doctrine, go on.

  9. Medical marijuana is a good thing but I don’t think we should allow recreational use because we are in a recession and a lot of jobs depend on arresting and imprisoning pot addicts.

    1. Not to mention the fact that, if the drug lords aren’t making billions, they won’t have any money to buy US Treasuries, thus precipitating a currency crisis.

    2. *dryheave*

    3. oh dear – another war on drugs fan.

    4. Did Juanita finally get citizenship and change her name to Susan?

      1. I think she is being sarcastic.

  10. In the late 1960s, a KFC near our house had a sign up that said, “KFC better than LSD.” Someone in the town made them take it down.

    1. That was me. I found it a violation of Truth in Advertising laws

  11. I think it’s time to retire South Park, and move on.

    I base this on various recent experiences of watching an episode for three minutes and changing the channel because it was so fucking awful.

    1. (bad Japanese accent)

      Fuck you P Brooks, and fuck you dolphin!

    2. What they really need to is only make episodes when they actually have something to say. The topical episodes stay fairly high quality, but then they wander off to crap in order to fill the grueling 8 episode order Comedy Central demands.

      They’ve said time and again they can make an episode in about 2 days with the software they now use. Make a topical episode, promote the crap out of it, and then replay it like a mofo. Even a one a month, they’ve gotten close to the 15 or 16 of a full two half-seasons. Package and sell on DVD.

      1. Even when they wander off the show is better than most of the crap out there, so I can’t complain (and neither should you, watcher of V). And when they’re on, they are hilarious.

        1. Did you say something? All I heard was a long, drawn-out fart.

          1. I don’t see any denial of watching V, fart man.

            1. PFFFFFFFFTTTTTTT.

              I don’t think I’m going to keep watching it. I usually give most SF TV a chance, but it’s fairly bland.

              1. I have the latest episode on the TiVo, I just have to remember to delete my season pass when I delete the episode.

        2. I take it V sucks. I haven’t made any effort to watch it, assuming it would be bad.

          1. It’s terrible. It makes the original look sophisticated, if you can believe that.

            1. What kind of fucks would remake it without Michael Ironside.

              1. Dude, it’s way worse than that. It’s like a throwback to another time (and they didn’t do it on purpose, believe me) before TV got way better. I mean, it’s just pathetic.

                1. If you make your receiver receive the V’s as stand-ins for Democrats and the Head V’s are Obama and Axelrod, it can be watchable.
                  I mean they are giving away ‘free health care’ afterall, and no one has read the bill.

  12. * A typo I’ve elected not to correct.

    Considering that the video shows mountains in the background, you could’ve argued that it was a (really lame) pun.

  13. speaking of the new May issue, the page for it here on reason is fucked up. its just showing a giant cover image and I can’t see the articles.

  14. Fuck you P Brooks, and fuck you dolphin!

    *hangs head*

  15. Cartman is a young Rush Limbaugh (King of the Rednecks) whom I would never diss here on Reason.Koch.

    Still – the similarity is funny.

    1. is this a troll or someone’s sockpuppet?

      1. I’ve never been able to tell the difference.

        1. Sometimes I wish shrike were joking. Then I realize that even if he were a sockpuppet, whoever was “depicting” him would have a really fucked up sense of humor anyway.

          1. Well, let’s imagine he was real for a moment.

            His basic action is to incoherently scream about Republicans doing things 90% of here don’t agree with (and even our GOP-leaning members don’t really believe because he’s arguing against a type of GOP conservatism that couldn’t stand this board for two seconds) and to denounce “Christfags” to a board full of atheists, agnostics, and extremely laid-back and tolerant Christians (our religious browbeaters excepted, of course.)

            He’s either a dumbass, a person with a deep-seated chemical imbalance, or the longest-running unfunny spoof troll. All of these rate a yawn.

            1. “Neil” was amazing spoof trollery. As you say, “shrike” would not rise anywhere near that standard.

              1. I would never ever diss Rush (King of the Rednecks) here at Reason where so many genuflect to his greatness (praise be unto Him).

                1. You hear that? “Genuflect”, bitches.

                  1. First you get down on your knees,
                    Fiddle with your rosaries,
                    Bow your head with great respect,
                    And genuflect, genuflect, genuflect!!!

                2. WORK THE SHAFT…



                  1. Praise be unto Rush (King of the Rednecks).

                    His greatness lives!

  16. Doesn’t ObamaCare invalidate MMJ? I mean, reefer is illegal according to fed law. Now that the feds and the pharma industry are in bed like never before, won’t the feds wanna do away with all the competition? Especially competition that’s sticky and green and purple and sometimes placed in plastic containers by strippers? Yeah, that’s right, I said it– strippers!

    1. Strippers you say…

      Now there’s a business model. Why can’t we have stippers bagging all our retail goods? Aside from having to pay your clerks more.

      1. No you don’t. They’ll work for the tips customers shove into their g-strings.
        Of course, the lines will move slower than a QFC “10 items or less” lane when the octogenarian slooooooooowly pulls out her checkbook and asks what the date is, but it might be worth it.

      2. Did any1 see Russia’s wealthiest man on 60 Minutes? He got very very rich pimping his strippers all over eastern Europe and Russia. He’s now trying to buy the Nicks. Hey, when you have $17B, why the hell not?

  17. Yes, strippers, off-duty of course, and an assortment of other hotties, which of course does in fact follow the Socratic/Hippocratic/Hefnerian approach to medicine: do no harm and yes, dear God, please keep rubbing that!

  18. I was tripping my balls off when on came the South Park Medicinal Fried Chicken.

    And what do I see but hippies riding their huge balls hippity-hop style.

    And the women loved them for their huge balls.

    I don’t know what show you all were watching, but as for me, I came to realize that it was all about who has the hugest balls.

  19. Another great place to Watch South Park

  20. This episode was/is awsome, Saw it in HD at Watch South Park

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