Gary Johnson: Republican Voice for Pot


In a good new feature, not yet online, from the April 1 issue of Rolling Stone, writer Mark Binelli profiles the state of the domestic marijuana market and the prospects for quick and severe changes in the weed's legal status. And he uses recent Reason magazine interview subject and former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson as a leading Republican voice for pot sanity:

Gary Johnson, a popular figure in the libertarian/Ron Paul wing of the party who is considering a presidential run in 2012 [says] "Ninety percent of our drug problem is prohibition-related, not use-related…as someone who has smoked pot and consumed alcohol–and neither of them do I use today, I haven't had a drink in 22 years–I think people are waking up to the fact that when it comes to marijuana and alcohol, you can draw some very real correlations. The issue right now, nationally, is at a tipping point."

Your mouth to the ears of every state and national legislator, Gov. Johnson.

A recent Reason.tv interview with Johnson: