Drug War

And LSD Accounts for 93 Percent of Falling Deaths


While researching tomorrow's column (about drug war violence in Mexico), I reviewed my recent Stossel debate with Ron Brooks, president of the National Narcotics Officers Association*, and confirmed that he said this toward the end:

Eighty-four percent of all family violence [is] associated with meth and crack.

Since Brooks also claimed that violence went down during alcohol prohibition, when the homicide rate rose by more than 40 percent, perhaps this claim is not that surprising. But you have to marvel at his prestidigitatory skills in pulling such an impressive number out of thin air. Not only is it remarkably precise, but it leaves only 16 percent of domestic violence to blame on alcohol (a point with which the Marin Institute might take issue), not to mention cases where the assailant consumes some other drug or is completely sober.

*Brooks' group is officially called the National Narcotic Officers' Associations' Coalition (make sure to include both apostrophes!), but this is such a terrible name that, taking my cue from Stossel and other media outlets, I refuse to use it.

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  1. But feminists will tell you that domestic violence happens in every home and is the result of all men being violent evil abusers. Maybe we should put the folks from the National Narcotics Officers Association into some kind of a cage match with the chicks from Feministing.

    1. A million percent of domestic abuse cases stem from meth users watching the Super Bowl.

    2. Q: What do you say to woman with two black eyes?

      A: Nothing, you already told her twice.

      BA DUM DUM

      Or, alternately, the even more misogynistic option:

      100% of domestic abuse is caused by the woman…not shutting up.

      1. Clearly you have gone on a crack or meth bender or you wouldn’t find those jokes so funny. And apparently so have I.

        1. I’m always on a crack bender, John.

          1. Crack is Wack.

      2. What do 10000 battered women have in common?

        (Very loudly) They just don’t listen!

      3. What’s the first thing a woman does when she gets out of the battered woman’s shelter?

        The dishes, if she knows whats good for her.

  2. National Narcotic Officers’ Associations’ Coalition

    Almost sounds like a lobbying group. What on earth would theyjobsecurity lobby for?

    1. Increase the war on drugs so they keep their jobs. The more we fight drugs, the more money they get.

      1. But its for the children

        1. Are you Juanita under the guise of some extra-terrestrial robot?

  3. Eighty-four percent of all family violence [is] associated with meth and crack … Not only is it remarkably precise, but it leaves only 16 percent of domestic violence to blame on alcohol

    It is possible to drink alcohol AND use meth or crack. And then there are the weasel words “associated with”, which can mean things other than “he was actively using meth or crack when he hit me”

    1. It is possible to drink alcohol AND use meth or crack

      It is not only possible, but one hell of a ride!

    2. It could mean that “he was neighbors four doors down with a guy who works with a guy who does meth”

      I heard about it at thirty-one flavors last night *snap*

  4. “”Since Brooks also claimed that violence went down during alcohol prohibition, when the homicide rate rose by more than 40 percent, perhaps this claim is not that surprising.””

    What, this guy again?

    Like I said in the previous thread, he’s excluding alcohol related violence during prohibition. He said so in the video. What a way to pad the numbers. All alcohol related domestic violence, (wasn’t what it was called back then), wasn’t part of his numbers since they were alcohol related. It’s not so much him pulling junk out of the air as it is filtering reality in a way that favors his argument. I mention this because he did mention it in the video from the previous thread.

    “””Eighty-four percent of all family violence [is] associated with meth and crack.””

    Huh, how many narcotic officers are abusing their wife and how many of them are on crack or meth?

    1. Yeah, it’s amazing someone can sit there and argue “crime went down during prohibition” with a strait face.

      Also, Jimmy Hoffa is alive.

      1. Then who the hell is buried in Giants Stadium?

        1. No, no. Hoffa’s body is in Fort Knox…with the alien.

    2. TrickyVic, what is your fucking point? Does the fact that some cops are abusive lessen the fact that drug/alcohol abusers beat women?

      1. No, but it certainly doesn’t allow for the great numbers of domestic abusers who are perfectly abusive without drugs or alcohol, thank you very much.

  5. The group’s logo is the most clich?d graphic that I’ve seen for some time. All that’s missing is an eagle (or maybe a badge).

  6. Maybe associated means “within a hundred mile radius”. It’s a COMMUNITY problem, dammit.

    1. Or “one hundred parsecs”

      1. So when Klingons brawl, it’s meth related thanks to earth. God we suck.

  7. Well, I can see that math skills are not part of the LEO qualifying requirements.

    1. Math skills would seem pretty unlikely when candidates have trouble just getting the numbers on the house right.

  8. “associated with meth and crack”

    I wish we could ban the term “associated” from the public discourse. It used because it implies “causes”. But of course it means nothing of the sort. I could get pissed off over a no knock drug raid and hit my wife in the ensuing argument and it would be “associated” with meth or crack. I could have once used meth and later done something totally sober and these clowns would call it “associated” with meth.

    The MADD morons do the same thing with alcohol and driving. Someone has one beer and gets hit by a dump truck that had slid out of control and crossed the median and the accident is considered “associated” with alcohol.

    Pretty much anytime someone gets up in public and says something is “associated” with something else, they are identifying themselves as a useless twat.

    1. You could have a couple of drinks, and on the way home run your car off the road dodging a deer. The cops would concluded it was alcohol related.

      1. Yup. And that is why all of the statistics about drinking and driving are utterly useless.

        1. The one statistic they will never promote is the number of times a drunk driver made it home without incident.

          1. I probably shouldn’t say this, but from personal experience…. your right….(I used to be a pretty bad person)

        2. Don’t drink and derive.

    2. “useless twat”

      One can always find a use.

      1. “useless twat” is indeed an oxymoron.

        To desperate perverts.

    3. Guilt by association –> fallacy.

    4. Did you know?

      In all or nearly all cases of family violence, there is a history of chronic nitrogen inhalation. Even the children in these homes are exposed to gaseous nitrogen day in and day out. These children often grow up to commit acts of domestic violence themselves.

      1. I thought the children’s acts of domestic violence was caused by the coming down off of their Fruit Loops sugar high?


    Q: Who’s there?

    A: National Narcotics’ Officers’ Associations’ Coalition.

  10. A: (Door breaks down.)

    Q: Who’s there?

    A: National Narcotics’ Officers’ Associations’ Coalition, in a no-NNOAC raid.

  11. (door breaks down)

    A: National Narcotics’ Officers’ Associations’ Coalition

    Q: Who?

    1. A: National Narcotics’ Officers’ Associations’ Coalition

      Q: Who?


  12. As Homer Simpson said “Oh, people can come up with statistics to prove anything, Kent. 14% of people know that.”

    I think failing to grasp the difference between correlation and causation is responsible for approximately eleventy percent of bad policy.

    1. I used to confuse correlation and causation. Then I took a statistics class and now I don’t anymore. So the class was helpful.


      1. I was born before you. Therefore, my birth caused you.

        1. There is a non-zero probability this is true.

          1. Gosh, I hope Rabbit Scribe isn’t a criminal or terrorist or something. Hate to be the cause of whatever he does in life.

          2. If wearing crash helmets can prevent at least one death from flying debris, it’s worthwhile (http://www.theonion.com/content/video/morning_show_host_starts_charity).

  13. This guy would look less foolish if he said 100% of the falls caused by LSD were caused by LSD.

  14. A: (Phone rings.)

    Q: Who’s there?

    A: National Narcotics’ Officers’ Associations’ Coalition. How much would you like to contribute this year?

    1. Hang on a minute.

      1. (door breaks down)

          1. (shoots dog and toilet)

    2. Fuckers. When my dad was getting a liquor license, to sell beer at his store, the police called and they were like ” Hi – we called to tell you that we received the application and we are in the process of reviewing it. we also noticed you haven’t made a donation this year to police and fire department.”

      Fucking assholes.

      1. He should have just said, “my donations won’t arrive until after I make profit from selling beer.”

  15. No way, no how, no pop drugs have dethroned the king, alcohol.

    1. And little Sir John and the nut brown bowl proved the strongest man at last.

      1. For the hunter he can’t hunt the fox or loudly blow his horn…

  16. the National Narcotic Officers’ Associations’ Coalition

    Or, NAMBLA.

  17. National Narcotic Officers’ Associations’ Correlations’ Coalition


  18. Matt, what I wanted you to point out during the show was that, even if we take that ridiculous statistic to be true, it only proves the ineffectiveness of Prohibition. Would Brooks say that that number would rise if those drugs were legalized?

  19. “Eighty-four percent of all family violence [is] associated with meth and crack.”

    He must have been referring to the families of TERMITES that are senselessly slaughtered every time a meth lab explodes in Nevada.

    1. Do meth labs still explode? I know phenylacetone(p2p) was nasty shit, and a couple 55 gal drums could take out an entire city block. But I haven’t been into that for quite some time, and my understanding is that they don’t use that anymore.

  20. Eighty-four percent of all family violence [is] associated with meth and crack.

    This makes perfect sense. “Step on a crack, break your mother’s back!”

    Tah- Daaaaah!

  21. I think its about time we go down to Mexico and CLEAN HOUSE! I mean enough is enough already!


  22. Is that LSD or LDS?

    1. No, as in ?sd; pounds, shillings and denari (pence), aka money. Therefore, money is the cause of 93% of falling deaths.

      1. Defenestrated Stock Brokers Agree.

        1. “Look, down there on the sidewalk, a quarteeeeeeerrrrrrrr?”

  23. make sure to include both apostrophes!

    O tempora! O mores!


  24. Maybe if they quit bitching all the time we wouldn’t have to smack em up as much.

  25. I’m going home now, and I’m pissed. One word from her and I’m gonna take her bitch face clean off.

  26. Meth AND crack? I wouldn’t believe the figure if he had said meth or crack. But both? I guess there are a lot of really messed up people out there beating up their families. Or maybe there are more cases of tweakers beating up crackheads than I was previously aware.

  27. One lesson to learn from this is that Stossel needs to devote 5 minutes from each show to do a “truth followup” on the previous show. I love his show, but the gross fabrications some guests get away with are unacceptable.

  28. And LSD Accounts for 93 Percent of Falling Deaths

    Damn, I’m glad I never tripped while I was tripping.

  29. The problem with battered women is that they just don’t fucking listen.

  30. I’ve never understood why people so readily confuse arseholes with thin air.

  31. Ah, Mr. Sullum, but I think, if I remember this episode right, then he didn’t say that over all violence went down, but that domestic violence went down due to the lack of alcohol. He never contended that homicides went up, but they were due to the ban on alcohol and the subsequent criminal activities.

    I though I should point this out, because it was left out of your small piece.

    1. “The fact is, crime went down during prohibition”
      He did also mention domestic violence specifically, but he clearly stated that overall crime went down.

  32. National Narcotic Officers’ Associations’ Coalition

    National Narcotics Officers Association

    Where are the Monty Python references, I expected some from the start.

  33. Sooooo, most wife beaters are meth and crack users. Alcohol drinkers are as docile as they come. Come on. That’s piss on my pant leg not rain.

  34. Ok fine, it’s piss.

    But it ain’t mine.

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