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Hum Dinged


Hummer, the oddly named militaristic vehicle that was maligned by environmentalists as a massive emitter and beloved by big-vehicle fans as the greatest thing since Killdozer, is no more. General Motors is now one for three in its efforts to spin off once-popular brands. The Guardian writes:

General Motors, the struggling car company, announced that it will wind down production of its Hummer SUV line after a deal to sell the brand to China's Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery fell through.

"We have since considered a number of possibilities for Hummer along the way and we are disappointed that the deal with Tengzhong could not be completed," said John Smith, GM's vice-president of corporate planning and alliances.

"GM will now work closely with Hummer employees, dealers and suppliers to wind down the business in an orderly and responsible manner."


GM in 2009 succeeded in spinning off its Saab brand but failed to get rid of Saturn. The failed, moribund government-dependent automaker is hoping to get by with Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac and Buick. And of those brands, does anybody really feel sentimental about GMC or Buick?

The Hummer, which supposedly pumped out four times the emissions of an ordinary car and managed a mere 14 miles to the gallon, became a reliable lightning rod for carbon emissions hawks, but was in many ways just a proxy for debate over vehicular supersizing seen in SUVs and other big rides. Hans Eisenbeis assessed the monster truckification of America for Reason way back in 2002. But the vehicle's most notable achievement was to cause confusion around the actual meaning of the term "hummer." If its retirement means less CO2 and more bukkake, well, that will be a better world for all of us.

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  1. Well, if the folks who own ’em really need that sort of vehicle, they should be able to keep them running for another 50 years with baling wire and ingenuity.

    1. Yeah, I mean that’s how the originals were built, anyway.

  2. “We have since considered a number of possibilities for Hummer along the way and we are disappointed that the deal with Tengzhong could not be completed,” said John Smith, GM’s vice-president of corporate planning and alliances.

    Hmmm . . . I wonder why . . . UAW . . . UAW . . . UAW . . . why, indeed?

    The Hummer, which supposedly pumped out four times the emissions of an ordinary car and managed a mere 14 miles to the gallon, became a reliable lightning rod for carbon emissions hawks arrogant, zealous and misanthropic busybodies, but was in many ways just a proxy for debate over vehicular supersizing seen in SUVs and other big rides personal freedoms and liberties over the sensibilities of the misanthropic busybodies

    Fixed. On the house.

    1. The car you drive will be a statement of personal liberty after every last rule and regulation designed to ease car use is repealed, and after every last dollar spent by the state to encourage and facilitate car use has been refunded, and the product of that spending torn out of the ground.

      Until then, every time we step into a car we’re doing our bit to support the greatest statist scheme in US history.

  3. My mom probably feels sentimental about Buicks. Of course, those Buicks were 40 years ago.

    1. Duece and a Quarter, bitches!

      1. Baby let’s get in the backseat. I swear I’m sterile.

        1. she sure was good, dude

  4. Why is no one here yet claiming that the environmental lobby had GM CEO Barack Obama end the Hummer line?

    1. The environmental lobby had GM CEO Barack Obama end the Hummer line.

      There, I said it.

      1. That’s dumb. Where would anyone come up with an idea like that in the first place?

      2. Clinton never would have ended that line.

          1. Clinton’s always at the front of the hummer line.

        1. He was an El Camino guy.

    2. The hummer line is still going though.

  5. And of those brands, does anybody really feel sentimental about GMC or Buick?

    GMC trucks are identical to Chevy trucks, but for a significantly cheaper price. If you need a solid work truck, GMC was the way to go. Buicks aren’t as identical as Cadillacs, but they’re close enough if you want a old folks car on a retiree’s budget.

    Of course, ever since the gub’ment took them over, I want nothing to do with them.

    1. Next time use preview, you nitwit.

    2. GMC trucks are identical to Chevy trucks, but for a significantly cheaper price.

      This was why I bought a Sonoma in 2002 instead of a S-10. The only advantage I could see to the S-10 was that the wheels looked better. And I didn’t think that was worth $1,500.

      1. kinda like buying the Mazda B as opposed to the Ford Ranger. save on brand identity.

        1. In a similar vein, I worked at a Lexus dealership in the service area for a short time. All I can say is, unless you really want the status of owning a Lexus, buy a high end Toyota. The exact same part that costs $50 for a Toyota costs $200 for a Lexus.

          1. heh! isn’t there something like that too with VW and Audi?

    3. I always preferred GMC’s minute styling differences against the Chevrolet versions, especially with the current crop of pickups.

    4. No

      Cadillac is a great marque. They haven’t been reskinned Buicks for two decades at least

      1. Ford kicks all your asses.

        BTW, Canada beat USA in women’s hockey 🙁

        1. Canadians also make the best Ford car: The Crown Victoria.

          There’s a very good reason why they are the big fleet car of choice for cops and cabbies.

          1. Crown Vics, like most Fords, are crappy cars. I know, I owned the Mercury version of one.

            1. Say that again and I will end you.

            2. The Ford Expedition is probably the best 4 wheel drive SUV you can get for the money.

              On rough terrain the fucker drives like a cat.

          2. Oh well.

            They didn’t make my truck did they?

        2. And celebrated with booze and cigars. My kind of gals.

          1. Oh man, a big brawny drunk Canadian chick with a tooth deficit and a stogie wedged in her pie hole just gets my motor hummin’.

      2. Truth be told, it’s been two decades since I sold Buicks…

  6. That caddy that passed me in the wink of an eye was only gettin’ 6 mpg.

    This is the kind of post that will drive me to drinkin’…….

    1. i said “look out boys, i god a license to fly.” and that caddy pulled over and let us by…

      1. if that’s some kind of revealing slip, i don’t know what it could mean… besides what BB has already said.

  7. Anyone else find it remarkable that GM and Chrysler (who are virtually owned by the Gov, and are exclusively union) have had multiple recalls, and not one peep from the MSM? Meanwhile, the sharks are after (non-union) Toyota, to the point where it’s CEO has to fly from Japan to D.C. to kiss Congress’ ass?

    1. Shoddy manufacturing by GM / Chrysler is dog bites man.

    2. No, KFP, not a twinge of surprise.

    3. Well, probably because it’s been a while since an American car company has put something in all of their cars that can easily kill you….kind of like the exploding gas tanks in the Pinto which did get a lot of MSM attention.

    4. its…. its…. its…

      1. typical cop… wrong

        its = third person neuter singular possessive pronoun

        it’s = contraction of “it is” or “it has”

        1. or, maybe you were correcting the other post… carry on… nothing to see here

  8. And of those brands, does anybody really feel sentimental about GMC or Buick?

    yeah. a soft spot for that 70 skylark does not translate to the current crop of grandpa-mobiles, although i do recall reading somewhere that buick’s quality had really rebounded from the depths of the eighties and nineties…

    1. “buick’s quality had really rebounded from the depths of the eighties and nineties” [citation needed]


  10. To be perfectly honest, I am cheering for the death of both of America’s Socialist Car companies. I would love to see them both die horrible painful deaths while being owned by the Federal Government. If America only needs one motorcycle company why do we need more than one car company?

    1. i hope they are allowed to fail and the proper culprits are identified. Old Mexican mentioned the chief among them upstream. then i hope the are spun off and reorganised into vibrant and innovative corps once a gain.

      1. What’s really worth saving? Jeep definitely and Chevy trucks, maybe. Cadillac and Corvette for the names.

        1. I never really understood Cadillacs. What is the point of them again? It may be a generational thing. My Grandfather wanted one but never got one because of money. I never understood why.

          1. They were once the preeminent luxury car. If you had a Cadillac, it meant you were making a ton of money. It was both a car and a status symbol; and also, they were pretty fucking nice as cars went back then too.

            Now they are world-class pieces of shit, easily crushed by Mercedes, Lexus, etc.

            1. I don’t like Cadillacs. From a business perspective, they still have name recognition among old people and urban youth, and I could see the name being spun off for that reason if GM were to be liquidated.

              I’d rather have a Merc, although some of the technical shit and complicated cupholders they put in them is overboard.

            2. Now they are world-class pieces of shit, easily crushed by Mercedes, Lexus, etc.

              No no no

              Cadillac makes a car that has comparable performance to a BMW M5, with profoundly better styling, for a bout 60% of the price.There were dark days for the Cadillac (Cimmaron)but the current offerings are excellent cars for the price.

              1. I know that some of the top end Caddys have monster engines, but I seriously doubt it can match an M5 (we’re including turning here, right, not just 0-60?), but dude, “profoundly better styling”? The last time I looked Caddys look like stealth fighters, all planar and ugly.

                If I want a good looking car, I’ll get an Aston Martin or a Maserati. Cadillacs just can’t even compare.

                1. The top o’ the line Caddy can be had for the price of a mid range Bimmer or Merc.
                  Less than half the price of those exotics with much better reliability.
                  The last time I looked Caddys look like stealth fighters, all planar and ugly.

                  De gustibus non est disputandum

                  They are far better looking than the Bangle-era Bimmers.

                  1. The Cadillacs handle very well, not quite M5 well but if I was in the market for a luxury performance car I’d probably opt for the style and the $$$ savings.

            3. I am responding to Epi/MNG again.

            4. A classic Cadillac was ten times the comfort of any other luxury car.

            5. What you are saying was true back in the 70s and 80s. Not anymore. Lexus has the same problem that Toyotas have, and Mercedes ain’t that great.

            6. I know two people with Cadillacs, and both of those cars leak fluids like an incontinent sheepdog. Not the sort of quality I’m interested in owning.

              1. caddies around hier are for white trash catholics with ND stickers (but they never went to college)

                (some say it might be redundant, but that’s open)

          2. My old man’s pride and joy is a snow white ’74 El Dorado convertible with red leather interior. Garaged, only takes the cover off once a month to turn it over, or for parades.

            The whole time I was growing up, we drove POS’s, and now he has a vintage car he doesn’t even drive..

            1. But you got the rosebushes, didn’t you?

  11. GM has had too many divisions for a long time, really ever since the end of WWII. By the 1950’s the differences between mid-tier brands like Buick, Oldsmobile and Pontiac were negligible. Chevrolet, Buick and Cadillac (plus GMC) will cover the market segments nicely, especially if GM can get Cadillac further up-market to compete with Mercedes-Benz. Buick could then go up against the likes of Lexus, with Chevrolet doing bread-and-butter transportation. GMC exists simply to let Buick dealers sell trucks.

    It was madness for GM to add divisions like Saturn and Hummer. The purchase of Saab managed be be simultaneously stupid and crazy. I think the government bailout was a bad idea, but GM needed to declare bankruptcy and dump divisions regardless.

    1. By the 1950’s the differences between mid-tier brands like Buick, Oldsmobile and Pontiac were negligible.


      Each division made their own quite different engines until the 1970s.

    2. I can’t believe they dumped Buick instead of Pontiac. My 2001 GTP is the best car I’ve ever had – fast, gets good mileage, fun to drive, and reliable even now that it is 9 years old.

  12. I like the Army HMMWV. But I have the pussified layman’s version. I am glad to see it die. If you need that much chrome on a vehicle that is supposed to live in the mud, you deserved to get raped by Steve Smith.

    1. hate* the pussified layman’s version.

    2. NO ONE deserves to get raped by Steve Smith. Not even Steve Smith.

      1. I know it wasn’t rape-rape. It was something else but I don’t believe it was rape-rape.


    3. What about replacing the chrome with gold?

  13. The real Hummer had a few rare, practical, work-type functions. The H2 and H3 were fucking stupid, and shouldn’t be referred to as Hummers. Anyway, there are better foreign vehicles such as the Unimog that can easily fill any role that the Hummer had.

    1. The “Hotwheels”TM version of the Hummer.

    2. I thought the same thing until I had a rental H-3 for some serious off road work for my job. I drove it past stuck modified 4wd dually pickups all day through mud and water well above the door sills.
      Terrible on the highways, but of road the GM “fake Hummer” was superb.

    3. Which one is the Munchkin/Ompa-Lompa one?

    4. The Unimog is an actual, unstoppable, off-road vehicle. As such, it’s butt-ass ugly. The folks who buy pseudo-HMMWV’s don’t really want one of those.

  14. “And of those brands, does anybody really feel sentimental about GMC or Buick?”

    The Chinese seem to like Buick. Maybe GM should have tried to sell them that, instead of Hummer…

  15. Favorite Hummer review (from Automobile magazine, I think): “The H1 comes with a premium Bose sound system, but good luck hearing it after the world’s oldest diesel engine in captivity clatters to life.”

  16. The OH (Original Hummer) was something else! All that clearance off road…

    I’ve always wondered if the H2 people ahead of me thought they were getting suspension like that when they bought it. …especially watching them slow down to go over the speed bumps…

    Since the whole friggin’ company is being run on taxpayer money now, I’m glad to see it disappear. …especially if that means a lot of UAW workers were permanently laid off.

    Sound harsh? It used to be I didn’t care if UAW workers were overpaid slobs–not when I wasn’t on the hook for the bill! Now I’m paying for it. …Now it’s my business.

    Pay the TARP money back you stole, you UAW welfare queens! Just about everybody else has paid their money back–pay back the TARP money you stole and you’re continuing to steal from working taxpayers you lazy, stinking UAW whores.

    1. Don’t hold back, tell us what you really think…

  17. General Motors is now one for three in its efforts to spin off once-popular brands.


    GM in 2009 succeeded in spinning off its Saab brand but failed to get rid of Saturn.

    Maybe half (or one with an asterisk) out of three might be more appropriate: Last year’s Saab deal (with Koenigsegg) largely collapsed, and it was only this week that a deal on Saab (with Spyker) was successfully completed.

    1. I truly hate what GM did to SAAB after aquiring the storied Swedish marque.I hope the new owners set things right again.

  18. “And of those brands, does anybody really feel sentimental about GMC or Buick?”

    Today’s Buicks, no. My 1963 Riviera with a 425 nail valve, fuck, yes.

      1. Nice fucking car, dude. Do you drive around in it hunting supernatural creatures?

        1. Thanks, but I don’t have it anymore. I wish I never got rid of it. When I did own it, it was long before the internet, and extremely hard to get even basic parts for. They stopped making the engine in ’65, and that was the last year for the “twin turbine” transmission. I had to modify many parts just to get it on the road, and I’m not a machinist. It held the road beautifully at about 120MPH, and I pinned it at 140 a couple times. I never dragged it, but I was told it would do a 13.5 in the 1/4 mile from the factory, and I believe it. Hopefully, when my business gets rolling a little better, I’ll look for a fully restored one. It’s not just the most awesome car I’ve ever owned, it’s one of the most awesome cars I’ve ever seen.

        2. And BTW, that’s not an actual picture of my old car, I pulled that off the internet. But mine was exactly like that one, all original, including the very rare road wheels. Mine even had the original spare tire that was never used.

          1. Good luck in getting another Riviera.
            Anything from ’63 represents the high watermark of American civilization

          2. Hey, it’s not a Buick if it doesn’t have those pseudo exhaust pipe ports in the fenders.

    1. My understanding is that “Buick” is a an over the top huge seller in China. It’s unbelievable…

      My understanding is that just before China closed to US car sales, way back when, Buick was the big thing, and when China opened up again, “Buick” still had a cache to it sort of like “Rolls Royce” does here, or maybe used to…

      “In 2007, General Motors sold over 330,000 Buicks in China, more than twice what they sold in the United States.”

      Which is great, ’cause I don’t think any Buicks over there are made by money-grubbing UAW workers wearing tax-payer hatin’ hats!

      1. IIANM Australia is shipping Holden Commodores to China with a Buick badge on them.

        1. Gorrection: per the link from Ken Shultz, it appears to be the Holden Statesman.

          1. Correction that is.

            1. Thank Science, I don’t even want to think about what a Gorrection is.

              1. That’s what Al Gore got after he killed Manbearpig.

  19. I wish I could buy the Hummer brand just to keep making those tanks to piss off people. Free set of trailer-hitch balls (chrome) with every purchase. Nothing says “Class!” like chrome trailer hitch balls.

  20. When you “spin off” a division or sub, you distribute it to existing shareholders. I think you should say they tried to sell the divisions.


  21. PS Thank you for the bukkake reference, Mr. Cavanaugh

    1. I’m amazed it took this long before anyone even mentioned the hummer/bukkake thing.

    2. Reason Magazine: I came for the Libertarianism, stayed for the jizz all over the face.

  22. Ive owned 3 cars in my life – 3 buicks. Im not buying another one, but I do feel kind of sentimental about it. My Dad worked for a Buick dealership for nearly 50 years.

    1. My first car was a 2-door ’70 Pontiac Catalina with 250K miles on it. Ran like a haint and I wish I’d kept it, but that doesn’t mean I have the slightest interest in buying a new Pontiac.

  23. Proof that GM is being totally mismanged by the government, they killed Pontiac just as they finally started making decent cars again.I’m not particularly a GM fan but the only new car I lusted after yet could afford (at MSRP less incentives) was the gorgeous Pontiac Solstice GXP Coupe.I think they made less than 3000 vehicles before they shut the line.The G8s were really nice too. Who the fuck wants a Buick? Apparently a bunch of rich Chinamen. That is why Pontiac was killed yet Buick survives.

    1. Most of the Buicks in China are about the size of corollas. The rest are minivans owned by companies or professional drivers.

    2. G8 is a pretty sweet ride. But too many problems for a new car. I think it has to do with the fact that Australia doesn’t get cold.

  24. The government is going to kill my precious Ford right after they destroy Toyota, Honda, GM and Chrysler. In that order.

    1. Is anyone in here a NASCAR fan? I am not but my understanding is that Fords are generally not as popular in NASCAR races. This may change now however since they other options are owned by our Lord and Savior Barack Hussein Obama MMM MMM MMM.

      1. Chevy has been winning I think. Danica drives Chevy, but hasn’t won yet 🙁

    2. Destroyed themselves the second they took taxpayer money.

  25. How can the market price for Hummer be $0? I can find some change in my couch and make them an offer.

  26. Im proud of my 02 Ranger

  27. Now what am I gonna drive to piss people off?!

  28. Now what am I gonna drive to piss people off?!

    1. Try apologizing for that one without looking silly.

    2. How about a full-size motor coach? Some of those customization shops do amazing work.


  29. Now how am I gonna apologize for the stupid double post without making myself look even dumber?!

    1. How did you make two 11:01 posts with LibertyBill in the middle from 10:43PM?

      You are a nested comment Ninja!

  30. The news just gets dumber tonight. Rachel Corrie’s parents are suing Israel, in Israel. They already tried suing Caterpillar.

    1. I think they’ll probably get a verdict of “stupid shiksas should be more careful when they visit war zones.”


      1. That’s what they should get. Four of the witnesses for the Corries have been granted visas too.

        One thing is clear, it is better for anybody to have a trial in Israel than in Gaza.

        1. They would be better off just finding out who was driving the vehicle in question, and hiring private killers to murder them.

  31. “Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery” – That would make for a snappy logo…

    1. Shitee Him, for short.

      1. Apologies to James Clavell…

  32. I presently drive a GMC Jimmy 2WD. The V6 engine is holding up well, but the body integrity and running gear kinda suck.

    1. Pussy.

  33. The real-life military Hummer (HMMWV) is like a reverse Tardis. It’s a lot less roomy than it looks on the outside.

    1. Yeah, The Marines had one on display at the Florida State Fair when I went a few years back. Not only did the seats look cramped but uncomfortable as well.

  34. Buying and driving a Hummer is like wearing camo gear when you aren’t hunting or something, just to go to the mall.

    It proves that you’re a dick. No other evidence is required.

    It has nothing to do with the emissions. It’s all about how you respond to the marketing of products, and how your response exposes your dick personality.

    “Oh, wow, man! I want to buy camo gear and wear it to high school!” = Dick.

    “Oh, wow, man! I want to buy a Hummer and drive it around, ’cause that would make me look COOL!” = Dick.

    1. what about camo shorts and black tee shirts? i figured that just meant you were into mid 90s industrial. at least, that’s what it meant for me.

      1. I bought camo pants and cut em off cuz at the time i could not buy good shorts with pockets like the camo pants had.

        Great for hiking.

        But yeah i also did this in the 90s

        Also I have worn a pea coat for the last 3 winters…and it is the warmest I have been my whole life.

    1. Oh man, Does he have a “popped” collar? Total and complete dick!

    2. Didn’t we all go to school with that kid?

  35. Good riddance. I absolutely support your right to drive whatever you want, but if you drive a Hummer around you are a dick and will receive my derision.

  36. Hummer: were GM engineers even trying? I know the thing weighs a few tons, but 10 mpg? C’mon!

  37. Nice work writing an article about GM’s Hummer SUVs and including a picture of the one ‘Hummer’ that is not made by GM.

  38. Buick is popular in China. GMC lets Cadillac and Buick dealers sell trucks.

    I prefer GMC’s styling to that of Chevy, but that’s a minor quibble.

  39. I really like my Buick Lucerne CXS, with all the options and the Northstar V8. Best car I’ve ever owned and almost identical to the Cadillac for 15k less.

    But GM still sucks 🙂

  40. dear tim cavanaugh,

    you are a funny motherfucker

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