How Does the D.C. Establishment Compensate You for Smashing Your Leg with a Diplomatic SUV? By Giving You a Jaywalking Ticket for a Faraway Intersection, Then Accusing You of "Jogging" Into the Vehicle


OK, so those of us who have "known" the online personality known as "Jim Treacher" over the years are all surely sharing a good smirk at the news that he was randomly run over by a Diplomatic Security SUV just weeks after he arrived to Washington, D.C. to work for Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller. I mean, Treacher (real name: Sean Medlock) is a funny guy, and–minus the whole broken knee and surgery thing!–it's kind of funny. In a painful way.

But, not unlike the ridiculous don't-bring-a-gun-to-a-snowball-fight story from December, just look at what happens when the irresistible force of interested-party journalism meets up against the immovable object of what passes for local policing and government culture:

The agents acted responsibly and appropriately

An agent in the vehicle, Mike McGuinn, did not identify himself to Medlock at the scene, or apologize for running him down. Indeed, Washington, D.C., police drove to a local emergency room to serve Medlock with a jaywalking citation as he lay prostrate in a hospital bed, while a man who identified himself as "special agent" stood by watching and taking notes. […]

Medlock says he was walking within the bounds of the crosswalk, toward a blinking white signal, when a government SUV suddenly turned left and plowed into him, knocking him to the ground. […]

Curiously, the [jaywalking] ticket says that Medlock was struck at an intersection four blocks from where the accident actually took place. And it claims that Medlock was walking diagonally across the intersection at the time. In one of his strikingly short conversations with the Daily Caller, agent Mike McGuinn acknowledged that Medlock was not jaywalking at all, but walking "outside the crosswalk when the incident occurred." […]

Calls to the State Department were met with evasion and indifference. Spokeswoman Grace Moe first asked a Daily Caller reporter where the publication's offices were located before taking a message.

A second DSS spokeswoman, Sarah Rosetti, requested that questions be submitted in writing. When she responded in an e-mail, Rosetti claimed that "a jogger collided with one of the U.S. Department of State, Diplomatic Security Service's official vehicles" – as if Medlock, who does not jog, had somehow attacked the SUV.

"At all times, Diplomatic Security acted responsibly and appropriately and displayed due diligence in caring for the injured," Rosetti continued.

Seriously, how many dumb government lies are packed into those six paragraphs? And what happens when they run over pedestrians in Anacostia?

UPDATE: Lefty watchdog site Media Matters for America criticizes my write-up:

interestingly, Welch ignores the fact that the original claim—that the Secret Service had clipped Treacher in a "hit-and-run"– turned out to be completely false. Welch bemoans the (government) "lies" being told about the accident, but he ignores perhaps the biggest two of all.

It's true, in my hierarchy of Lies, I am indeed more concerned with government law enforcement agents who slap accident victims with jaywalking tickets in the hospital for intersections they weren't in, then make shit up about "jogging" and "act[ing] responsibly and appropriately," all the while behaving imperious and irritated, than I am with initial confusion/hyperbole from some who just got RUN OVER BY AN SUV. I think that makes me … uh, conservative? Very confusing times.


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  1. I bet Treacher now regrets taking that red pill.

  2. I ride my bike exactly where he got hit every day. I never had a close call with a state dep’t suv, but the diplomatic vehicles there do take a lot of latititude with their immunity.

    Foreigners: diplomatic immunity does not mean you get a discount at Earl Schieb for what my carcass does to your vehicle.

    1. I thought this was just once. He got fucking hit every day? This shit will never stop!

  3. Curiously, the [jaywalking] ticket says that Medlock was struck at an intersection four blocks from where the accident actually took place.

    1) Close enough for … you know.

    2) We have contrived this easily-beatable ticket as a gentle warning.

    3) Some other “explanation” that will *never* see the light of day.

    1. If he was jaywalking four blocks away when he was hit then it is obvious he is also guilty of leaving the scene of an accident.

      1. The fact is this fellow, alias “Treacher,” definitely has the ability to traverse time and space. We should thank our overlords for identifying this clear and present danger. Next time, let’s hope the SUV doesn’t miss.

  4. You got to break a few eggs to make an omelette

    1. You got to break a few eggs legs to make an omelette


  5. I meant legs

      1. His correction was up hours before your comment. Don’t blame threading for that shit.

        1. Ok, it was Sarah Palin’s fault.

  6. Interesting how this just happens soon after he starts working for a new website hungry for publicity.

    Where was James O’Keefe when this occurred?

    1. What in the hell is that suposed to mean, Colin?

      You think some guy threw himself in front of an on coming SUV for attention?

    2. I’m looking for the real hit-and-run driver

      1. OJ,

        Try an exclusive golf course with great weather. Just stay away from Vegas and trading cards and you should be okay.

        1. Try an exclusive golf course? Yep, he could try.

  7. Somehow, I don’t think this is what you meant when you called this area of the site “Reason: Hit and Run”.
    Oddly prophetic, though…

    1. This calls for a drink . . . if only an O’Doul’s.

  8. This is what happens when you get crosswise with the Chicago mob.

  9. Well, I’m sure we can remember all the times that pedestrians were run down by Condi Rice’s brown shirts…oh wait…

  10. This sounds like a conspiracy theory…couldn’t be true. Get out the tinfoil hats.

    1. Conspiracies can be real you know.

  11. And what happens when they run over pedestrians in Anacostia?

    I would presume that Jim Treacher doesn’t give a shit when cops go on a power trip on black people


    Actually, to be fair, he probably doesn’t give a shit when they go on a power trip on white people, but only gives a shit when they go on a power trip on Sean Medlock

    Like the first post said, as a conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged by reality, a libertarian is a conservative who’s been fucked over by the police.

    1. The State Department hit him not the cops. The Cops are just doing what the feds are telling them to do. As forThe Beer Summit I don’t see how that relates to cops power tripping on black people? I see that more as the Elitist Ivory tower intelectuall and the most powerful person in the world trying to intimidate a nice blue collar guy.

    2. I would presume that Jim Treacher doesn’t give a shit when cops go on a power trip

      …unless it’s on him. He was over here at H&R a lot during the Gates thing, and he was unflaggingly supportive of the police officer and relentlessly condescending towards Gates and any complaint of police overreach.

      It sucks getting hit by a car, but “Treacher” getting reamed by the pigs (though I don’t believe in such a thing) is essentially karmic justice.

      1. Actually no, karmic justice would be if some guy was breaking into your house, a cop walked by, saw this, thought about doing something, decided that would be “going on a power trip” and then did nothing. Then you got completely cleaned out.

        Interesting also that you think getting run down and having your knee broken is “going on a power trip”.

        1. Oh Christ, another cop apologist. Serving him with a jaywalking ticket in the fucking hospital isn’t powertripping?

          I shouldn’t be astonished by the number of cop-fellators there are out there, but I still sometimes am. Love that authority, don’t you?

          1. Where the hell was he supposed to serve him? In the correct intersection at the moment of impact? The other intersection he made up? The ambulance?

            Get some common sense Warty, these things are not as complicated as you convolute them.

            1. I thought I made this clear, Suki: you don’t get to address me directly. I know this is difficult for you, being retarded and all, but try and comprehend.

              1. Look, Warty, I will address your Steve Smith ass in any way I wish, pede.

                1. Don’t bring me into your little pissing match, Suki.

            2. A friend of mine got hit jay-walking on North Ave in Atlanta. After calling for the ambulance and making sure he was okay, he gave him his ticket there on the sidewalk while waiting for the ambulance to show up.

              1. The extra pronoun refers to the cop that I didnt mention.

            3. uh, send it to him by mail like any other ticket?

      2. no, karmic justice would be if Treacher was seen forcing open a door to a house, a concerned neighbor called the police, Treacher refused to provide ID and started screaming at the officers, then was arrested, and the president of the US got involved to berate the officers for doing their job

        man, that school Treacher!

  12. I don’t know the applicable laws in D.C., but if I am driving a vehicle that strikes a pedestrian (even if the pedestrian is 100% at fault) I sure as hell would stop to render aid.

    How can you hit a pedestrian and keep on going? At a minimum you have to charge the driver with leaving the scene of an accident and an additional count of aggravated douche-baggery.

    1. You are only exposing yourself to liability. Best policy is to fell the scene and hope nobody has your plate number. Better still, have a remote activated plate or plate cover, just like on the Black Beauty.

      1. Last time a cop tried to nail me for DUI I decided to fell the scene as well.

        1. Fell the scene is the best kept secret in driving.

    2. I don’t know the applicable laws in D.C.,

      Nobody else does either, so just get lost and hope you are not found.

    3. As I understand it, the driver didn’t leave the scene: he stopped and reported the incident to the police. He didn’t identify himself as the driver to Treacher though.

      Welch doesn’t mention it, but the original claims was that the Secret Service did this and that it was a hit and run. Both of those allegations were untrue.

      As with MOST traffic accidents, both sides here probably believe the other to be wholly at fault. Only problem is: one of those sides has the government on their side.

      1. Trust me, if you hit a pedestrian anywhere, and decide to just phone it in before driving off and don’t wait on the police, you will get charged with… hit and run.

      2. If it wasn’t a hit and run, why would I think it was Secret Service?

  13. Mr. Bagginson. . .you disappoint me.

    1. Anyone have a link to the Hugo Weaving Matrix/Middle Earth parody? I’ve heard about it, but have never been able to see it.

  14. Wow, once you get beyond the broken knee, this is a lottery ticket for Treacher and Daily Caller. Publicity, steroetypes of abusive law enforcement & gov’t intimidating the press, and now it will cost them bigger to stop the bad PR from spreading. Its all there. Does State really not see how deeply its dug itself in only a few hours?

    1. a broken knee is very painful, and does not always heal right

  15. “I would presume that Jim Treacher doesn’t give a shit when cops go on a power trip on black people”

    Most of us dont have the super duper mind reading ability you have. Can you give me Sat nights powerball numbers?

  16. Damn, baby! Hillary sure hates that man.

    Or, you know, we now have an actual Feddle Gummint Praetorian Guard, and need to be prepared 24/7 to shoot the entire bastard “CORPSE MEN” to death on sight.

    JEEZUS!!! Why do Democrats force these decisions on us?

    Oh. Right. The CHILDREN.

  17. I feel oddly compelled to note that Dickens tells us that the Bourgeois’ habit of running people down in the streets of Paris contributed to the Terror.

    Now, I’ve no idea if that is factually accurate in any detail. But it is what came to mind.

    1. Well, technically, if you were to believe Dicken’s lefty biased stories in every detail, the aristocrats’ (not bourgeois’) habit of running people down in the street, and then casually flicking a coin in payment to the injured, contributed to the Revolution.

      Unless, I’m misreading it, even a leftist like Dickens doesn’t go so far as to blame the Terror on such indifference to misery. The Terror was caused by replacing one bad bunch of scoundrels with a different bad bunch.

      1. Having screwed up the classes I hardly have any choice but to defer…

        Only read the book once. On a flight from Narita to Houston (unless it was Kansai to Detroit) after a month or so in a foreign land with about a week’s reading along. When I got to the airport I was going to buy something and my choices were a couple of business self-helps, a couple of pink-covered romances, a couple of 400 page things with shiny embossed handguns on the covers or Dickens.

        Now, freshman Literature and Composition had put me off Dickens: they made us dissect Hard Times, which has some decent imagery and a couple of sympathetic characters, but was mostly slow (a failing made worse by the pacing of the class).

        Still, it was Hobson’s choice, and I figured the worst case was it would put me to sleep. Pretty good book, though travel screws with my sleep, and I may have been a little punchy while I read it.

    2. Yes, I think it was customary to settle the matter with a small cash payment on the spot.

  18. Do we give the Gmen some credit if they were in a Gummint Motors hybrid SUV? It ain’t easy being green…

    1. If you are an Maobamadroid, of course.

  19. Great alt-text on the Matrix photo, BTW …

  20. Must’ve been one of those Toyota SUVs… yeah, that’s the ticket! Stuck gas pedal! And Prius brakes too!

  21. Jogging? Seriously, they expect anyone to believe a man who looks like Treacher jogs?

    1. And can’t dodge an SUV as he exclaimes an entire sentence?

    2. They don’t know what I look like, nor do they care. But you’re right about my weight.

      1. So we can ask the man himself. Mr. Treacher, what are your current feelings on police, and the potential for abuse of power?

        1. I think it’s wrong when police abuse their power. Am I somehow being inconsistent?

          1. Just remember what blog you are on Jim.

            Get well soon.

  22. Indeed, Washington, D.C., police drove to a local emergency room to serve Medlock with a jaywalking citation as he lay prostrate in a hospital bed, while a man who identified himself as “special agent” stood by watching and taking notes.

    How in the hell do police issue a jaywalking ticket when they presumably weren’t there to see precisely what happened?

    1. Pen and paper? Christ! Where the hell are you, Haiti?

  23. That ticket is a false police report. Any chance of the perp being prosecuted for it? (He asked, expecting the answer “no”).


  24. Treacher and his ilk get what they deserve. How many people sue the government after they viciously attack a bullet that is just innocently flying through the air after a federal agent had the decency to release the thing from its prison inside a dark, cold, confining chamber of an ugly gun? These people are just looking for an easy buck.

    1. “You don’t agree with me so you deserve to have your knee broken.”

      What a small little man you are, ken.

      –lower case intentional. You don’t even warrant that much respect.

      1. Try reading Ken’s post again.

        Sarchasm => The “distance” between those who write snarky prose and those who fail to understand it.

    2. Welchy linked to this on his twitter. Great job guys.

  25. Didn’t someone — Mike McGuinn — in the vehicle stop and call Treacher/Medlock’s office?

    So it appears the vehicle did stop, and some paramedics from the fire dept nearby came.

    But note it does not say McGuinn was driving the vehicle, is just says he was an “agent in the vehicle.”

    The guy who wrote the ticket may be sorry. 4 blocks, huh? With witnesses picking up his crushed glasses and rendering aid at another location?

    If it weren’t so painful it would be funny. (Not to mention if Medlock was medicated when he was interviewed it doesn’t matter what he said.)

    One would think DC would have surveillance cameras all over the place.

  26. not unlike the ridiculous don’t-bring-a-gun-to-a-snowball-fight story from December

    I guess I missed the part of that story where anyone was injured by the actions of the authorities.

    1. The “authority” in that case committed a criminal act – brandishing a firearm, unjustifiably.

      Similarly, in this case, it appears the “authority” committed an illegal act – hitting a pedestrian and then leaving the scene of the accident.

  27. Time to start fondling the firearms again.

    1. Your suggestion implies an underlying assumption that there was some time to stop doing so in the past.

  28. He should be glad that wasn’t Putin’s SUV.

  29. First they came for the low-level humor bloggers … and I said nothing.

  30. I wonder if the cop intentionally wrote the ticket up as having occurred 4 blocks away as an out for Treacher, since he knew it was bullshit. Probably just wishful thinking on my part, however.

    1. I’m pretty sure the cop did intentionally write it up wrong. There is very little love between the various ‘men in black’ and MPD patrol officers.

      The State DS chief called the district commander and asked him to make this go away. The District commander yells across the office to the Patrol commander to make this go away. The Patrol commander calls the duty sergeant and tells him to make this go away. The duty sergeant can smell shit rolling downhill, acts dumb, and asks for clarification of that order. After some back and forth, the Patrol commander and the duty sergeant agree to muddy the waters some and send a patrol officer to serve a jaywaking ticket. The patrol officer, knowing this is all bullshit for some ‘men in black’ agency and that it’s his name on the ticket just writes up some random street address to cover his ass and be able to say in court “there must have been a mis-communication down the chain of command.”

  31. I know in Connecticut the law always gives pedestrians the right of way in a marked or unmarked crosswalk. (I have no idea what an umarked crosswalk is.) It makes no difference what the signal says. They might want to check to see if that is the same law used in D.C.. Of course, reading this information, it seems the law doesn’t matter anyway.

  32. If this “At all times, Diplomatic Security acted responsibly and appropriately and displayed due diligence in caring for the injured,” is computer translated into French and then back into English it reads “Let them eat cake”.

  33. I find it disheartening that most of the righty blogs are laced with comments blaming variously, Obama, Hillary, “the dimacrats”, “the Chicago Mob”, “the Clinton hit machine – remember Vince Foster!”, and so forth. And that they think it was somehow premediated.

    Yet none of them seem to realize that the real culprit is just power-tripping low-level authority figures high on their own juice, and Medlock was just an innocent victim, not a target. Republican OR Democrat administration, this kind of crap goes on all the time.

    They don’t think that all the drivers at the State Department all get replaced every time there’s a new Sec’y, do they?

    1. you’ve seen someone say that Treacher was intentionally targeted and run down because of who he was?

      do you have a cite for this?

  34. You should see how the diplomats drive in DC. I always looked for loose bricks when walking.

    The US government may not ticket or prosecute them for nearly running me over, but I don’t have a problem fucking up their Euro-car with a brick.

  35. The driver claims Treacher wasn’t in the marked crosswalk. Well, not AFTER the driver slammed into him with an SUV, he wasn’t…

  36. Using Occam’s Razor, I have decided this sort of thing could easily be prevented by shuttering the Federal Government permanently.

  37. It’s worth checking the law. Apparently, in Indiana the motorist has the right of way in an unmarked crosswalk– but also in a MARKED crosswalk. The black and white lines are just a trap, unless there’s a Yield sign posted. So the local newspapers have said, in connection with the apparently counterproductive painting of a crosswalk on campus after a couple of people got killed.

  38. Stop the presses! Matt Welch is on record as considering himself a, “conservative”.

    What’s become of libertarianism in this country!

  39. Wait, did Treacher actually claim that it was Secret Service? I don’t exactly remember the original story, but I’m pretty sure he qualified that (ie, “Someone told me it the driver was Secret Service” or something like that).

    1. Hit by a vehicle… broken knee… in pain… drugged up… I suspect that accuracy in the detail of “which agency is which” was the least of Treacher’s concerns as he was writing his initial post on the incident.

      1. It was more like Hit by a vehicle… broken knee… in pain…I’m fucking lucky!!!!! Conspiracy… black killer SUV ….Never mind Foster…Shit my Twitter page will explode…Prime time news!!!!shit, I shouldn’t have eaten all that pizza…Wait, Jenny Craig endorsement….I finally get to cry on Oprah

  40. What the hell is MM on about?

    Are they saying it wasn’t hit-and-run?

    1. Yes, because it wasn’t — the guy who hit him ended up sticking around, and calling Treacher’s employer. What he *didn’t* do, at least not right away (according to the accounts I’ve read), is say “I’m the dude who ran you over.” Hence, Treacher thought it was a hit & run at first.

      At any rate, the d-baggery of MM on this is pretty stunning.

      1. And of course, if this were 2007 and it were a HuffPo blogger who got run down, MM would be…I can’t even imagine the level of hysteria.

      2. “Mike McGuinn, did not identify himself to Medlock at the scene, or apologize for running him down.” He is only required to identify himself to the police and not admit guilt via apologizing.

  41. I’m with you, Matt, on what looks like an abuse of power worth calling out, but it’s also clear your post would have been stronger if you’d at least acknowledged that the original Serious Outrage from some on the right was misplaced. There seems to be plenty of reason for Outrage left, of course, but still, the lesson deserved repeating: leaping to post conclusions in these cases is often ridiculous. Had you bothered to nod to the initial error, your post would have been stronger. Instead you clearly chose to ignore it. Not sure why you made that choice. It’s not like you had limited electrons or anything.

  42. @JTlol blocked me (@AderalApocalyps) on twitter before I had even heard of him, so… not sure how much respect I have for the guy… that’s my 2 cents… but that’s beside the point! anyway, I’m gonna have to agree with Todd here, Matt, my friend, the only problem is that these things tend to snowball into “conspiracy theories” and stuff… probably doesn’t serve the cause of responsible journalism to just let that go unchecked. but what do I know?

  43. That happens when you’re an attention whore 😉

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