Nick Gillespie Talking Ever-Expanding Nanny State With John Stossel on Fox Business


On January 7,'s Nick Gillespie appeared on Fox Business Channel's John Stossel show to discuss Reason's coverage of nanny state bans on everything from smoking to fish pedicures.

Approximately 15 minutes.

Go here for downloadable versions and more videos.

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  1. That guy is not a fan of Ayn Rand.

  2. That was a good episode.

    Setting the tard in the tie straight on how to pronounce Ayn was pretty funny. Makes you wonder if he has even read any of the books.

    The only hang up was the accent on the Ayn Rand Institute kept making me think Bruce Willis was going to run by bare foot with a gun.

  3. I actually turned off hockey to watch this episode, and was not disappointed. That segment was top notch.

    The jacket fucking rocked it.
    The ‘stache fucking rocked it.

    The Chads in the audience went home confused and demoralized.

    My dream, live Stossel feed on Reason with ‘stache commenting on comments.

    1. You have stumbled upon the batman and robin of libertarianism.

      The Jacket and The Stache.

      Okay graphically inclined people, we need a comic.

      1. But don’t actually degrade one by making them Robin.

        1. Batman and Superman?

          1. Isn’t that worse? At least Robin lacks superpowers, like Batman. Superman is like demigod powerful.

            1. Well Wheels and Legman has been done.

      2. How about “Jacket n’ Stache” : Two tough streetwise cops, who never bust anyone.

        1. Wasn’t that a Beastie Boys video?

          1. I think everyone in Sabotage had a ‘stache.

        2. Two tough streetwise cops, who never bust anyone.

          I’d prefer “two tough streetwise cops who bust a different crooked politician or bureaucrat each week”


  4. How’d you get the echo out of the audio?

    1. OK, that was fucking funny.

  5. Gillespie, everyone knows that’s it’s Safety THIRD…we may not agree on #1 or #2, but Safety always comes third.

  6. Really good. And props for actually discussing the subject in a rational way and not just doing agitprop. Fox should always be like this.

  7. Regarding the fish pedicures: There already are regulations. It’s called insurance. More specifically, business liability insurance. We can have a debate on whether or not the state should mandate businesses to carry liability insurance, but if there’s an insurance company willing to provide insurance for a “fish pedicure”, then there’s no reason for the state to ban it. The business owner may or may not have to pay more for insurance that covers a specific service. For example, plumbers that install copper pipe may have to pay more because it requires the use of an open flame torch as opposed to a can of glue for PVC.

    1. One more thing. The state should not be “agents” of the insurance companies by the use of codes and inspections. The insurance companies should be responsible for enforcing their own rules on safe and unsafe practices.

  8. I’ll give you my fish when you take them from my cold, dead toes.

  9. Very good interview, Nick. Excellent.

    I unfortunately don’t have Fox Business, and if you don’t have it:


  10. I agree in principle with the woman who said she thinks people riding bikes “should” wear helmets and therefore it needs to be a law. I’m thinking that anything I think people should do or should not do and anything I like or don’t like should be codified into law. Top of my list – ban American Idol and Dancing With The Stars and other such horseshit. Next, comb overs should be banned.

  11. Nick Gillespie is the most articulate and effective advocate for the fundamentals of libertarian/personal freedom and individual liberty I’ve ever seen.

    Why doesn’t he go on tv to debate public policy more often?? He would make mincemeat of the looters and moochers on Capitol Hill!

    1. Nick, Mom is on the ‘puter again!

  12. Handle joke fail.

    1. It’s 2010, ampersand pound zero thirty nine semicolon is the new apostrophe.

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Nick Gillespie Talking Ever-Expanding Nanny State With John Stossel on Fox Business