The New Ford Model


Having relocated to New York City, former Tennessee congressman Harold Ford is contemplating a run against Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, whom Gov. David Paterson appointed to replace Hillary Clinton, in the Democratic primary this September. Moving north was the first step; moving left is the second:

Mr. Ford has repeatedly described himself as "pro-life," and has voted to ban a procedure opponents call partial-birth abortions and to require that minors receive parental consent before receiving an abortion.

In the interview, however, he said: "To describe me as pro-life is just wrong. I am personally pro-choice and legislatively pro-choice."

Ford likewise has abandoned his opposition to same-sex marriage, softened his support for gun rights, and rethought his enthusiasm for having local police enforce immigration law. He also has changed his mind about the merits of Kirsten Gillibrand, a former U.S. representative to whom he donated $1,000 last year. Ford, who took a job with Merrill Lynch when he moved to New York, faults Gillibrand for opposing the financial industry bailout and for supporting the health care overhaul, which he says is a bad deal for the state.

To anyone who thinks political positions should be based on consistently applied principles, Ford's new set of views is just as puzzling as his old set, but it's a locally favored brand of incoherence. Even more troubling than his ideological opportunism is this admission:

Ford said that he had missed politics since leaving Congress four years ago.

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  1. If he missed ’em I’d suggest he take another shot.

  2. Ford is insufferable on Morning Joe. He is every nauseating thing you’d expect of ” Generic Politician” (except for the not-being-white thing).

    1. Yes, he is repulsive. I doubt there is even a human being anywhere inside of him. And his cowardly reaction to the whole Imus thing was sickening.

  3. Ladies and gentlemen, our next President of the United States!

    1. Becuase he is light-skinned.

      1. The correct expression is “light-skinned negro,” bigot.

  4. That is one fucking punchable face.

    1. The word you are looking for is backpfeifengesicht.

        1. Its “Arschloss”.

          1. Only an arschloss would correct Warty’s arschloss-ish typing.

    2. …and not just because he reminds me of that insufferable shortstop.

  5. Well, yes. Most political positions are just a way of affiliating yourself with the team whose support you need to get into power. Nothing sinks you faster in poltics than having and holding a consistsent ideaology. See: Libertarianism

    1. Contra, see Ron Paul.

      1. Aside from getting earmarks for his district, how much legislation has Ron Paul gotten passed during his time in office?

        1. nothing, god bless him.

          He also has voted AGAINST funding all of those earmarks directed at his district (or anybody else’s)

  6. But does he have a Negro dialect?

    1. No! See, that’s his advantage!

    2. Not unless he wants to.

  7. Whatever the hooker has to wear to get a john, I guess.

  8. Ford likewise has abandoned his opposition to same-sex marriage, softened his support for gun rights, and rethought his enthusiasm for having local police enforce immigration law.

    Yes, he found out what most politicians find eventually: “Abandon All Principles and Morals, Ye Who Eats From The Public’s Trough.”

  9. I’m not sure what’s worse; that he’s such a pussy ideologically or that he actually missed being in power.

  10. IMO, the changing of your convictions (without actual reason)is MUCH worse.

    I would rathr have someone I can disagree with, but is honest, than someone who just tells whatever lies he thinks you want to believe (Mitt Romney)

    1. Which leads me to deduce you have not voted . . . ever.


  11. Who is the front-runner for the GOP nomination? This “Clinton seat” is safely Democrat, right?

    1. I think it might be Rick Lazio or Peter King. At least, those were a couple of the names thrown at me when I was called up by a pollster on Sunday.

      One of the questions the nice lady asked was “Do you think Andrew Cuomo should run for re-election as Attorney General, or run for Governor?” The pollster was nonplussed when I told her I’d rather see Cuomo retire.

  12. Ford likewise has abandoned his opposition to same-sex marriage, softened his support for gun rights, and rethought his enthusiasm for having local police enforce immigration

    See? If you want to make a difference, all you have to do is sell your soul.

  13. “Arschloch” looks as if it could be translated as “buttplug”.

    But meine Deutsch is pretty rusty.

    1. Figures. I always thought Warty to be like one of those Nazi sex midgets from Transmetropolitan.

    2. Gross. Rusty douche.

  14. He wouldn’t call himself pro-life, except he has called himself pro-life.

    That is pretty amazing.

    1. Yes, it is one thing to claim you have changed your mind on a set of issues, it is quite another to claim you never actually held your previous position at all. Ford’s a douchebag even by the standards of politicians.

  15. If a Carpetbagger is someone who moves south from the north for gain (political or financial). What is a politician who moves north from the south to pursue politcal ambitions called (or should we call them)? Seems Hill and Hal fit that category. Suggestions?

    1. Douchebagger.

  16. Here is a guy who, like mom and dad, has spent most of his adult life in, or seeking to be part of, the public sector.

    Here is a guy who, like almost every other black democrat, has been a steadfast supporter of affirmative action.


  17. What a despicable human being.

  18. a procedure opponents call partial-birth abortions

    Is there a more tortured circumlocution in all of political journalism? If you don’t like the name “partial birth abortion”, make up one of your own.

  19. Gillibrand might want to hire this guy. He’s probably looking for work now that Romney crashed and burned.

    1. Call it what you want, I call it delicious!

  20. Why doesn’t Ford just switch parties? That way Republicans get a black politician and Democrats get official sanction to call her the worst names imaginable. Everybody wins!

    1. ha. no one would associate with or vote for a republican in manhattan’s polite society. mr. ford has found a cozy home in that society. me doubts that ever really crossed his mind.

  21. I don’t think Mr. Ford missed politics at all – it appears to me he’s scored a direct hit.

    1. I hope that’s not racist of me

  22. Let’s see. He’s a scumbag, but Obama is against him running.

    Meh. In any case, there is no elected official in this country who is subordinate to the president. If you’re elected, you answer to the voters, not to anyone else.


  23. That’s all very lovely, Jacob, but the guy is freakin’ gorgeous. Boner emoticon.

    1. Put your pants back on. It’s Harold Ford.

    2. Yeah, Ford has to be pissed that Obama has poisoned the well for light-skinned black politicians who don’t have Negro dialects (except when they want to) running for President.

  24. Didn’t he date Elaine Benes in a Seinfeld episode?

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