Nader: Obama Is "Uncle Tom," Not "Uncle Sam"


The ongoing liberal revolt against the health care reform bill–which now includes in its ranks Howard Dean, among many others–has given anti-corporate obsessive Ralph Nader yet another opportunity to opine that Barack Obama is a discredit to his race:

"This is what I meant a year ago when I said the next year will determine whether Barack Obama will be an Uncle Tom groveling before the demands of the corporations that are running our country or he'll be an Uncle Sam standing up for the American people."

The quadrennial presidential candidate said the same thing the night Obama was elected, drawing a stern rebuke from…Fox News' Shepard Smith.

Joseph Mailander panned Nader's new anti-Atlas Shrugged novel in our current issue. I wrote about how the anti-corporate crusader speaks lies to power back in 2002. And completists may enjoy my 2000 campaign thumbsucker about Nader's problems with racial politics, written for the aptly named WorkingForChange.com. Excerpt from that piece, whose headline I did not write:

In 19 months worth of columns posted on his Web site, he uses the words "African-American," "black," "Latino," "Hispanic," "minority" and "race" a total of nine times combined, over 69 columns. In one press conference last week, by comparison, he used the words "corporate" or "corporation" at least 57 times. […]

Oh no you di-unt!

His interactions with African-Americans on the campaign trail are telling. On Leno, he sat next to D.L. Hughley, a black comedian from South-Central L.A., and the next day he was still impressed with the encounter. "That D.L., he's the real deal!" he told supporters at a Brentwood fundraiser..

At an Oakland press conference after a meeting with union members, an African American questioner asked Nader why there weren't more nonwhites represented in the discussion.

"It's very simple: Millions of low-paid workers are people of color, and they're not unionized," Nader said quickly, before reciting minimum wage statistics and historical dates of legislation.

At the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, a young black journalist/activist presented the Green Party candidate with a T-shirt. "Right on!" Nader cheered. Later, at a press conference, when the same man was asking his third or fourth long question—monologues, really—Nader cut him off with the loud stage voice he employs when telling a joke: "Hey! Equal opportunity for everyone!"

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  1. When they came up with the name “Twitter” did they have Nader in mind?

  2. When they came up with the name “Twitter” was it with Ralph Nader in mind?

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    1. I’ll only buy your cigars if they’re Bill Clinton certified.

      Else … begone with you oh nasty cigarbot

  4. Its so beautiful. Obamabots are finally feeling how many conservatives felt with George Bush. Except for them, it happened in less than one year instead of one term.

    1. More proof of the coming singularity. They screw up faster and faster. In a few years, candidates will have fucked up their term in office before they even begin campaigning.

  5. If Bushbots had turned on him after the first term we wouldn’t have had the second.

    1. Let me remind you of the existence of one John F. Kerry.

      1. I’ll second that. No matter what anyone thought of Pres. Bush, the thought of a Pres. Kerry was so scary that, well, the mind just fucking boggles.

      2. So true, so true

      3. Seriously, Kerry was one retarded fuck.

        At the time, he made AlGore look good (though AlGore has since dug him some much deeper holes with his ‘denialist’ smears).

        I think I am going to call AlGore ‘he who is not fit to emit carbon’ from now on.

  6. Holy shit. I don’t think Nader has any idea what kind of a backlash he’s just asked for.


    1. What backlash? If the consequences of Biden’s past comments is any indication, Nader will be the next Treasury secretary any day now

    2. What backlash? If the consequences of Biden’s past comments is any indication, Nader will be the next Treasury secretary any day now

  7. From the article:

    Nader instead recommended that legislators and the White House scrap the bill entirely and embark on a nationwide tour to generate grassroots support for single-payer health care, which they would then attempt to pass through reconciliation, which requires only a bare majority in the Senate. Given the narrow margins for even the House bill, which requires only a majority to pass, the prospect seems politically unthinkable?but Nader insists that it could be done.

    “You go all out, you use your evidence, you put your human-interest stories in the papers, the people who are suffering, who’ve been denied benefits, who were told they couldn’t get into the hospital without writing a huge check first, and you lead! You lead!” he said, his voice rising to a shout.

    I love the admission (“you put your human-interest stories in the papers”) that the media is part of this “progressive leadership” he’s demanding action from.

    1. Nader’s belief that the media and everyone who loves righteousness are on his side — or would be if they started getting with the program — is belied by his market share on the hearts, minds, and votes of the people. I know two or three ‘fellow traveling’ Lib-sympathizers who admit they have been driven into our midst solely as a reactionary repulsion from this fossilized fuckwit.

      While you can’t really call him a ‘classic’ pronoid, given that pronoia as a psychological term is younger than he is, he sure fits the bill in my non-professional book, though. “Sure, the media is on my side. It just doesn’t know it yet.”

    2. in other words you appeal to emotions and don’t talk about what effect these “reforms” will actually have on how health care will be delivered and who will be actually making the decisions on it. Anyone who thinks the government can force as many people as possible onto the health insurance rolls and simultaneously lower costs without denying care by rationing is a fool.

  8. “Unsafe at any creed.”

  9. That ad with the growing stack of gold is making me crazy.

    1. yeah, and whose the trailer park chick in the Reason Hoodie ad?

      1. I don’t know but I have a few cans of Sparks and some kneepads with her name on ’em.

        1. Please, if there is a god, let that be the intern Reason used to save money on advertising expenses…

      2. You’ve never been to a trailer park have you?

        First off: She has teeth.

        1. Oh, I have… she’s young – she won’t lose her teeth to her meth habit for at least another 18 months or 2 years.

          1. Sorry I’m just not seeing it.

            1. that girl has buck teeth – a little hard to see in the pic, but nevertheless. She could eat a hotdog through a picket fence. Be careful down there, Ska…

  10. The liberals have a point. If you don’t have a public option but retain a mandate, it is just a giveaway to the insurance companies. And you can’t ban pre-existing condition exclusions without a mandate.

    As bad as single payer would be, and I stand before no one in my dislike of socialized medicine, it would be better than this bill. This bill gives none of the security of single payer and at the same time produces none of the benefits of a free market system. And as an added bonus it bankrupts us even faster than the current system.

    1. I hate to say it, I think your right.

      Rather than a relatively free market or pure statist approach, we’ll wind up with corporatist (actually, with the mandate, I would say Fascist) system, which is the worse of all. Profit maximization through rent seeking with statist control.


    2. I’m with John too. Mandate is just rent-seeking horseshit.

      And it will make the price of insurance shoot up like a junkie on prom night.

  11. If the big corporations were really as evil as Nader always claims, wouldn’t they have disappeared him years ago? The guy is a living refutation of his own false accusations.

    1. Brilliant! You deserve a high five, no, a high ten, for that one.

  12. The ongoing liberal revolt against the health care reform bill…

    fills me with glee. Everyday that this thing doesn’t pass, makes it more likely that BO will be a one termer. And that idea makes me even happier.

  13. Nader = retarded fetus.

    I want health care ‘reform’ so there is wider access to aborting fuckers like this.

    1. Nader is enough to make you think the Spartans were really onto something. And B.O. doesn’t hurt the argument a bit.

  14. Nader parlayed his obsession with the Corvair being “unsafe” into decades of fame.

    Trouble is, he was ignorant of how a Corvair handles compared to conventional powertrain layouts.

    The Corvair – for those who don’t know – had a rear-mounted engine (like the original Volkswagen Beetle), and this layout has much different handling characteristics than a front-engine/rear-drive layout (or a front-wheel-drive layout, which also has its own set of handling considerations).

    Thus, Nader made his fame and fortune based on ignorance.

    I’ve driven literally a dozen Corvairs in my life – never owned one, but I’ve been behind the wheel many times. You have to get a feel for them – and if you LEARN how to drive one, they are fun as hell.

    So… Nader is a hack in that regard. And don’t let the frumpy look fool you.

    1. “they are fun as hell.”

      Robo-Nader: Fun is the corporation’s way of addicting you to their deadly products.

      1. I got to drive one of these – just once, though:


        Nader would’ve crapped himself inside-out if he had even sat in one with the engine shut off. He’s that much of a pussy.

  15. ralph nader had good reason for concern

    time will tell
    and it has ~

    18 SEP 10

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