"The nation that leads in clean energy will be the nation that leads the world"


That's what President Barack Obama just said, in a speech so thick with horse-puckey that the White House should have passed out Doc Brown goggles.

Let's see, who produces the most clean nuclear energy for capita? Why, it's France! Will France lead the world? Signs point to non!

How about solar? It's our old friends the Germans! Are we gonna see a kindler, gentler Reich? I reichen not!

Wind? Kneel before Denmark! Hydro-electric? Let's hope Norway's nice! Renewables overall? Some say Austria, others Germany, and I say our great-grandchildren will still be speaking English.

I thought the notion that natural resources/raw materials = global dominance went out of fashion with the windbreaker undershirt, but I guess all bad things must pass around again. Beyond that, the president's inability to sell a policy without resorting to pre-New Democrat economics and an almost face-numbing hyperbole seems to be cementing into a permanent governing style. And it's grating as hell.