Support Reason, Because How Many Other Magazine Weblogs Have Their Own Unofficial Drinking Game?


At the substantial risk of violating the First Rule of Grylliade, did some of you newer readers realize that there exists a … how to call it? … shadow site run by Hit & Run readers and commenters (and even those who have left us, in anger more than sadness)? Grylliade has many virtues and vices, but among its chief on both counts is that the site maintains what every political magazine weblog should have, but usually doesn't: An unofficial official drinking game.

The original is here; an attempt at a 2009 update can be found here. Classic samples from the former:

Any time an editor makes a clumsy Kurt Cobain reference … drink! In a shopping cart!

Any time someone resorts to "For a magazine called Reason…" take a drink.

Drink whenever someone says the magazine has gone downhill since Postrel left.

When someone fails to appreciate the difference between minarchism and anarchism - drink

Anytime someone accuses libertarians of being hypocrites for driving on public roads, take a drink.

Drink every time somebody mentions Rush; drink twice if they explicitly ask if there are any other libertarian bands, I say.

At Reason, we take our fan fiction almost as seriously as our alcohol, and I daresay we take more active delight than just about any magazine you can name in the fact that America (and the world) is experiencing an unprecedented boom in bottom-up (not to mention bottoms-up) culture. And though we're not technically supposed to mention Grylliade here, I was pretty disappointed to finish so poorly in the Least Favorite Reason Staffer/Regular Contributor contest….

Look over to the top right of this website, and hit the refresh bar: We are on the verge of breaking through the 500 barrier. Be the one to save Lobster Girl! Take us to a half-thousand donors! Donate to Reason right the hell now, if for no other reason than to help out with Nick Gillespie's medication!

Unmoved by the sweet lullaby of text and hyperlinks? Let the Rev. Al Sharpton testify:

We may be having fun here, but this is deadly serious stuff. We are the finger in the dam, the port in the storm, the Spaniard in the works. All around us are Republicans and Democrats who, not content with running the country (into the ground) are trying to chase us off our little reservation. They will fail, and one great reason why they will fail is because of support from freedom-lurvin' people like youse.

So hit the donate bar early, often, and even late! Forty-one more years!