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Have you heard? There's loud rock music in the streets and Reason, yes Reason!, is ruling both the coasts and all the land in between. As we pull away from George W. Bushitler's AmeriKKKa and slide into Barack Obama's East German facsimile of a place of enforced smiles and chronic double-digit inflation and foreign-policy indecisiveness, there's only one place to turn for videos and online and print journalism with a sense of fun, wit, and steely determination to make the land of the free and the home of the brave, well, free and brave again.

We're midway through our begathon for 500 new Reason supporters who will help us keep delivering the goods in a country that has more problems than Donald Trump has combovers! Give now and take a tax deduction while it's still possible. We'll keep bringing you more videos with Drew Carey, John Mackey, Ayn Rand, PJ O'Rourke, and more.

Give, then give some more. $25 gets you the best bumper sticker since "It will be a great day when the Pentagon has enough money to bomb public schools having bake sales" and $100 gets you a sub to the print mag of Reason (now even more award-winning!) and a Hobson's Choice between Brian Doherty's irreplaceable libertarian history Radicals for Capitalism and Peter Bagge's senses-shattering anthology of Reason comic journalism Everybody is Stupid Except For Me (I refer here to Butch Hobson, who could only bat righthanded). Give some real money (by which I mean fiat currency that will soon be totally worthless anyway! Go long in wheelbarrows!) and you'll get even more swag and maybe even Reason mag editor in chief Matt Welch will be your butler for a day (though as a left coaster, he never wakes up before noon and then spends most of his time coming his hair and looking in the mirror).

Get us to 500 so we can go gentle into that good night or afternoon and say, like all great Americans have, "Mission accomplished!" If it takes too much longer, Matt and I won't be able to fit into our flight suits!

Thanks. Click above. And give below. It really is that simple. We're really at a hinge-point in history: Nearly a decade into a new century, fer chrissakes, that is totally bombing. We had a bad Republican president (and Congress) and now we're slogging through an equally bad mirror image. It's like that Star Trek episode when Sulu had a mustache! Only without the pathos. Bathos all around! Rally around the animate torch symbol in the upper right-hand corner of this page, girls and boys! Reason has the ideas, the energy, the policy proposals, and the attitude to finally take us into a 21st century that George and Judy Jetson would recognize as better than the misbegotten world their parents grew up in!

And look, here's Matt Welch, with a pitch that would A-Rod swoon at the plate!

Come back on Thursday at 1PM ET for a live chat in which Matt Welch and your humble narrator answer all your questions about leather coats and lobster girls, the Federal Reserve and grokking Michael St. Valentine, what it's like to work with Jacob Sullum, Radley Balko, Katherine Mangu-Ward, and even Tiny Tim Cavanaugh (who is actually powered by a collective of gerbils), how Reason pulls it all off while being underfunded and overworked, and so much more. And don't even get Welch started on his days in Budapest or Prague or jumping tramp steamers with Jack London and Daniel Defoe and Tommy Lasorda or me on my stretch in the open-air prison that was Teen Machine and ghosting an advice column for Alyssa Milano while unloading trucks on the 3AM to 7AM shift for UPS (ah, our salad days, when we were green and bitter, like dandelion greens!) But anything goes on Thursday—assuming we're rocking the 500 strong for part of a new America, one where Free Minds and Free Markets have some more money in our pockets going jingle, jingle, jing.

Give and make us go away! For another six months, maybe a year if you're lucky.

Thanks for reading, for watching, for telling us just what sort of subhuman dumb-dumbs we are in the comments section. All of you are so special and disappointing in your own way that we're rich in love, hate, and indifference, whether we hit the 500 figure or not. But especially if we do. Reason, you might gather, is a different type of politics and culture mag, one that takes it all so serious and yet maintains a sense of fun, one that says "No, In Thunder!" and Yessireebob! in lightning. In an America where every kid, even Garrison Keillor, is special, help keep us really special.

Give now, later, and in between.

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  • Jamesir Bensonmum||

    Matt Welch will be your butler for a day.

    I'm in.

  • ||

    I dunno, I've seen that Seinfeld episode with the butler, and it looks like a cursed gift. A passive-aggressive butler is at least 7.3 times worse than no butler at all.

  • Kolohe||

    $100 gets you a sub to the print mag of Reason

    Well, that is pretty cheap, (esp considering the cost of living in DC), but still, it depends on whom you have wearing the gimp suit.

    (It's Suderman, isn't it?)

  • Xeones||

    What kind of loud rock music? I could go for some Dead Meadow or Black Mountain right now.

  • Xeones||

    (It's Suderman, isn't it?)

    Why do you think they keep him around?

  • ||

    "It will be a great day when the Pentagon has enough money to bomb public schools having bake sales"

    I'd give you $25 for that bumper sticker. ...or even "Dead girls don't say no"

  • John Tagliaferro||

    I need a bigger bumper for the first sticker.

  • C-man||

    How is that a Hobson's Choice? You fucked up...I want my money back!

  • Attorney||

    It looks like the blue progress bar is getting pretty close to "done." If we hit 500 today, will the Webathon end? If not, I'll cry fraud. (And no, I didn't read all the fine print before I made my donation. So if somewhere in there was buried a provision that this thing would run the full 10 days (or whatever) regardless of how soon you get 500 members, I'll have to ask the Obama to protect me from sneaky Petes like you.)

  • ||

    Nothing ends, Attorney.
    Nothing ever ends.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    For the last time, will you people on the web side of things please - PLEASE - resize your jpg's before putting them in your posts?

    For instance, in the Becerra and Sherman article, there are five 2MB pictures. That's over 10MB total for the page. That means that it takes longer to download that single post than to download your favorite Black Eyd Peas track.

    I'm not on dial-up, but still. Having the browser resize the pictures is a resource killer.

    You are dealing with a pretty angry investor here.

  • ||

    Would you believe I gave $10,000 and will be a featured columnist on the staff?

    Would you believe $2,000 and I can post my own Hit and Run threads?

    How about $3.50 and they agreed not to ban my comments?

  • ||

    We need the Cones of Silence.

  • John Tagliaferro||

    We can have Snow Cones of Silence if this climate change keeps a-changin'.

  • ||

    "...then spends most of his time coming his hair and looking in the mirror). "

    You can do that?

  • Citizen Nothing||

    I'm growing to love the spambot, just as I've grown to love my retarded cat.

  • Winston Smith||

    I love Big Brother.

  • T||

    spends most of his time coming his hair


  • Citizen Nothing||

    "I love Big Brother."
    To put the Webathon over the top, perhaps Gillespie should threaten us with a cage full of rats.

  • I, Kahn O'Clast||

    Nick has not been wearing the leather jacket quite so often... What's up with that?

  • ||

    Ayn Rand appears to be giving the finger to the camera, on that shirt.


  • ||

    "Beggathon" = Epic Win!

  • Ravac||

    Bar seems full as of 10:38 AM

  • Ravac||

    Ok - someone is skimming off the top! Bar is now "not full".

  • ||

    standard 10% laundering fee applies.

  • Attorney||

    I have a feeling the bar will never reach the top. It will be like the "war" in The Wanting Seed.

  • BeesInTheBrain||

    Some donations were disqualified due to hanging chads.

  • John Tagliaferro||

    Hanging Chads is racist.

  • I, Kahn O'Clast||

    "Elections in Afghanistan are so tough, when they speak of hanging chads they mean they hung some guy named Chad." ba-dump-bump.


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