Coming Soon in Congress: Health Care, Cap & Trade, More Jobs, & Protecting Consumers From Their Own Stupidity.


Once the president finishes disrupting K-6 graders' return to school after the Labor Day weekend, Barack Obama and his Democratic colleagues are ready and willing to push an "aggressive" agenda. From USA Today via Cincinnati Enquirer:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., presents an aggressive to-do list: "Delivering on health insurance reform and clean energy, providing jobs by improving our infrastructure, and reining in the behavior on Wall Street that contributed to the economic downturn."

Financial legislation is also on the table. The House Financial Services Committee is expected to consider a bill this month on Obama's proposals to protect consumers from financial industry excesses.

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Of course, at the very tippy-top of Sen. Reid's to-do list is to raise entry fees on foreign tourists in a misguided attempt to woo them to our shores.

While health insurance and "clean energy" get a lot of the ink and a lot of worry, the various pieces of consumer-protection and financial-industry regulations worming their way through the system are equally far-reaching and incredibly disturbing. Watch these two videos for details on the Dems' plans to simplify your mortgage, credit cards, and investments options for your own good.

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