Can We Replace DHS Secretary Napolitano with Fox News Legal Expert Napolitano?


On the one hand, you've got the former governor of Arizona who manages to keep talking no matter how many of her own feet she's got stuck in her mouth. Janet Napolitano's agency released a report implying that if you think Ron Paul is onto something or that state governments should ever challenge federal ones, you're a terrorist (really. Take Reason's handy-dandy terrorist quiz and get a free certificate testifying to your status). Even more recently, she fretted and then apologized for worrying that some of our boys coming home from Iraq might be anti-government. Imagine.

On the other hand, she's starting an Obama-sanctioned jihad against illegal immigrants who work in America and the "evil-doers" who hire undocumented workers to cut your grass and clean your sheets. From an appearance on State of Our Union:

What we have to do is target the real evil-doers in this business, the employers who consistently hire illegal labor, the human traffickers who are exploiting human misery.

In what alternate universe is the secretary living where it's evil (E-VIL!) to hire immigrants who are willing to work? Napolitano is also in favor of the idiotic border wall and "boots on the ground," meaning an unending harassment of all residents within Fortress America (after all, if you aggressively pursue illegals and their employers, it means you have to check everybody's papers and payrolls.) Hat tip: Veronique de Rugy.

Is this the hope and change we were looking for? Declaiming limited government devotees as potential terrorists and raiding businesses for hiring people during an economic downturn?

If we have to have a Napolitano in the president's cabinet (as someone whose mother's maiden name was Guida and whose relatives hailed from Campania, I got a-nothin' against dat) I'd like to nominate Fox News Channel's chief legal expert, Judge Andrew Napolitano. The author of several books documenting the demise of constitutional authority in these United States—and the author of a forthcoming legal history of race in America, Dred Scott's Revenge—the judge not only knows the history of this country, he's a stalwart defender of the best aspects of it. A critic of civil liberties violations under the Bush administration, he would also bring an unstinting honesty to the grim world of politics.

Take a gander at the good Napolitano talking at Reason in DC, an October 2007 event hosted by the nonprofit Reason Foundation, publisher of this site.