Reason Morning Links: The Deaths of One Writer, Two Banks, 31 Boys, and Countless Newspapers


– J.G. Ballard, RIP.

– The U.S. threatens war with Eritrea.

– A record fine for the Rev. Al Sharpton.

– Two more banks close down.

Three visits from George Orwell.

– A history of abuses at the Florida School for Boys.

Modern trends in the therapeutic state.

– A farewell to dying newspapers'"in 1918.

– And from Face the Nation, here's senior presidential advisor David Axelrod on the tea party movement: "I think any time that you have severe economic conditions, there is always an element of disaffection that can mutate into something that's unhealthy." A roundup of reactions to Axelrod here. A leftist offers a semi-endorsement of the tea parties here.