Reason Morning Links: Sneaky Banks, Careless Bureaucrats, Musical Bloggers


• The White House releases the torture memos that guided the Bush-era CIA. Obama won't prosecute the agents involved. (Some people see some ambiguity in his language. Maybe, but I'm not convinced the loophole is deliberate.)

• Banks look for ways to refuse bailout money without actually refusing all the bailout money.

• The City of Baltimore finds $40 million under the cushions.

• The Department of Homeland Security, not content to fret about broadly defined "right-wing extremists," is worried about broadly defined "left-wing extremists," too. Meanwhile, Michael German of the ACLU points out some of the problems with "threat reports that focus on ideology instead of criminal activity."

• The trouble with the Pakistan drone attacks.

• "How dangerous are the Taliban?"

• Bloggers ignore copyright laws, make long-forgotten music available again.

• Suspicious behavior: using the wrong operating system.