Is Obama Planning to Ramp Up the War on Drugs?


That's what the folks at Aid & Comfort fear, and with some good reason. They point to a recent New York Times report in which Attorney General Eric "Holder said he was exploring ways to lower the minimum amount required for the federal prosecution of possession cases."

More from A&C:

Add this to the $3-billion Byrne Grant money in the Obama stimulus package for stimulating more drug task forces, more drug courts and more drug prisons and a pattern of an intensified prohibition drug war is quickly emerging within the Obama administration.

Just weeks after implying a promise to no longer raid medical pot dispensaries in states where medical pot is legal the administration raided Emmalyn's California Cannabis Clinic in San Francisco. And the next day Obama personally sneered at online marijuana reform advocates for their show of overwhelming support for rethinking America's draconian and authoritarian drug prohibition. Many of of those online activists supported the Obama presidential campaign based on how he audaciously raised false hopes of reform….

With $3-billion to stimulate more criminal justice it simply stands to reason that the Obama administration has been planning all along to stimulate more arrests, more incarceration, more, more, more drug war.

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Regarding the medical marijuana raids, the delayed sentencing of California dispensary owner Charles Lynch is set for April 30, after a federal judge said he needed time and guidance from the Justice Department given the mixed signals the Obama administration was sending on the issue. That may well be the next grim milestone in America's longest-running war.

And the worst part of this? Obama's no stranger to the bong (sing along below if you know the words. And if you don't, just mumble.