More About Obama's Ditchweed-Level Response to That Marijuana Question


As Terry Michael argues (and me here), President Obama's answer yesterday to a question about legalizing pot was pathetic and outrageous. Here's more in that jugular vein, from John Lingan at Splice Today:

The justifications for legalizing pot are many and varied, from the unbelievable stress that the drug war places on our criminal justice and law enforcement systems to the fact that such policy has done nothing to curb marijuana use over the last decade; more people are going to jail for nonviolent crimes, while production of opium and cannabis have both doubled and the society-wide rate of use has remained at 1998 levels. But more importantly, the economic crisis and the recent escalation of gang violence in Mexico have punctured whatever puritanical groupthink bubble remains in place to prevent this legislation from changing. We literally can't afford to waste money and resources fighting this worthless battle anymore.

Whole thing here.

Bonus: Watch Charlie Lynch, a medical marijuana dispensary owner in California who faces decades in jail, on Larry King Live tonight. The show is dedicated to debating whether pot should be legalized.

More on Lynch and the horrible treatment he has received: