Obama Stimulates the Economy…If You're in the Gun Business


Eugene Volokh gathers the background check data to prove that there really has been an Obama bump in gun purchases. In every month since November, background checks for gun purchases have been more than 20 percent above the number for the same month the previous year, as high as 42 percent more in November, and only as low as 23 percent more for February.

For much, more more on guns and government in America, read my new book Gun Control on Trial.


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  1. There must be a Federal solution to this murder-toy madness.

  2. Anybody that has been around gun shops and/or gunshows recently could have told you that. Every dealer that I’ve been to in the last few months has been slammed, and I recently noticed that one of the shops in town has jacked all of their prices up.

    A few weeks ago I went to a small gunshow that is held here 4 or 5 times per year, and there were twice as many people as I’ve ever seen. I had to go back on Sunday because I could barely move on Saturday. I sold a gun to the first table I walked by, and he didn’t even try to talk me down on price.

  3. Try buying ammo. I’ve said before I have never seen such a shortage on the shelves where I shop. It’s strange and scary at the same time.

  4. Even 22 long rifle is getting bought up. I tried to buy some of that last week to run through a new plinker I picked up, and I had to settle for that Remington crap because they were sold out of everything of quality.

  5. Hey, this is good for me because I want to sell a few rifles I never use, plus the ammo for them. Maybe I can get a good price at the gun shop.

  6. Try buying ammo.

    Sure! Where? Everybody here is sold out, unless you want .32 ACP or 12 GA birdshot.

  7. Sure! Where?

    Cheaper than Dirt has massive holes in their inventory, but they still have stuff in stock, especially if what you are looking for is cheap junk to burn at the range.

  8. This news gives me faith in America.

    At least a few people aren’t believing the crap that comes out of the mouth of the two-bit president.

  9. Cheaper Than Dirt has insanely high prices on ammo the past 4 months.

    Try AIM Surplus, Wideners, Palmetto State Armory, Midway USA, Natchez Shooters Supply, or Ammo Man.

    Whoever has a good deal, and actually has it on hand, jump on it ASAP.

  10. Ep-I just put a couple on the blocks, will see how it goes. No rifles. Tac Shotgun (folding stock, shroud, etc) and a couple pistols. No calls yest from the dealer, will probably check with him on Sat to see if anything is moving. Figure I have a few more that I haven’t touched in multiple years which I might send off down the road.

  11. How could anybody NOT believe anthing the Dear Leader says? They are obviously unpatriotic, and ought to be re-educated.

  12. Good for America. Many are just now waking up to see their constitution rights are/have been eroding.

    I read an article today that reports the FBI background checks for purchases of firearms for 2009. January and February each had over 1.2 million checks.

    That can be translated as over 1 million firearm purchases each month. Get ’em while you can. I made a purchase right after the election.

  13. “Gun grabbing” politicians are the bestest friends the NRA and gun dealers could have.

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