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Recently at Transportation Fixes, Shoe Throwers, and Hopes & Fears for the Obama Administration…


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Reason Foundation's Robert Poole on good vs. stupid transportation policy (5.37 minutes):

Reason Among the Shoe Throwers in Dupont Circle on Inauguration Eve (3.45 minutes):

Hopes and Fears for the Obama Administration (3.45 minutes):

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  1. If anyone throws a shoe at Obama, he is a racist and should be arrested and charged with hate crimes.

  2. If anyone throws a shoe at ANYONE they should be charged with assault. Now whether that person DESERVED to be assaulted is a separate matter entirely.

  3. I should watch that third video again for the sheer awesomeness of KM-W’s hotness.

  4. You know, a lot of writers and commenters around here like to be cute with the phrase “full disclosure”; e.g. “full discsloure: I am a Christian atheist libertarian statist moonbat and this meaningless disclosure of personal info has some cute relevance to the post or commment I just made.”

    So, my question: why is there not a real disclosure in a blog post when reason magazine, a wholly owned subsidiary of Reason Foundation, is posting interviews with Foundation staff?

  5. The Democratic Republican,

    Do you mean the Poole interview? That is mentioned in the comment title to the video and in the video itself.

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