Don Young Gets Medal-of-Freedomed


A cabal of allegedly free market advocacy groups has inexplicably bestowed Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) with a "Hero of the American Taxpayer" award.

The link above explains why that's not a terribly bright idea.

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  1. Is it possibly a tongue-in-cheek award? As in: “this guy is such an anti-hero to taxpayers, he’s our biggest advocate.”

  2. Does Alaska Rep. Don Young belong to any particular political party?

  3. It makes sense if they’re talking about the American taxpayer and specifically excluding said taxpayer’s kids & grandkids from the results of borrow & spend.

  4. Taktix, read the comments. One of the commenters defending the decision notes the “T” in ATR stands for tax, so apparently all spending/borrowing is fiscally “ok” with these “conservatives.” No wonder I respect them so-much!

  5. Americans for Tax Reform, American Shareholders Association, Alliance for Worker Freedom, and the 60 Plus Association


  6. Who?

    I don’t think this is associated with Pete Townsend’s band.

  7. In other news, today is not Opposite Day.

  8. Don Young makes a proconsul look fiscally responsible. Good to know that there are groups out there so dumb that they still think an “R” next to your name has some bearing on how much you think the government should spend.

  9. Class, repeat after me.

    Dan Young ? libertarian.
    Americans for Tax Reform ? libertasrian.
    American Shareholders Association ? libertarian.
    Alliance for Worker Freedom ? libertarian.
    60 Plus Association ? libertarian.

    It is worth remembering that while we may have some positions in common with the above, we also have some positions in common with Workers World.

  10. Alliance for Worker Freedom

    It just rolls off the tongue, and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, doesn’t it? They absolutely, positively must be a force for good in America.

    How do I join?

  11. Alliance for Worker Freedom

    I’m starting my own group: The Alliance for Freedom From Work. If it wasn’t for all these trough-feeders, I could be retired by now.

  12. If you really want to join the AWF you are gonna have to REALLY hate the Romans.

  13. I’m starting my own group: The Alliance for Freedom From Work. If it wasn’t for all these trough-feeders, I could be retired by now.

    How much are you paying members to join?

  14. Not inexplicably if you read the commetns there. Like many organiz’ns, ATR rates according to selected votes, and it makes sense to select certain votes in order to concentrate your fire. The awardee came close to a perfect score.

  15. Yeah. Well Reason just had an interview letting Grover Norquist, head of the ATR which awarded Don Young this prize, hawk his book.

  16. Ya’ll should see the clarification that AWF put up on their website. They did NOT award Don Young that award.

    See story here:

    Some quotes:
    “Based on votes in the 1st Session of the 110th Congress, Rep. Don Young (R-AK) did not receive a “Guardian of Worker Freedom” award, receiving a score of 18.18%.
    Representative Bill Young (R-FL) did receive a “Guardian of Worker Freedom” award with a score of 81.82%.”

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