Civil Liberties

They Blame Gay Marriage


Sens. Larry "Wide Stance" Craig and David "Diaper Boy"* Vitter have signed on to co-sponsor yet another federal bill that would amend the Constitution define marriage as a union between a man and a woman.  Dan Sweeney at the Huffington Post thinks this is hypocrisy.  I disagree.  Vitter and Craig are clearly victims, here.  As National Review's Stanley Kurtz has warned us, once the gays start marrying, it will set off a tidal wave of temptation, causing even the most robustly heterosexual men to consider cheating on their wives. 

Craig and Vitter are clearly victims of Massachusetts legalizing gay marriage several years ago.  We can't expect them to take personal responsibility for what they did.  Society made them do it.  In sponsoring this bill, they're merely trying to spare other straight, conservative politicians from falling victim to the chain-reaction of debauchery set off by allowing, for example, these two sinners to exchange vows.  Craig and Vitter are heroes, not hypocrites.