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Send Jesse Ventura!


The former Minnesota governor is reportedly pondering an independent run at the White House, and releasing a new book with the rather desperate title of Don't Start the Revolution Without Me! In which he asks: "As I begin to write this book, I'm facing probably the most monumental decision of my 56 years on this planet. Will I run for president of the United States, as an independent, in 2008? Or will I stay as far away from the fray as possible, in a place with no electricity, on a remote beach in Mexico?"

In either case, here's hoping he rocks this 'do:

A more haggard-looking Governor Body cross-examined by Truthers here. Lots of great past reason coverage of Ventura here.

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  2. All I see are a bunch of low foreheads who want to change the world with dreams and talk. It’s too late for that. If you’re not ready to act, then give me a break and shut up.

  3. Please do it, Jesse!

  4. I love the line about Martha Stewart.

    For those who didn’t watch, Donny asks him what he thought of the Martha prosecution and Ventura says, “Well I tell ya, when Martha went to prison I started walking down dark alleys again because I felt safe.”

  5. This is a catch-22. If you’re not smart enough to pick the Mexican beach, you’re not smart enough to be president.

  6. He’d get the same non-voting, tuned out segment of the electorate which he got in his run for gov.

    What the hell, why not? Can’t be any worse than what we got, can he?

  7. Didn’t he also say that he would want RFK Jr to be his running mate? I think he should stick to writing fortune cookies.

  8. I’m offering 2-1 odds. If Jesse Ventura runs for president, he will get more votes than Ralph Nader. Bet on Ralphie boy and win double your wager!

  9. Before I vote for him, I’m going to need to know his views on the gold standard.

  10. Wow, Ventura’s sure an interesting guy. I didn’t know he was a former SEAL ’till I watched this interview.
    His general lack of rhetorical tact is somehow both his strongest and his weakest facet. He kind of scares me.

    Fun Fact: Special Operations troops are generally intimidating to rank-and-file servicemembers.

    Liked his comments about Martha Stewart and about Chickenhawks.

    Also, his goatee is awesome. I’d love to see him meet with foreign dignitaries lookin’ like that.

  11. .. he’s got my worthless, wasted vote.

    .. Hobbit

  12. According to Amazon, those who bought Jesse Ventura’s book were also likely to buy “The Revolution: A Manifesto”. by none other than Ron Paul.

  13. I’m glad to see Ventura no longer ashamed of his Klingon heritage.

  14. That wasn’t an incomplete sentence, BTW. No longer ashamed of his Klingon heritage is an adjective phrase.

  15. Now I know what I stopped shaving for. Chin-braids, here I come.

  16. I’d vote for Ventura.

  17. Unlike Ralph Nader, Jesse makes a fascinating Protest Vote.

  18. I see Jesse’s been taking style tips from Dub-C lately…

  19. Why do i keep hearing:

    “Foolish mortals, hurling your bodies into the void, not knowing who or what is out here.”

  20. Was Jesse a navy seal or in another navy division? Can he work with others who belong to the two major political parties? Wonder how he views women? Jesse, and everyone else, needs to read “The Perot Legacy: A New Political Path” to meet the real Jesse Ventura.

  21. This will be great! I’ve already got the campaign slogan:

    Ventura ’08
    America ain’t got time to bleed

  22. Since I am definitely going to vote 3rd Party this year, there is actually a good chance that I’d vote for Ventura. Especially if there isn’t a good LP candidate.

  23. What a dumb fuck. Does this jackass actually think there is some ground swell of support for a presidential run?
    He may be gettind old, but it heartwarming to see that his arrogance is still fully intact.

    I hope all the libertarians on this site vote for this dipshit. It would be Exhibit #2385384585 in the case of “Why Libertarianism is Totally Fucking Irrelevant in the United States Today”. As if throwing your support behind a bigot like Ron Paul wasn’t marginalizing enough.

  24. It’s about time that we get rid of the Demibloods and Repiblacrypts the two political gangs in power. I would be very open to giving you my vote for president. Where can I sign the petition.

  25. Drink!

  26. This Minnesotan misses Jesse a little bit. He wasn’t as much of a nut when he was our governor, and he displayed an attractive libertarian streak (particularly on issues that affected his own recreation: he favored lifing any restrictions on personal watercraft and snowmobiling).

    Compared to his fellow pro wrestlers, Jesse was a wit and a raconteur. But compared to other English speakers, he comes across as a bit of a numbskull.

  27. Jesse Ventura for President in 2008! Run Jesse Run!

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  29. is okay with you.
    but not my family. i have metal parts in me when they patch me up and send me home. now, you want me to let them slip their hands up my butt? you’re nuts.

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