At Long Last, Have You No Pages Left To Molest…?


Denver Post columnist David Harsanyi channels Little Milton (the singer, not the economist) while watching Congress' latest hearings about baseball and steroids and feels so bad he feels a ballgame on a rainy day:

Clemens probably did it [used performance-enhancing drugs]. But that fact should not obscure larger questions: Since when is it Congress' bailiwick to run banana trials? After all, drug users typically rat out drug dealers. Why is Congress wasting its time on a single supposed user? Are there no congressional pages left to molest? No lobbyists left to schmooze? No tax dollars left to misplace?

More perfectly pitched beanballs here.

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Matt Welch and I called foul (please, make the sports-themed metaphors stop) on ill-informed congressmen sniffing jocks a few weeks back in the Wash Post.