Update on the Rack 'n' Roll Pool Hall Case


For those of you following case I've been reporting involving David Ruttenberg and the city of Manassas Park, Virginia's efforts to shut down his pool hall, there have been some significant, sordid, and bizarre developments.

So far, our story involves a 60+ member SWAT team raid on the bar on ladies' night (with video!), possible eminent domain abuse, horse racing, police-instigated drug activity, police harassment, and allegations of sex abuse (to get caught up from the beginning, start at the bottom of this page, and scroll up).

The new developments involve the town's former vice mayor (who is also a part-time DJ, and former head of the town's Republican Party), naked women, a secret file of photos, and something called "Boobie Bingo."

All the dirty details at my personal blog.