Pot Dealers to Gov. Schwarzentoker: Don't Bogart Our Taxes!


When you think of a world in which pot dealers are begging the government to pay taxes, there's a good chance we're in The Singularity (or maybe The Rapture). Either way, here's hoping that California's top dog, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger–the only governor I can think of who smoked dope onscreen–takes them up on the offer.

August 6—A coalition of California marijuana growers and dealers has offered Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger one billion dollars to solve the current state budget crisis. The group, calling itself Let Us Pay Taxes makes the offer through its web site LetUsPayTaxes.com. The offer comes at a time when the California legislature is deadlocked on a new budget and California has stopped issuing checks for vitally needed social services. Legislators are currently arguing over which programs will be cut in order to balance the budget.

More here, via StoptheDrugWar.org, which I must admit sounds catchier to me than LetUsPayTaxes.com.

Update: Dude, links are like totally fixed.