Timothy Leary

Timothy Leary's New Trip

A REASON interview


One of the most striking about-faces in recent years has been the reemergence of Timothy Leary. Released on parole from a California prison, the former guru of LSD and other "mind-expanding" drugs is now apologizing for the harm his former views may have caused and is championing two new causes: life extension and (nongovernmental) space colonization. Viewed with considerable suspicion by the left (on grounds that he allegedly testified against former cohorts to gain his freedom), Leary has turned up in the pages of William Buckley's National Review and is earning $1600 per evening on the college lecture circuit, pushing "hope, not dope."

We at REASON were curious to learn more about Leary's changing views and his reflections on a decade of facing the might of the U.S. government. To interview Leary we selected frequent contributor Jeff Riggenbach, book reviewer and commentator for Los Angeles radio station KFWB.

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