How to Woo Millennials and Win the Future! #ReasonDay @ #FreedomFest

Reason Day at FreedomFest in Vegas starts at 8:00 A.M. PT with Matt Welch and me talking about "How To Woo Millennials and Win the Future."

We'll be drawing on the work of Reason's Polling Director Emily Ekins, whose groundbreaking study of the youth vote was released yesterday. Ekins will give a talk at 1:30 P.M. on the poll. Other sessions for Reason Day include Brian Seasholes asking, "Is Big Brother Killing the Jaguarundi?," and Reason TV staffers Meredith Bragg, Jim Epstein, and Zach Weissmueller talking about to make the biggest impact with online videos.

As a special treat, intenet sensation Remy and Reason TV will film a live performance of a brand-new song. Be there!

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  • Hyperion||

    4:54am EST, first post of the mornin, take that FOE!

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    On another millennials post? Yeah. Congrats.

  • Francisco d'Anconia||

    You are a bitter old man.

  • Atanarjuat||

    Here, have some derp

  • Smilin' Joe Fission||

    Memes.. the trademark of derp.

  • Notorious G.K.C.||

    I don't get it.

  • ||

    Memes.. the trademark of derp.

    "Memes.. the trademark of derp" is now a meme.

  • Almanian!||

    It's memes all the way down

  • RishJoMo||

    Dude that looks like its gonna be good. Wow.

  • Rich||

    Reason Day [starts] with Matt Welch and me talking about "How To Woo Millennials and Win the Future.

    You know, Nick, you might want to consider RishJoMo as a keynote speaker.

  • Sevo||

    If you look at Emily's last poll, you can easily see that the only way to 'woo the millennials' is to offer free shit. And unicorns.
    Good luck; that position is staked out already.

  • lap83||

    Yeah, don't you have to be an authority on how to do something before you can tell people how to do it?

    Unless they're not talking about politics and they've lured Millenials into the basement with video games and candy.

  • Los Doyers||

    You're starting something at 8am, in Vegas? Funny.

  • BiMonSciFiCon||

    The only things I do in Las Vegas at 8am are [redacted] and pass out.

  • BiMonSciFiCon||

    Posts like this make me pissed I chose to go to law school rather than do the Koch Summer Fellow Program and then go work for Cato/Reason/whatever. I'd have the free time to go to all of this stuff and hang out with Elvis himself.

    Anyone got a DeLorean and some Libyans to rip off?

  • Cdr Lytton||

    You might want to rethink that. DeLoreans are rusted out hulks by now and the Libyans aren't what they used to be. Just ask Christopher Stevens.

  • seguin||

    Deloreans are pretty rust resistant. Stainless steel over fiberglass bodies, ziebarted steel backbones. Besides, you could always buy a new one.

  • Sevo||

    But they've got great lines, if you get my drift...

  • Cdr Lytton||

    Ok, rusted out hulk may not be accurate but I saw the DeLorean episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Any lingering 80's dreams died that day.

  • prolefeed||

    OT -- CO governor Hickenlooper (from the thread on weed legalization yesterday) hilariously not getting what government actually is (bolding added):

    "But we are going to have a system where we're actually regulating and taxing something, and keeping that money in the state of Colorado…and we're not supporting a corrupt system of gangsters."

  • Almanian!||

    But what do Millenials think about all this?


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