Editor of The Guardian: Only 1 Percent of Snowden Files Published

ReasonReasonOnly 1 percent of the files leaked by Edward Snowden have been published by the London-based newspaper The Guardian, according to the paper’s editor.

Speaking before Members of Parliament on the Home Affairs Select Committee, Alan Rusbridger also said that accusations that reporting on the information leaked by Snowden had endangered national security were “very vague and not rooted in specific stories."

From the BBC:

Only 1% of files leaked by former US intelligence analyst Edward Snowden have been published by the Guardian newspaper, its editor has told MPs.

But Alan Rusbridger told the Home Affairs Select Committee that the Guardian was not a "rogue newspaper".

He insisted the paper's journalists were "patriots" and patriotic about democracy and a free press.

He said senior officials in Whitehall and the US administration had told the paper "no damage" had been caused.

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  • RyanXXX||

    ?? How can you say that with (I assume) a straight face in light of the Snowden leaks? Obviously he thought they were relevant enough to merit leaking the docs too. Granted, Glenn Greenwald was a huge part of that

  • Steve G||

    That's because 95% of it is unnewsworthy, mundane crap that you might be surprised is classified.

  • Neoliberal Kochtopus||

    Yeah, probably.

  • BakedPenguin||

    They reviewed some classification procedures in the 70's after Watergate. Going through the files, they found a document describing a "silent weapon".

    It was a crossbow.

  • The Last American Hero||

    Which itself should be a news story. There should be a release every week of "So Mr. Obama please explain why the hell your minions determined this (insert document of no real importance) needed to be classified."

  • RyanXXX||

    Yep. Even if the shit is mundane, excessive secrecy is its own scandal


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