Why Solyndra Hasn't Killed Government's Appetite for Green Pork: Cavanaugh on Russia Today

The other day I appeared on Russia Today to talk about the green lobby and the unwinding of the environmental consensus with Headline News host Kristine Frazao

Topics we got to in the eight-minute segment: 

Why isn't the Keystone pipeline in Pennsylvania? 

Is the Green Lobby a special interest

How many more Solyndras are out there? 

Does nuclear power really need subsidies to survive? 

How far has the Energy Department (formerly Atomic Energy Commission; please excuse my flubbing of the old name on camera) strayed from its mission when Secretary Steven Chu's energy plan [pdf] spends more than half the budget on Solyndra-style loan guarantees, subsidies for industries that don't need help, and a "science" slush fund that will provide more money for college professors to take sabbaticals? Could somebody with more wit than Chu do a better job of defending the energy package?

How many millisieverts of political radiation are being emitted by the failure of the Obama Administration's green energy programs? 

Topics we did not get to in the eight-minute segment: 

Why did President Obama ignore the greatest genius on earth when His Fullness expressed concerns about the still-aborning the Solyndra debacle? Were OMB staffers' jokes about Solydra funny ha-ha or funny strange? If Jared Bernstein avoids talking about a problem does it make a sound? 

Who's smearin' who in this East Anglian Heartlandian trash-talkin' hill o' beans world? (Actually we seem to have gotten an answer to that one.) 

From bringing unemployment back up to 9 percent to explaining why Solyndra was a good investment: Is there anything Tim Geithner can't do? 

Was Club For Growth justified in criticizing Rep. Fred Upton (R-Michigan) even though Upton has a smoking hot niece? Does smoking hotness contribute to carbon emissions? 

Topics that have come up in the few days since the eight-minute segment: 

If 2.7 million imaginary workers lost 2.7 million imaginary green jobs, would the proper environmental response be to give them an imaginary 99 weeks of unemployment? 

Why do environmentalists hate kit foxes

Is Chu going down over new documents that indicate he intervened to make sure industrial real estate giganticorp Prologis got a $1.4 billion loan guarantee for installing Solyndra's fragile, overpriced, inefficient solar panels on its own roofs? 

View the whole segment above or go to YouTube

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    Was Club For Growth justified in criticizing Rep. Fred Upton (R-Michigan) even though Upton has a smoking hot niece? Does smoking hotness contribute to carbon emissions?

    More important question: Is this woman really considered smoking hot?!? If so, why?

    (In other words, blech. De gustibus non disputandum, and all, but still: smoking hot?!?)

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    Smokin' hotness can lead to emissions of one sort or another but really guys, she doesn't quite float my boat.


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