Does the NYPD Have a Strategy to Infiltrate and Dominate Muslims in New York?

If you look closely at the picture to the right, you'll see what appears to be the flag of Al Qaeda haphazardly Photoshopped over none other than the White House. The picture is a screen-cap from a documentary that has drawn the New York City Police Department considerable scrutiny, following the revelation that at least 1,400 officers were shown the propagandist, anti-Muslim film on a continuous loop during counter-terrorism training in 2010. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, who appears in interviews for the film, has tried pretty hard to cover his tail. From Human Rights Watch:

The police department’s spokesman also told the media last year that Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly’s appearance in the film came from old video clips and that Kelly had no direct participation in the film’s production.  However, after the New York Times recently obtained information from the filmmaker confirming that Kelly was specifically interviewed for the film, the spokesman conceded that this was the case.

The documentary, called The Third Jihad, claims that Muslims in America are implementing "a strategy to infiltrate and dominate America," and that "this is the war you don’t know about." It was made by the Clarion Fund, "an independently-funded non-profit organization that produces and distributes documentaries on the threats of Radical Islam."

I'm sure the Muslims (yes, all of them) prefer the term "kinetic military action."

Between the NYPD's illicit spying on Shiite Muslims and its repeated screenings of The Third Jihad, it's worth wondering who has the intention of infiltrating and dominating: The NYPD or Muslims in the United States? Though sensationalist, there's much truth to this Huffington Post op-ed on the story, including:

What we have is a rogue police department that is completely out of control with no sense or obligation of transparency or accountability to anyone but themselves. This police department is engaging in a long list of highly inappropriate activity from extensively spying on mosques, entrapping into terrorism plots, stop and frisks, corruption scandals, fudging crime statistics, the Schoolcraft scandal, racial profiling, and brutalizing people engaged in expressions of free speech and dissent such as Jazz Hayden, journalists, and the Occupy movement.

The trailer for The Third Jihad is available for viewing on YouTube and is pretty terrifying on a number of fronts:

Read more on the noble efforts of Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, the Muslim takeover of American society, and counter-terrorism.

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  • Eduard van Haalen||

    It's not a big deal, they simply want Muslims to provide pork to their employees through their health-insurance plans.

    Wait, wrong controversy.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    First, you were demanding that the TSA shouldn't go after grannies and little kids. Now you're complaining that the NYPD is profiling. MAKE UP YOUR MINDS.

    Plus, I really think NASA's pro-Muslim mission statement should balance this kind of thing out.

  • Eduard van Haalen||

    Pork, it does a body good, by Allah!

  • Eduard van Haalen||

    It's the other infidel meat!

  • Chet "Chatty" Chesterson||

    Lamb is the other red meat.

  • Wazoo||

    I don't think that's the Saudi flag. It looks more like the caliphate flag shown here:

  • Julie||

    You're right. (Or the AQ flag.) Edits soon.

  • RyanXXX||

    This batshittery about Muslims is getting....batshitty

  • ||

    NYPD's motto (swiped from FAMS): DOMINATE INTIMIDATE CONTROL...screw 'em,they ain't NY's 'finest' any more (if they ever were).

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