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"I would bet that even if New Yorkers could be convinced that a free market would make apartments reasonably cheap and plentiful, most people still wouldn't accept the bargain."

-William Tucker, "It's a Rotten Life: Rent Control and the Loss of Civility"

"Having seen how a small bunch of persistent economists, some honorable public servants, and several otherwise rather ordinary politicians were able to transform an industry-against the opposition of all the established airline companies-in just four short years, it seems a little less hopeless to think that we might one day be able to privatize and deregulate the mails, abolish farm subsidies, and have competitive unsubsidized transit."

-Peter Samuel, "Over and Out: The Drama Behind Airline Deregulation"

"By telling people they're not responsible for their behavior once they 'lose control' to drugs, the monkey model may even encourage addiction."

-Virginia Postrel, "Are Addicts Sick or Bad?"

-February 1989

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