Sex, Drugs, and Union Rolls: 2012 Ballot Initiatives Mark the Real Battles

There's more to the political season than analyzing every utterance by Obama and Romney.

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2. We’re Here, We’re Queer, We’re Registered at Macy’s

Same-sex marriage recognition is on the ballot in four states: Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington.

In Maryland and Washington, the referendums will decide whether state legislation legalizing gay marriage recognition that has already passed will remain law. Polls for both initiatives show them nearly dead even at the end of October.

In Minnesota voters will decide whether to ban gay marriage recognition, while in Maine, voters will decide whether to end the state’s ban, which was approved in a 2009 referendum. Minnesota’s poll numbers are still fairly close, while the ACLU sees support for gay marriage recognition in Maine above 50 percent.

Same-sex marriage is currently recognized in six states, legalized through legislation or court action. Should Maryland, Washington, or Maine’s referendums pass, it will be the first time gay marriage recognition survived a state-wide vote.

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  • Vapourwear||

    I can't imagine cannabis legalization passing as a ballot initiative. All the stinky hipsters in Boulder that I know are like ", it's on the ballot, its totally gonna be legal someday, man."

    "Are you going to go vote for it?"

    "Naw, man, that's like, too much work, man."

  • InlineSkate||

    Glad to see people are coming to their senses in regards to the "Michigan Protect Our Jobs" Amendment.

    Hopefully the same is done in regards to the ridiculous renewable energy mandate.

  • tagtann||

    That makes a ll kinds of sense dude. Wo.

  • Atlas Stoned||

    So much Alt-Text win. Thank you for that.

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