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This Week's Podcasts

Discussions of this week's decisions in Cooley and Van Buren, and the Warren Court case of Katzenbach v. Morgan


This week I've posted three new episodes of my two podcasts that might be of interest to readers who also like to listen to things.

Earlier this week, Dan Epps and I recorded an episode of Divided Argument discussing the Court's Indian Law / criminal procedure opinion in United States v. Cooley, and some thoughts about Hart and Wechsler:

This morning, we posted a second episode, discussing yesterday's decision in Van Buren v. United States, limiting the scope of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act:

And on Wednesday I also posted an interview on my Dissenting Opinions podcast with the great David Strauss, discussing Congress's power to enforce the Fourteenth Amendment, which was given broad scope in Katzenbach v. Morgan:

I hope you enjoy, and invite comments. (And for those who don't like listening to things, good news, we're also adding transcripts.)